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SoundMAGIC - E11C

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SoundMAGIC - E11C (Unboxed)

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SoundMAGIC - E11C (Unboxed)

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  • The Short Story


    V-Shaped Sound


    Ideal for Casual
    Music Listening

    Ideal for

    Ideal for
    Taking Calls

    1 Year of



    Works with
    Android & iOS

  • The Long Story

    Gorgeous Sound

    Experience a balanced sound in your music with the SoundMAGIC E11C. It features 10mm dynamic drivers that give you a detailed sound along with a warm, textured bass.




    Superior Noise Isolation

    Listen to your music without the disturbance of outside noise. The E11C uses ergonomically angled sound tubes. Its silicon eartipos adds up well for ample noise isolation.


    Comfortable to wear

    The SoundMAGIC E11C come with soft silicone eartips which seal your ear canals completely. You get a secure fit and a comfort level you wish for.

  • Specifications

    DRIVERS 10mm Drivers
    IMPEDANCE 42 Ohms
    REMOTE 3-Button
    WEIGHT 11g
    BOX CONTENTS 1. SoundMAGIC E11C Earphones
    2. 3 pairs domed silicone eartips (S/M/L)
    3. Carry Case
  • Warranty

    Don’t sweat it, This SoundMAGIC product is covered by a 1 Year manufacturer's warranty.
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

What the Press Say

" The E11C in-ears continue the fine work of their predecessors and deliver an entertaining, upfront sound, complete with a remote control and mic."
" The E11C can be easily driven by phones and the vocal stands out in the mix with a dynamic tuning that is slightly bright."
" The E11Cs are a brilliant budget option if you’re a casual listener, but audiophiles probably won’t rate them."
" Brilliant budget earphones, a more-than-worthy follow-up to the venerated E10."
" The E11Cs absolutely nail that, so if you pay £50 for a pair of these, it’s hard to see what you could possibly find to be unhappy with. Well, unless you lose them, of course."

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Warranty 1 Year 3 years 1 year 1 Year
Sound V-Shaped Balanced Extra Bass V-Shaped
Housing Aluminium Housing Aluminium Housing Aluminium Housing Plastic
Cable Twisted Cable Fabric Braided Tangle Free Standard
Ergonomics Straight Fit Straight Fit Angular Fit Straight Fit
Mic Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote 3-Button 1-Button 1-Button 1-Button
Volume Controls Yes No No No
Compatibility Universal Universal Universal Universal
Carry pouch Carry Case Carry Pouch Carrying Pouch No
Eartips 3 Pairs of sillicone eartips 6 pairs of dual density eartips, 1 pair of double flange ear tips 4 Pairs of Hybrid Earpiece 3 pairs of standard eartips
Clip No Shirt Clip Yes No
Should You Buy?
Our Verdict

A 3-button control for your music and calling and a solid build is something which makes these ideal for your everyday use. Now isolate yourself and enjoy your music to the fullest.

Scottish brand offering a 3-year warranty and the best in class build quality.

Bass that'll feel almost like an earthquake, but will tend to overpower the rest of the sound.

Enjoy an incredible sound experience with elevated highs and lows and incredible sound clarity living up to the brands name.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
It's like the Pro Version of Soundmagic E10

Having owned a SoundMAGIC E10. I was pleased to see them launch E11, as I was on the lookout for a new earphone, after my E10 started to develop few cracks in the black outer layer of the wires on both sides of the earpieces. (To be fair to SoundMagic, I was using it every weekdays at work for more than two years.)

The sound quality is so lively, clear and balanced, with much emphasis placed on the vocal while maintaining crisp instrumental separation without any distortion or sounding muffled.
I think it will be most suitable for someone like myself who likes listening to different Genre (Country, Pop, 80's and 90's Sentimental Ballad, with a little bit of Blues and Rock).
The product also looks more refined and sturdy and it is very comfortable to use even for a longer time period.

Thanks to HeadphoneZone, I got this at a discounted price almost similar to the price I paid for my E10 when I brought it from other vendors.
I received it in a good time and it was well packed.
Overall, for the money you are paying, I think it is an excellent buy.

Hey Khailallien, we're so glad to know that you loved the product so much. Thank you so much for your amazing detailed review. Your appreciation means a lot to us. Customers like you who have been a part of our growth means a lot to us. Thank you for being a part of our journey and helping us grow. We hope to have you in our family always.
Go for it !

Soundmagic e11c is an upgraded version of their famous e10c. First i thought e11c are a bit better compared to his younger brother e10c. But i was wrong. Soundmagic has done an excellent job in making their e11c exceptional. The sound signature is more balanced. Clarity is absolutely mind-blowing. I have used Senheiser cx 275, which gives immense pleasure in clarity but lacks bass.On the other hand, Sony mdr-xb50ap gives more priority to bass but lacks clarity. Soundmagic lacks a bit bass but clarity is exceptional.The build quality is superb and gives you a premium feel. A bit amount of burning will make soundmagic e11c a veteran in sound signature.

Excellent Clarity

Very good clarity, only drawback i find there was no clip given with this Headset

Best at this price !

Soundmagic as always delivers exceptional performance at this price range and E11C is no different.
E11C has a flatter audio profile when compared to the V-shaped profile of the previous E10C. The soundstage is wide. There is emphasis on the mids and the treble is crisp. The bass is sharp and punchy but not deep, hence bassheads are not gonna love it.
Audio clarity is amazing and one can easily differentiate between the various instruments. At higher volumes sibilance is not observed which is a big strong point for E11C.
I recommend burning in the earphones as the sound really improves after that.
The build quality of E11C is still mediocre at best. Coming to the accessories, previously Soundmagic used to provide a clip, male/female audio cable, and 4-sets of silicone tips. All of these are missing with E11C except for 3-sets of silicone tips.
Finally, I conclude by saying that E11C is THE best deal at this price point (not for bassheads, though ;).

Beat earphones under 2500

After many Youtubers praising soundmagic e11c . I was into to check how it performs.
After little bit searching i found them on headphonezone at great price. After various reviews and suggestion on soundphile group members. I finally orderd it
The shipping was very fast .
The first time when I listen it .i found that the bass i muddy ( little bit Equalizer adjust and problem is solved). But except that it was the best sounding earphones. Vocals, instruments are clear. Separation is also good.
The build quality is also great and looks are also great.
I listen many earphones to compare but no earphone was near its soundstage.
Overall very happy with its performance.

You deserve better.

The sound was very distorted at high volume. They say it has V sound signature and balanced bass n treble, but I would say the bass was a bit too low. Vocals were clear, yes. Overall sound quality was very average.
For those who use earphones for long calls, I would like to emphasize that the microphone intensity is low. Your listener might regularly complain about low voice level, although clear.

It comes with three size earbuds. The smallest are useless. Others too didn't provide a good fit in my case.
The cable is good and tanglefree but in my opinion, it's too long to be comfortable.