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SpinFit - CP100

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  • What is SpinFit?

    SpinFit is a patented ear tip. It has an ergonomic concave design at the core to allow the ear tip to swivel, making it flexible to bend and twist to the contour of a person’s ear canal.


    Extreme Comfort

    SpinFit are made up of premium soft silicon material along with ergonomic design which provides supreme and long lasting comfort.


    Perfect Seal

    They have a consistent seal even for earphones with any insertion angle which gives the perfect noise isolation.


    Effortless Installation

    Simple installation makes SpinFit an easy upgrade for your earphone and hence, they become a perfect replacement for your ear tips.


    Superior Sound Quality

    Its enrichment on treble and bass ensures a superior listening experience to the foam and the ear tips.

  • Compatibility Chart

    Sehur SCL2, E2C, SE102
    VSONIC VC02, VC1000
    Hisoundaudio Flamenco,Golden Crystal,Crystal, HiPhone-3, HiPone-4, HiPod, POPULAR, WOODUO 2, Tabour, PAA-1S, HSA-E300, HSA-E301, HSA-E302, HSA-E303, HSA-E212, HSA-BA100
    UE SF3, 5PRO, 5EB, SF4, SF5, TF10.
    AKG K324P, K321, K330, K340, K370.
    Triangle CK9, CK10, CKM50, CKM30, CKM70, CKM90, CK1, CK51, CK7, CK6, CK31, CK52, ANC3.
    Sennheiser CX6 CX300, CX400, CX500, CX95, IE6, IE7, IE8
    4/4vi, 5/5vi
    Xiaomi 2.0 Piston ,3.0 piston ,brief version,colorful edition
    SONY HPM-70, HBH-IV835, HBH-DS970, NC22, NC22, NC32NX, BT20NX, NX2, NX3, NX2SF, MDR-91EX700SL, EX500, EX510, EX300, EX32,EX35, EX76, EX33, EX55, EX52, EX70, EX71, EX51, EX90, EX85, EX082.
    Beyerdynamic DTX41, DTX50, DTX60, DTX71, DTX100, MMX100.
    AKG K321, K324P, K328, K330, K340, K350, K370, Q350.
    KOSS KEB24, KEB29, KEB40, KEB79, KDX200.
    Philips SHE9650, SHE9700, 7500.
    JBL Reference 220.
    Creative EP630.
    Meizu EP30
    Other ATH- CK7, CREATIVE EP630, DENON C351/551/751, JBL REF220, JVC FX55/66, NCX77, KOSS KEB24.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Read and decided.

It's great till now. I'm using sony XB 75-AP. The fit is micro loose with the earphones but once you put it in, it'll hold. The eartips are just awesome. YELLOW- LARGE. noise isolation ain't much different from sony stock eartips and bass is pretty same but - comfortable and good holding with good looking. Go for it if you have money, wanna try new eartips or want a nice look. ((the eartips adjusts itself and makes ear so nice and easily comfortable)) + you get 2 pairs of same size.


Great product it's costly but a superb product it changed my earbuds from harsh sparkly to rumbling


Used on:

-RHA MA650 Wireless
-SoundMAGIC E11C

Eartip Size: L

These are absolutely lovely and sturdy. The fit on the above 2 earphones is magnificent. You can't push them even a little more into your ear canals( meaning, the fit is absolutely spot on). I have always liked the fit of L size eartips on earphones and that's why decided to go with the L size and it's perfect. Eartips do matter a lot. The bass response is on point now and now I can use an EQ for the consistent sound I'm getting from my earphones.

Bonus: I also tried these on my Jabra Elite65ts and the fitting is on the looser side. (These aren't meant for them anyway, just a heads-up. :) )

Thank you for sharing your review with us.