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Headphone Zone - Handcrafted Leather Headband Sleeve for Audio-Technica M-Series

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We're always on the lookout to create beautiful, functional accessories to complement your headphones, earphones or players.

The Audio-Technica M-Series is possibly India's most popular choice for studio professionals. They're easily the most preferred monitoring headphone for even beginners. It's priced very affordably, have a decent build, and their flattish response is ideal for recording, mixing and producing any audio.

The biggest ruse all M-Series owners have with their headphones is that, over time, the headband shows extreme signs of wear and tear. We've seen some terribly ugly headbands in our time on headphones like the M50x, M40x, M30x and the M20x.

That's when we realised - these M-Series need a headband sleeve! Having collaborated with The Black Canvas in the past for some fine leather earphone cases, we just knew who we could rely on to create the perfect leather sleeve for your Audio-Technicas.


Handcrafted Leather Headband Sleeve for the Audio-Technica M-Series

We're proud to announce that we've created something special with Khyati of The Black Canvas. This leather headband sleeve is the world's first handcrafted leather product meant to custom fit the Audio-Technica M-Series headphones: M50x, M40x, M30x and M20x..





Perfectly Fits your Audio-Technica M-Series Headphones

They're form fit for all of the M-Series headphones: M50x, M40x, M30x and M20x. Khyati has designed each of the headband sleeves for the most snug fit. During the break-in period of the first few days you may want to be gentle with the leather to help ease it in. We're confident that you will find them equally if not more comfortable than your existing headband. .


Brass Antique Finish Snap Button

In order to achieve a tightly fit seal on your Audio-Technica headphones, you will find 5 gorgeous brass antique finished snap buttons on each of the handcrafted leather headband sleeves.

Foam Padding for Superior Comfort

Our range of handcrafted leather headband sleeves come with a generous foam padding which contours comfortably over the contour of your head. We're confident that you'll find our foam padding cushion enough to help you record, mix and produce your favourite tracks for hours on end.








Designed by Khyati of The Black Canvas

Khyati is an independent entrepreneur friend of ours who has helped us create some of the best leather accessories for our customers.

A cool new leather headband sleeve just had to be the next new product to design. Each colour has been handpicked and has a unique consistency to appeal to different kinds of people. These leather headband sleeves are truly at a level of hight quality craftsmanship and we are so glad that we could use Khyati's design insight while creating these beautiful sleeves.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
It's very tight and digs into the top of the head.

This is a very well made leather headband. But the problem is that the cushion in it is not very soft. The original cushion on ATH M50x and this one both compress together and become a tight rubbery feeling solid mass. This also makes the headphones very very heavy and it puts a lot of strain on your ears and also on the top of your head. It made my headphones very very uncomfortable. So I decided to just get myself a woolen headband which is neither too tight nor heavy. If your original headband is completely torn, only then you should use this. Otherwise this cushion and the original cushion together will compress and make the headphones very very heavy.

It does what it is meant for

My audio technica ATH-M50X headband was flaky. I was looking for a protective sleeve for the headband on the net and luckily I found it on Headphonezone. The Sleeve is well built and I hope it would last long.My only complaint is that, sleeve is little tight and expensive at this price point. Should have been priced under 500 INR.

Good for replacing original torn head bands

The fit is perfect and offers a plethora of Colors.
Regarding comfort it's ok.. but not superior to original.
It mainly improves the aesthetics of ATH series