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What is Dropzone?

How many times have you wanted a product badly, but the only way to get it was to tell your uncle's brother's friend to put it in his carry-on luggage while flying home? We hear you. We understand. Introducing Dropzone - a community-driven sale platform for your favourite audio gear.

Why Dropzone?

1. Irresistible deals & discounts for brand new products
2. The same manufacturer’s warranty & service
3. Free express shipping


Do note: Products sold on Dropzone are not eligible for the 7-Day Test Drive, Return and Exchange Policy.

How does it work?

  • Find the Best Group Buys: Each drop runs usually for a period of 7 days and features mind-blowing products at never before seen prices. The more people who join a drop, the more the chances of it reaching its target goal for the number of backers. Only Drops that reach their target goal are successful and will see the products being shipped out. 

  • Order the Product: Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button and order the product you want. (It’s similar to how you would order any Headphone on our website). 

  • When the Drop Ends: When the drop ends & if it reaches its target goal for the number of backers, Headphone Zone will procure the product from the brand & ship it to you. If the product hasn’t been able to garner the required number of backers, we will refund you the entire amount paid.

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Headphone Zone brings to you the best of headphones and earphones at the best prices online. Dropzone is our initiative at having a community-driven online sale for the best headphones and earphones. We have a wide range of headphones as a part of our weekly sale, from the best brands across the world. Looking for an upgrade? Dropzone has something for everyone. Buy the best earphones and headphones on the best discounts and cheap prices headphones from Headphone Zone at the most affordable prices.