New Bands on the Indie Block

April 17, 2015 2 Comments

Some great new musicians come together everyday. If you want to update your playlist, then here are some Indie artists worth listening to. 

Man Goes Human

Looking for crazy, funky, unpredictable music? Then Man goes Human is a band you should consider listening to. They are an experimental rock band from Delhi with Paul on vocals, Noni on guitars, Shitij on Bass and Anhad on drums. With influences like Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pink Floyd and Arctic Monkeys, their sound is hard to categorize into a single genre. They got together in the year 2012 and played at some of the best venues in Delhi land also toured Singapore for two shows. Their song Fading was featured on Balcony TV.


Big Deal

We’ve heard of a lot of rappers off-late, Big Deal from Bangalore is such rapper everyone has been talking about. Originally from Orissa, Samir Rishu Mohanty found his love for hip hop during high school. What started off as a way of getting attention then became a way for big deal to vent and express his feelings. His lyrics are rather powerful with really interesting tunes. Big Deal has over 1,00,000 plays and 5000 downloads through his channels online. He won the Vh1 Rap battle, as part of ‘Two Much’ with MC Zing.


Mahesh and the Mix

Mahesh and the Mix is a folk rock initiative by Mahesh Raghunandan from Bangalore. The mix consists of Anish Nadh, Ravi Nair and Ashwin Shekhar. He released an EP ‘Beyond the Door’ in 2013, which did immensely well. In spite of being pretty new in the scene, Mahesh and the mix have already played several shows and also received incredible feedback on their music. Some of his songs received airplay by radio stations across USA.


The Quiet River Quartet

Love the sound of pop with some alternative, soft rock? Then Quiet River Quartet from Imphal maybe a band you will enjoy listening to. Once you’ve listened to a couple of their songs, you can tell that they are influenced by a lot of British pop music. They came together in 2013 with the aim of making music that would bring people back asking for more. They’ve played at various venues in the North East, with River Bank Music Festival being their most popular showcase. The band comprises of Nitin on vocals, Bhupen on guitars, and Avinash on bass and Dinesh on drums.


In5nite Project

Electronic music seems to taking over in India. In5nite project is one such duo from Pune who put together trance and house music. Karan Nathani and Harshal Kothari are extremely passionate musicians who want to make music that will appeal to their audiences. Their aim is to make tunes that are new and different. So next time you’re in Pune, make sure you catch them live in the most happening clubs.

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Karan Nathani
Karan Nathani

April 20, 2015

Thank you for the feature Anisha! :)


April 17, 2015

Thanks for the mention guys! From Man.Goes Human. Cool list this!

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