10 Indie Concert Pictures that Capture the Live Experience Perfectly

by Anisha Peter February 04, 2015

The nervous sweat, the excitement, the energy and the emotions every performer and audience experiences during a gig is worth capturing. 

Here are 10 pictures that capture some of the perfect moments from India's Indie gigs. 

When you feel like God!

  Killing it on the guitar


What controls all your tones

(Picture courtesy of Tushar Matkar)

When your face says it all!

(Picture courtesy of Prateek Biswas)

You should know...

(Picture courtesy of Naman Saraiya)

That intensity...

(Picture courtesy of Sandeep Sarma)

What brings it all together 

(Picture courtesy of Vipul Vaibhav)

 Fan Boys in the house!

The moment every band treasures.

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Anisha Peter
Anisha Peter

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