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Comply - Isolation Custom Sennheiser Tips

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Bullet Shaped Ear-tips

The bullet-shaped Foam tips are built for musician, athlete and everyday listener seeking total noise isolation . They are designed to be sleek and tapered shape to provide easy insertion and stability in the ear canal.

Wax Guard to increase the Longevity of the eartips

The comply Foam eat-tips have a built in Wax-Guard which prevents earwax and debris from getting into the earphones sound port. Over time, wax build up can damage an earphone or change the sound signature, which is why these are highly recommended for sennheiser earphones.



Body Heat Technology

The Foam tips are designed to be sleek and tapered shape to provide easy insertion and stability in the ear canal. The tips are heat-sensitive and breathable, conforming to the dynamic shape of your ear canal, thereby fitting perfectly.The tips are heat-sensitive and breathable, conforming to the dynamic shape of your ear canal, thereby fitting perfectly. These foam tips are designed for long-term, comfortable wear.


Comply Foam ear-tips are compatible with the following beats models: Momentum, CX 3.00, CX 5.00 & IE800


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I am using these tips with my sennhsieser momentum free for past two weeks and boy oh boy these are the best thing you can pair with momentum. Must go for these if you cant withstand silicone tips. they just enhanced the sound and now it is prefect pleasing sound without harsh treble. A little costly for what it does but surely it will take comfort and sound isolation to another level.

Worth for the money!

Initially I wasn't sure to buy the ear-tips for the price tag of 1.5K, but I was wrong in every level. The comforting foam of the tip along with the Isolation helped my electronic music playlist to elevate my euphoric sensation but helped to stay intact for a longer duration. If you want a noticeable difference in your music and also want isolation, comfort, easy-fit. Don't hesitate to buy this one! It's worth it.

Definitely Recommend

I got these a month back and boy am I happy with these. They fit and sit so well. It significantly reduces outside noise to a good level. It's been almost a month and I'm still using the first set of buds. Wouldn't recommend when driving. Best for isolating yourself from daily noises like fan noise, traffic to an extent and from noisy humans.

Comfortable but still some drawbacks.

These are truly comfortable but for the price their durability has always been questionable.
They are fragile.
Also I had a hard time putting them on IE800. Be careful. Stock tips are still comfortable for me.

The sound:
Well the sound signature was not up to mark for IE800 but I primarily bought them for Momentums.
The sound gets a little warmer as better isolation and the treble of Momentums smoothed a bit.
Would recommend for Momentums and not IE800.

HZ Team was nice as always. Kudos!

An absolute must for audiophile grade users of any IEM

I've been a long term user of foam tips and in the case of Comply - they are the cheapest option to a custom ear mould for an IEM - the holy grail of IEM audio experience.

The Isolation variant is my favourite. Over the last decade or so I've used pretty much all Comply variants. This set was for a recently acquired Sennheiser Momentum in-ears.

For those new to foam tips/Comply - these act in three different ways on improving the listening experience compared to the stock silicone tips:

Firstly they form a perfect air cushion between the sound tunnel of the IEM and the inner ear canal thus directly impacting the quality of bass and sub-bass notes - firming it up significantly.

Secondly they help in cutting out typical urban noise if you are using these anywhere other than in a quite listening room - aircrafts, trains, buses or cars etc. This has the impact of significantly reducing the noise floor and bringing out the details across the entire frequency spectrum much better, Kinda like how a large office suddenly becomes very quiet if theres a power outage - noise of electrical devices which you didn't notice earlier suddenly gets removed and the whole office becomes quiet - thats what a persistent noise floor does to music.

Last but not the least, since these kinda moud into ones ear shape due to body heat - this means the IEMS can be used much longer without causing any discomfort. So in a nutshell, all good and an absolutely indispensable accessory for all audiophiles.

Since we are a nation with the highest number of selfie accidents and fatalities - I find it obligatory to mention to be extra careful while using these tips on road or in other traffic situations. They pretty much block all external sounds to a great extent. Happy Listening and a big thanks to Headphone Zone for making them available on a convenient platform and at a reasonable price.

Just what i wanted !!!

I had lost my Sennheiser Momentum Eartips and being a fan of them, i searched through a lot of Websites including Amazon but found the same on Headphone Zone. Thank You Headphone Zone Team