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Comply - Variety Pack - Sport / Isolation / Comfort

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Body Heat Technology

The Foam tips are designed to be sleek and tapered shape to provide easy insertion and stability in the ear canal. The tips are heat-sensitive and breathable, conforming to the dynamic shape of your ear canal, thereby fitting perfectly.The tips are heat-sensitive and breathable, conforming to the dynamic shape of your ear canal, thereby fitting perfectly. These foam tips are designed for long-term, comfortable wear.






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Customer Reviews

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Absolute waste of money for shure se425

I bought the 100 series to fit my shure se 425 after looking at the list provided. It was fitting very well and the sound quality was amazing with lots of bass and details. but after a minute the bass went down and everything sounded crappy. when i looked at the buds the central rubber was cracked and air was leaking. so i put on another pair with a lot of care. It wont crack when putting on but then after 1 or 2 min it cracks and become useless. Same happened with all three pairs. the original shure bud had a strong silicon rubber thing in the centre. This is having a very low quality rubber in the centre. So total waste of money. I had to find original shure buds now.

Perfect Isolation, Great Comfort

The Sport & Isolation are bullet shaped and may not be as much comfortable.
The Comfortable provides great isolation as well as comfort (highly recommended).
Size :
I ordered for large size and they are more bigger than the large size tips which come by default with any earphones. So if you normally use large ear-tips and they fit you really well, I would recommend going with medium comply foams.
Music Quality :
I'm using it with piston hybrids and I find the quality of sound(specially clarity and sound-stage) has increased significantly.
Overall :
Totally worth your money.

Hi Nafees, thank you so much for your review. We are so glad you liked it.
Excellent investment!

I ordered this variation pack in size large of the 400 and now my Creative EP-630 and Sony MW1 earphones sound like their supposed to. The shipping was quick by Aramex. I don't squeeze the tips before putting them in. This will ensure a longer life and trust me you don't need to squeeze them. Just wiggle it in for a good fit. I would also suggest not to leave them lying around with the earphones when not in use to increase life span. I'd keep them in the provided plastic case. You must keep them away from dust!

Sport - These are the smallest of the 3 for any given size and about the same as the silicon ones of this size. These produce the least bass of the 3 types and also have the least isolation.

Isolation - These seem to be slightly bigger than the large silicon tips. Superb bass and isolation and ideal for the gym where music is loud.

Comfort - These are the biggest of the lot because of their round profile and hence the bass and isolation is very close to the "isolation". If the large silicons are just perfect for you I would suggest the mediums for these.

Good soft buds for IEMs

Among the three varieties of buds, isolation ones are best to me. It fits in ear deep, isolates good and is comfortable enough too. It is better than stock silicon buds of my IEMs. I bought these in small size, as small ones are my preference, with 500 tip size for my Symphonised NRG 2.0. The other two varieties of comply buds are useless to me as comfort ones are not a good design for ears in my opinion and sports one doesn't fit on my earphones tips at all. So I know now I can buy isolation ones later if/when I need it. Prefferebly with wax guard coating next time.

As for cost, its pretty high. Rs 999 for three pairs of buds is insane to those with no ties to an audiophile world. But yes, we are audiophiles and we are like this. We want the best stuff!

Good Quality

Extremely better than stock silicone eartips! Cost shloud be lowered!!!


Prompt service. good product. will come back again.