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Audeze - LCD-MX4

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The LCD-MX4 is Audezes new addition to the LCD series specifically designed for sound engineers. The use of magnesium, carbon fibre & Fluxor magnets makes the MX4 is 30% lighter than the rest of the LCD series. The headphone is very comfortable to use for long hours because of its memory foam earpads. In addition to the LCD-MX4 announcement, Audeze has also announced a new set of free plug-ins known as Reveal to “enhance the music creation experience with Audeze Headphones,” and is designed for mixing and mastering with the MX4 on Windows 7 and above, and MacOS 10.10 and up.

Audeze calls the MX4 as the “love child” of the LCD-X and LCD-4 because it houses the 1.5-Tesla magnets of the LCD4 and the low impedance diaphragm of the LCD-X.

  • The Newest Addition to the LCD Collection

    The Audeze LCD-MX4 headphones are apt for mixing and mastering music tracks. It uses Audeze’s patented Fluxor magnets & low impedance diaphragm. This 20-Ohm lightweight headphone has a durable magnesium housing with a carbon fibre headband making it 30% lighter than the Audeze LCD4.
    The LCD MX4 is ideal for long hours of critical listening when mixing and mastering audio. Because it is a low impedance headphone and does not depend on an amplifier, it can be easily driven easily by any laptop or studio equipment.


    Elevate your Music Experience with REVEAL

    Audeze is set to release its new plug-in that can be used with your headphones to mix and master music called the REVEAL. 'REVEAL' will be compatible with various popular digital audio workstations. Elevate your music mixing experience with your Audeze headphones. It will be available in the following formats for PC & MAC: VST/AU/AAX.


    Fazor Technology

    Fazors are special acoustical elements positioned on either side of the magnetic structure. They enhance transparency by affecting the sound waves generated by large planar diaphragms. A few of the benefits include extended frequency response, improved high-frequency extension, and lowered distortion, with better imaging.

    Double the magnetic driving force

    Audeze LCD - MX4 has Double Fluxor™ Magnet Arrays which focuses the magnetic flux to a previously unheard of 1.5 Tesla, nearly doubling the power driving the diaphragm for improved transient response and far greater resolution.

    Planar Magnetic Transducer

    Rather than using the standard headphone drivers that operate like miniature woofers or tweeters, the LCD-MX-4 use a large, 6.17-square-inch thin-film planar magnetic driver to create perfect sound.

    Engineered to Sonic Perfection

    Implementing unique designs and patented technologies, Audeze is widely recognised as the industry leader, offering planar magnetic headphones with unparalleled performance, visual appearance, and comfort in all price categories. They accomplish this by pushing the limits of technology, materials science and engineering, always striving for sonic perfection.

    Lightweight Design

    The LCD-MX4 headphones are made up of durable magnesium housing with a carbon fiber headband. You don't have to worry about your long workung hours as it is comfortable for critical listen and long mixing sessions. The new lighweight design is markably lighter than the LCD4 headphones.

    "Best in Class Audio Accuracy"

    Audeze headphones’ best-in-class accuracy makes them an irreplaceable tool for those requiring the most transparent audio reproduction available. Besides being first discovered by audiophiles, now professional engineers and music producers are using these headphones as their new reference.


    "Designed, engineered and handcrafted in the USA"

    The Audeze Headphones are thoroughly engineered for long-term comfort and beautiful sound. Audeze closely matches their planar transducers and match their beautiful factory-made wood rings by grain and colour. They also use Shedua wood from tropical west Africa for further unique look. They further match the earpads by leather texture and color. You can choose between lambskin leather or Microsuede headbands and earcups that are filled with foam carefully selected for best sound and contribute to the level of comfort during long listening sessions.


    And the award goes to...The Audeze LCD MX4 This was Digit's top pick at the Zero1 Awards.



  • style=
    5Hz – 20kHz extended out to 50kHz

    20 Ω
    • 1/4in to dual 4-pin mini-XLR cable
    • 1/4" to 1/8" adapter cable



    <1% through entire
    frequency range
    15W (for 200ms)

    >130dB with 15W
    Not disclosed by the manufacturer.

