Open Back Headphones

Headphone Zone brings to you the best open back headphones, at the best prices online. We have a wide range of headphones that fit every buyer's need and budget, from the best brands across the world. Just as closed back headphones provide you with a music-as-clear-as-your-thoughts environment, open-back headphones are designed in a way so that you are also aware of your environment while you have your headphones on. We promise we have a earphone that suits you, whether you are looking for the best open back headphones or what ever your requirement may be. The design allows air to pass through your headphones, making them breathe and giving you an experience like listening to live music, where you are conscious of the sounds and noises around you. Buy the best open back headphones from Headphone Zone at the most affordable prices.

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, Headphone Zone offers a 7 Day Test Drive and 7 Day Replacement Guarantee. Our content rich product page is your one stop to get all the required information about the product. We also have a Buying Guide with various comparison posts to help you pick the right headphones. If that isn't enough, our Headphone Gurus are always there to help you out with any other queries that you may have. Call our Gurus to find the best products that suit your style and need. Buy headphones at the lowest prices in India from Headphone Zone.