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Ultrasone - Performance 820

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  • The Short Story

    Designed in

    Balanced Sound

    40mm Dynamic

    Ideal for

    For Studio &

    Ideal for Casual
    Music Listening

    5 Years of

    Bluetooth with




  • The Long Story

    See, Feel and Hear the Luxury

    The Bavarian made Ultrasone Performance series are all about sound and design. The soft-touch lacquer and the glossy finish combined with their proprietary S-Logic Sound Surround technology make them the perfect all rounders.





    The sound you hear from headphones is substantially different in a number of ways than sounds you hear naturally, it is far more precise and allows the listener to experience every single sound in a three-dimensional manner. It ensures an experience of audio imaging in a "room full of speakers" that enable the magic of "sound around your head" kind of feel.

    The S-Logic has come up with a cutting edge S-Logic advancement upgrade.They are the epitome of headphones for critical listening. This sophisticated and well made new technology combines precision dampening with micro-acoustic reinforcement, which allows the driver, buffer board, and spatial parameters to complement one another in an optimal manner.


    PET Sound Transducer for All Around Sound

    Ultrasone Performance 820 uses the PET Transducer for a more enhanced and an all around sound. What makes the Performance Series headphones really special is that Ultrasone has used proprietary sound transducer technologies for each of the headphones: 880, 840 and the 820. The Performance 820 sees Ultrasone adopt a PET sound transducer which is capable of producing an incredibly wide soundstage with great clarity. Immerse yourself in music with the Performance 820 headphones, with their tonal range and clarity of sound.





    Mic & Remote for Call Convenience

    The 1.2m cable of the Ultrasone Performance 820 come with a durable microphone and remote control. The three-button remote and microphone are added keeping your convenience in mind. This feature adds a fair bit of portability for when you want to take calls or control your music while you are on-the-go.

    Performance Series - Statement of Sound & Design

    This product is engineered for professionals and music aficionados who have highest demands in the studio, at home and on the road. With regard to professional sound, high-quality design elements and high-end technology, Ultrasone has cut no corners when making the Performance 820 closed-back over-ear headphones.

    Travel Case

    Ultrasone's Performance 820 comes with a premium travel case that enables you to protect your headphones from dust and dirt. It also increases the portability of the headphones as you can carry them worry-free wherever you go. The transport case will be the knight in the shining armour for your headphones.



    Sound Image Award

    "Ultrasone is delighted to announce that the Performance series has been awarded a Sound Image Award for statement and design. Proving them a true winner amongst the lot. "
  • Specifications

    DRIVERS 40 mm
    IMPEDANCE 32 Ohms
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE 10 - 22000 Hz
    PLUG TYPE 1.2 m long
    REMOTE 1-Button
    CABLE TYPE Kevlar Cable
    WEIGHT 244 grams
    BOX CONTENTS 1. Ultrasone - Performance 820 Headphones
    2. 1.2 m long with microphone and remote control Cable
    3. Transportation Bag
  • Warranty

    Don’t sweat it, This Ultrasone product is covered by a 5 Years manufacturer's warranty.
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    Warranty 5 Years 2 Years 1 Year 1 Year
    Housing Hard Plastic Metal Metal Hard Plastic
    Cable Striaght Straight (32 ohms/80 ohms) Coiled (250 ohms) Striaght Striaght
    Cable Length 1.2m straight cable 32Ω Version - 1.6m Straight 80Ω Version - 3m Straight 250Ω Version - 3m Coiled 1.7m cable (1.2 To 3 M) Coiled Cable (3 M) Straight Cable (1.2 M) Straight Cable
    Detachable Cable Yes No No Yes
    Design Closed-Back Closed-Back Open-Back Closed-Back
    Mic No No No No
    Carry Pouch Transportation Bag Drawstring Bag No Carry Pouch
    Our Verdict

    Get the all rounder headphones for your studio monitoring set up with these headphones that come with S-Logic technology.

    Built by renowned German manufatures these headphones give you the best of bass reflex technology and improved bass response ideal for your studio experience.

    Open-back on-Ear headphone which sounds spacious and natural with fully rotatable earcup design.

    Start your professional studio monitoring journey with the best in class headphones with precise sound outputs and comfort at its best.

What the Press Say

"The Ultrasone Performance 820 is a quality closed-back headphone. And it lived up to the sound quality hype. The 820 would be well suited to be used as an everyday audiophile headphone as well as a solid mixing and referencing studio tool. "
"The Ultrasone Performance 820 headphone is hitting stores with a cool price tag in tow, making it a more-than-economical option for many. But that being said, how can I sum up this headphone? In just two words: hot damn."
"These are day-to-day headphones rather than the ultimate listening tool, so we just enjoyed the wide luscious and well balanced sound. Several of our listeners considered this a ‘wow’ performance. "

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Fabulous headphones. I'd say choose over ATHM50x or Beyerdynamics DT 770 pro

Superb review on under 10K studio and monitoring headphone review by Raghav and thanks for the secret little coup tip that’s at the end I ended up buying the Ultrasone Pro 820.

It sounds outstanding in the last few days I’ve lived with them. Just blows the ATH M50x that I own out of the water on comfort and ease of listening it’s not as fatiguing thanks to not having that upper mid boost that ATHM50x has. However I personally am finding the bass really strong in the beginning and yet post burn-in but getting calmer over time.

Smooth muscial sound with high resolution and OMG spatial separation. Very deep extended bass to the extent leaning on bass heavy but not compromising the highs on resolution though slightly drowning mids. Shine with Vocals and Rock, pushed better on Electronic music when on an amp.

