Best Headphones For Flat

Although Flat is not a genre, we just had to create it as a sub-set because we get asked all the time what headphones have the absolute flattest response. Anyone seeking unthinkable sonic accuracy would wonder whether a perfectly flat sounding headphone is a myth or reality. That’s because there exists no such headphone with a perfectly straight frequency curve.

But does a flat sounding headphone even sound any better? Steve Guttenberg of CNET presents a strong case against flat sounding headphones:

“If accuracy was prized above all, they’d be a huge seller, but it's not. It's too accurate. Most buyers want more bass, more punch, and more excitement from their headphones. Since most rock, pop, and hip-hop is overcompressed and heavily processed, it won't automatically sound better with the most accurate gear. It's like expecting an animated movie to look more realistic on a higher-resolution TV. That's never going to happen. Accurate playback doesn't make things better, just more accurate.” 
What is the ideal Flat headphone?

To put simply, it’s a headphone that doesn’t manipulate the sound at all and plays every track exactly the way it was recorded. Studio professionals everywhere demand flat sounding headphones for monitoring, composing, recording, producing and mixing tracks.