To the Moon and Back
Plantronics started with the dream and vision of two pilots to create a lightweight wireless headset. The founders—Keith Larkin and Courtney Graham had their dreams come true when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon and said to the world— “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” using a Plantronics headset. Since then, Plantronics has aced at producing great quality wireless headsets for communication and listening to music.

Innovative Design by Darrin Caddes
Plantronics is shifting design paradigms by treating the human form as a canvas for inspiration and innovation. This unique design philosophy is created by Darrin Caddes who spent more than 20 years designing products for some of the world's most prestigious automotive and motorcycle brands, including BMW, Fiat and Indian Motorcycle.

Spearheading Wireless Communication
Plantronics has been one of the leading manufacturers of wireless headsets for more than 55 years. Constantly driven by their obsession to provide simple and clear communication, it has helped the world’s airline pilots, call-centre agents, mobile professionals, music lovers and gamers to perform at their best.

Range of Products
Plantronics has made a mark of its own in Bluetooth headset technology. It manufactures a variety of wireless headsets from mono-headsets and headsets for sportswear to wireless headphones with deep, enhanced sound quality. Each of these products is designed to utmost perfection in its respective category.

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