Jabra Mono Headsets


  • Jabra Brand 

    • COUNTRY: Denmark
    • FOUNDED: 1983

  • Jabra is a specialist Bluetooth headset company headquartered in Denmark. Wireless headsets as a product category, have in the past decade, seen irrepressible growth. People want the convenience of a world without wires and Apple's iconic #3.5mmDrop with the new iPhone 7 is a momentous event that is bound to only boost the market of wireless headsets.


    When sweating it out during a workout at the gym or running outdoors on a track, it makes a lot of sense to go wireless. Jabra's range of Bluetooth headsets meant for sports are abundantly intuitive. Jabra has their own collection of smartphone apps, how thoughtful is that? The Jabra Sport Life app allows for biometric in-ear heart rate monitoring and the helpful Jabra Connect app's main function is to get you all paired up so you can get to your music as soon as possible.


    Headphone Zone recommends Jabra for its elegant Scandinavian design to every fitness buff who may be looking for a prudent investment in superior quality sweat resistant wireless earbuds.