  • Audeze REVEALS Incredible New Plug-in

    Reveal is a revolutionary plugin developed by Audeze which applies carefully designed filter presets specific to our headphone models. This provides the listener with an experience similar to what you would hear from high quality studio reference monitors in an acoustically treated room (but without the pesky room reflections and reverb*). The presets are not meant to fix any issues, but rather to enhance the listener’s experience. We expect some users will prefer our headphones without any DSP presets, while others will prefer the “room sound” calibration provided by these Reveal plugin presets. The choice is yours!

    For professional applications, Reveal can allow mixing and/or mastering in virtually any location while ensuring your work will translate well to most any system. For pleasure listening, Reveal gives another “flavor” to be chosen by the listener and adds value to your Audeze headphones.

    The Reveal plugin is available at no cost for macOS (10.10 and above) and Windows (7 and above) and is compatible with most Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) or playback software that supports AU, VST or AAX plugins. Compatible DAWs include ProTools, Logic, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, REAPER and others. Compatible audio playback software includes JRiver, Audirvana Plus, Pure Music, VOX, Foobar2000 and others. The filters used by the Reveal plugin were designed for all commonly used sample-rates (44.1 kHz - 768 kHz), so no resampling happens no matter what sample-rate you use.

    Thanks in part to its highly intuitive user interface, Reveal is extremely easy to use. Simply download and install the plugin package here, load it into your DAW or music player software, select the model of Audeze headphone you’re using from the dropdown menu on the left, then make any adjustments to the Mix and Gain knobs to suit your taste and material.

    * Reveal Plugin does not apply any spatialization, reflections or crossfeed. It is designed to to be transparent and as unobtrusive as possible.

    How to Configure the Plugin for DAW Applications

    To install Reveal, download the Reveal Plugin zip file. Once the download is complete, double click on the downloaded file to unzip and run the installer. The installer should prompt you to select which components you want to install, and the directory in which you would like to install them. Be sure you install the versions you need for your system and put them in the location recommended by the provider of your preferred software (usually the system plugins folder).

    Most DAW applications work in similar ways, but there are some differences in the way plugins are integrated. We suggest you contact the maker of your particular DAW if you have any questions, but here’s an example of how to load Reveal into Logic on a Mac:


    Setting up Reveal on Logic

    In your project, open the mixer by pressing X on your keyboard and locate the Audio FX section of your Stereo Out track:



    Select an empty plugin slot, then locate the Reveal plugin under Audio Units>Audeze>Reveal>Stereo in the dropdown menu:



    Once the plugin has been activated, the Graphic User Interface (GUI) should automatically open, allowing you to select the appropriate preset for your Audeze headphone. The GUI also features Mix and Gain knobs which allow you to adjust the intensity and volume of the effect:



    How to Configure the Plugin for Audio players

    Most music player applications will work in a similar fashion, but they all have their own way of integrating plugins into their interface. We suggest you contact the maker of your particular player with any questions you might have, but here’s an example of how to load Reveal into JRiver Media Center on a Mac:


    Setting up Reveal on JRiver Media Player

    Open the Tools menu then select the DSP Studio button



    In DSP Studio dialog, select 'Manage Plug-ins'. Then click 'Add JRiver, VST, or Winamp Plug-in'
    Navigate to the folder where the Reveal plugin is located and select Reveal.vst. Click Open to proceed



    Once back on the main JRiver home screen, click Tools to open DSP Studio again. Select the Reveal checkbox to activate the Plugin



    1. Audeze - LCD-MX4 Headphones 

    2. 1/4in to dual 4-pin mini-XLR cable
    3. 1/4 to 1/8 adapter cable 

    4. Hard-shell protective carrying case 


    Three Years 

    Authorized Service Partner: Headphone Zone

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone.

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    "The Audeze LCD-MX4 is smooth like butter. And like a ribbon microphone, it is warm, smooth, and dark overall. It is more comfortable than other Audeze models because its earcups are lightweight in comparison."


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