Thermal and a Quarter and Their Latest Album

April 18, 2015

Thermal and a Quarter (TAAQ) are a Bangalore-based band who beside their music, are admired and looked upto for being together for the longest time. Since 1996 to be more precise! Although their music predominantly falls into the genre of rock, you’ll also hear them play some blues, funk and jazz. Bruce Lee Mani, the frontman of the band along with Rajeev Rajagopal on drums and Leslie Charles on bass guitar, continue to make Thermal and a Quarter a solid indie act.

As a band, they believe in paying close attention to the words of every song and what they convey. A lot of their compositions begin with lyrical ideas and what’s interesting is the inspiration behind each one of them. Take for example, songs like Meter mele one and half or their latest song off The Scene, The sponsors backed out. The titles of the song tell you about what to expect and the similar experiences you may have shared will keep you attuned to them. Their catchy guitar riffs,  Bruce Lee’s incredible vocals and infectious energy on-stage is what keeps their fans coming back for more every concert.

TAAQ released their first studio album in the year 2000 which launched them as a band with a potentially great sound. They have taken their music to USA, Europe, Asia and have played over 34 shows across the UK. They opened for Guns N’ Roses during their India Tour and have also been supporting acts for bands like Deep Purple and Jethro Tull internationally. We at Headphone Zone listed their song “Make Love” with Adil and Vasundhara and Ashwin Srinivasan on The Dewarists as one of the best collaborations on the show.

The Scene is TAAQ’s sixth studio album which has 10 songs. The songs on this album talk about their experiences of being part of the indie scene in India. I particularly enjoyed listening to “I’m Endorsed, Are you” and “Dig the Chicks”.

Know more about them and buy the album here.

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