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Meze - 99 Neo Closed-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 12,999 Regular price₹ 19,999
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Audio-Technica - ATH-R70x Open-Back Studio Headphone Sale price₹ 24,999 Regular price₹ 35,400
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Headphone-Zone-Sennheiser-HD 560SHeadphone-Zone-Sennheiser-HD 560S
Sennheiser - HD 560S Open-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 15,990 Regular price₹ 20,990
FiiO X Jade Audio - JT1 Closed-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 5,999 Regular price₹ 6,999
HiFiMAN - HE400se Planar Magnetic Open Backs Sale price₹ 9,990 Regular price₹ 16,999
SIVGA - Robin (SV021) Closed-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 12,999 Regular price₹ 15,999
Grado - SR60x Open-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 10,999 Regular price₹ 15,999
Grado - SR80x Open-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 13,999 Regular price₹ 19,999
SIVGA - Oriole Closed-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 16,499 Regular price₹ 19,999
Fostex X Dekoni Audio - Blue Planar Magnetic Headphone Sale price₹ 16,999 Regular price₹ 24,999
Headphone-Zone-Sennheiser-HD 600Headphone-Zone-Sennheiser-HD 600
Sennheiser - HD 600 Open-Back Headphones Sale price₹ 19,990 Regular price₹ 39,990
Sennheiser - HD 650 Open-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 22,450 Regular price₹ 49,990
HiFiMAN - Sundara Planar Magnetic Open-Backs Sale price₹ 23,999 Regular price₹ 31,999
Sony - MDR-MV1 Open-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 23,990 Regular price₹ 59,990
Meze - 99 Classics Closed-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 26,999 Regular price₹ 30,999
FiiO - FT3 32 Ohms Open-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 28,999 Regular price₹ 29,999
FiiO - FT3 350 Ohms Open-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 28,999 Regular price₹ 29,999
#color_aluminium silver#color_aluminium silver
Altiat - Cal.1H Electrodynamic Open-Back Headphone Free Headphone Zone Helix Headphone Stand with this purchase Sale price₹ 29,990 Regular price₹ 34,999
SIVGA - SV023 Semi-Open Back Headphone Sale price₹ 37,999 Regular price₹ 44,999
Audeze - MM-100 Planar Magnetic Open Backs Sale price₹ 39,990 Regular price₹ 49,990
FiiO - FT5 Open-Back Headphone Sale price₹ 41,999 Regular price₹ 44,999
Sennheiser - HD 660S2 Open-Back Headphones Sale price₹ 34,990 Regular price₹ 54,990
Headphone-Zone-HiFiMAN-Edition XSHeadphone-Zone-HiFiMAN-Edition XS
HiFiMAN - Edition XS Planar Magnetic Open-Backs Sale price₹ 33,999 Regular price₹ 44,999
HiFiMAN - SUNDARA Closed-Back Planar Magnetic Closed-Backs Sale price₹ 19,999 Regular price₹ 39,999

Headphones can transport us to a different world of music-listening experiences. They provide crystal-clear sound quality, along with the perfect soundstage, allowing us to locate the position of each musical instrument as if we were present at a live performance. While some headphones are expensive, that's because they use premium quality materials and drivers to deliver the best audio experience. But, that doesn't mean you can't find great-sounding audiophile-grade headphones. Headphone Zone has a collection of headphones curated especially for beginners who want to start their audiophile journey without spending too much.

When looking to purchase beginner audiophile headphones, there are several factors to consider:
First and foremost, the Clarity and Transparency of the sound are essential. A pristine sound quality is vital, and it is necessary to ensure that the bass does not spill over into the low midrange. It should also be possible to distinguish individual instruments and vocalists.
Comfort - is another crucial factor. The headphones should fit properly without causing discomfort, especially during long listening sessions. Comfort is subjective, and what works for one person might not work for another.
Soundstage - is an aspect to consider, as it gives a sense of space when listening to music. With closed-back headphones, the sound is contained within the headphones, while open-back headphones allow for a more natural sound experience.
Design - is also essential to consider. Headphones can either have an open-back or closed-back design. Closed-back headphones are suitable for public commutes or studying in a library, while open-back headphones allow sound to emit into your ears and out the back of the headphone
Lastly , Tuning - refers to how audio frequencies are presented. The sound signature is determined by the way a headphone is tuned. Some headphones are tuned for a neutral sound, while others may have a more pronounced bass, treble, or midrange.
At Headphone Zone, we have curated a selection of headphones that cater to different sound signatures, designs, and comfort levels, so you can find the right pair of headphones that fit your preferences and budget.
Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x
HiFiMAN Sundara
Meze 99 Classics
Sennheiser HD 650
Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO
Meze 99 Neo
HiFiMAN - HE400se
Audio-Technica ATH-M20x

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