May 22, 2015

In this large talent pool that the Indie scene breeds today, its hard to really pick the best or talk about all the amazing guitarists there are. But here are 8 mind-blowing guitarists we recommend you listen to right away, before we put together volume two for you!

Rudy Wallang

Rudy is the guitarist and composer for India’s best Blues band, Soulmate. His technicality and great control while playing is what makes him one of the best guitarists in the scene today. His compositions alongside vocalist Tipriti Kharbhangar is what makes Soulamte such a solid act. If you need some inspiration to get started with the Blues, here’s a guitarist you should definitely listen to!


Keshav Dhar

Keshav is the lead guitarist of the band Skyharbour. And if you haven’t yet listened to the band, we suggest that you do so now! What started off as a casual interest to learn metallic songs on his guitar grew into him becoming one of the most skilled guitarists in the scene today. His guitar work is known for his complex layering and catchy riffs. With his band, Skyharbour, Keshav has toured the world and played at some of the most prestigious music festivals.


Bryden Lewis

Bryden is a Bangalore based guitarist, who was a first part of the band Slain. He along with their former vocalist, Judah Sandy made Slain one of the best progressive rock bands to have emerged from the South. He soon became part of The Raghu Dixit Project and has been playing several shows with them across the world ever since. What makes Bryden so unique is his willingness to experiment with almost every genre of music. His performance on-stage seems almost effortless, no matter how complex his riffs. If you love listening to some mellow, acoustic music, also check out his latest initiative, Bryden and Parth music.


Baiju Dharmarajan

Baiju is the lead guitarist of the band Motherjane. He is known for his ability to put together Carnatic music with western rock. He was voted as the best lead guitarist thrice at the Jack Daniel's Rock Awards. Besides Motherjane, he has also been appreciated for his solo instrumental projects. When he’s not playing with Motherjane, he’s at the studio working on albums or tutoring his guitar students.


Tony Das

Tony is a Bangalore based guitarist known for his association with bands like Bhoomi, Thermal and a Quarter and Moksh. We interviewed Tony sometime back, on InFocus. Take a quick glance to find everything you need to know about him.


Warren Mendosa

Warren Mendosa is the mastermind behind the Blues project, Blackstratblues. If you’ve been up-to-date with the Blues scene here, there’s no way you could have missed listening him. He picked up the guitar at the age of 5 and hasn’t stopped since! He’s performed with some of the biggest names in the Indie as well as the Bollywood industry. Listen to all his old and new and exciting collaborations here.


Sonam Sherpa

The lead guitarist of Parikrama, Sonam Sherpa is hard to miss with his striking appearance and mind-blowing leads. With his band, Sonam has played over 2800 shows and their association with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) allowed them to also represent India at John F Kennedy’s commemoration. Sonam is known for putting together some of the most apt and brilliant leads to every Parikrama song. He is now the director for the Parikrama School of Music in Delhi.


Floyd Fernandes

Floyd is one of the most reputed guitarists in the Indian Jazz Scene. He’s played alongside Jazz icons like Louis and Gino Banks and continues to associate himself with some great musicians. He’s known for his innovative guitar techniques and his effortless playing when on-stage. He very often also puts out guitar tutorials that are extremely helpful and can be found on his YouTube channel here .


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