Super easy to drive with my iPhone 7Plus, I don't think they will pose a problem with most phones due to low impedence.

I also made a noob mistake of not trying the ear cups in various positions - I kept them pushed up front (pushing my ear pinna forward inside the cup. I now keep the earcups ad pushed back as I can and because of the unique s-logic offset Speakers on these position makes a tremendous difference. Falling in love all over again. At this price, it’s an absolute find. When you see the headphones or pick them up they will feel plasticky and nothing really to admire at. Put them on though and the soundstage, the resolution across the band, the comfort is outstanding. My ATHM50x are now up for sale.

Also bought the Ultrosone Sirius Blutooth adapter that helps convert these headphones into bluetooth capable device - the mic will not jazz you and will be tough to converse in noisy environment. But the sound quality from Bluetooth and the battery life (real world 8 hrs of playing) is really really good and am happy. Do consider buying it.

Top notch sound quality and best in class design

Normally I don't write reviews. This one made me very happy that pushed me to write.
Sound Quality: I normally try Aljamiado by Renaud Garcia-Fons and Hunter by Bjork for checking headphones. This one sounds perfect, bass is real gud and each layer is very clean(after burn in). FLAC songs sounds much better.
Comfort & Design : When I broke my previous one(Sennheiser hd202 II) I was looking for the one with big ear cups.Coz my ears are lil above average (not big) and I couldn't finish any movie with that headphone. old one was causing fatigue on ear lobes. With other ON EAR headphones I tried (friends), I couldn't wear them for more than 40 mins. While searching, I came across this one and the reviews about the ear cups were very gud which was one of the reason I choosed this. It didn't disappoint. I was using this for 6 hours straight and not even feel lil fatigue while wearing or after removing. That is 5 out of 5 for comfort. Look is very gud and red & black color is eye catching.
S Logic Plus : At first, I really thought it was marketing stunt and what is there to even get patent. 1st week I didn't really felt anything like surround. After reading/watching ultrasone website, I adjusted the ear cups and felt the sound is lil gud/different. Thing is the positioning. Place it in ur ears and push it towards back head as much as you can to feel the surround. Even after this, I was only lil convinced. Then one day I was checking youtube for surround sound videos & came across Dolby Atmos video. Only while watching that video, I realized how good this pair sounds surround. Since I watched that video so many times in theatres, it literally brought that theatre feel and effect in front of me(wow moment). For people who complain about S logic, pls position correctly & listen to the surround sound which u are already familiar with, like Dolby atmos or IMAX.
For movie watching, this is the best headphone I ever tried.
Con : Cable length is small, only 1.2m. but #No...

Wow, what a detailed review Prabu! Thank you :) You've just helped many others!
Awesome headphones

The sound is crystal clear. These sound better when used with a dap. It can play every genre perfectly. Comfort is very good, plus 5 years of warranty is a good deal. From queen to coldplay to gun's and roses to radiohead to hans zimmer music or nirvana, they all sound good from this headphone. You can hear every vocal sound clearly and the bass is also good, it comes to effect when there is a requirement of it. Acoustic music sound very good from these headphones. All in all its a good buy. The microphone also works perfectly.

Hang on! It gets better from here.

I had brought it on an impulse a week ago, and boy, I was sold from all the S-Logic hype. My previous earphones, mostly Chi-Fis' (in-ears) never crossed 2k price barrier, and so this one was a huge leap up the audiophile spectrum. The unboxing holds no surprises. The build is all plastic, but it doesn't look cheap. The comfort is just right, and I have big ears, but they are not very portable owing to the bulk size.

I was frankly disappointed the first time I tried them. The sound quality didn't reflect the upgrade I had expected from the money I had pumped on it. Soundstage is wider than most in-ears, but nowhere close to the natural reproduction, or the front-row-in-a-theatre kind of claims. The music still feels like being played inside your head. The stereo reproduction is impressive and imaging is good. Noise isolation is good, and my colleagues have been borrowing the headphone to keep them in the zone. And it offers no other features like wireless or Active Noise Cancellation to justify the price tag. I had almost applied for a return under the 7 day trial window.

But after about 40 hours of burn-in, I am starting to enjoy the audio quality of this pair. The lows have expanded but not loud, and the vocals and highs feel more natural now. And having a balanced sound profile, you always have the option of equalizers to tweak the sound to your liking. The bass rolls in "Jagga Jiteya" from the movie Uri- The Surgical Strike won't give you goosebumps like it would in the movie hall, but with the right equalizer tweaking, you could enjoy the rumble in the bass, while not distorting rest of the audio spectrum. The headphone feels best suited for acoustic, blues, jazz and folk genres.

Overall verdict: The sound in this pair gets better with usage. 5 year warranty is promising. You can upgrade them to wireless in the future with the add-on SIRIUS adapter.

I use Equalizer FX (pro) in my android, with only bass boost set up at over 50%.

Not worth for 10k

Headphone built quality too good, it's light weight headphone and whatever your ear size it's fits you.,
About sound :- it's produce "FLAT" sound., so whoever don't know about flat sound than don't try it.,
i don't mean like that but try before flat sound headphone with lower price range.,
b'coz this price range you got this type of headphone that gives too much disappointment.,
this headphone made for music composer / flat sound lover.
and i don't think it's worth for this price range like 10k.
so i suggest you go for other brand in this price range..

Woww! this is undoubtedly the best best headphone under 10k price point....


Too comfortable......sounds tooo good....as athm50x