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10x BA Flagship In-Ears

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The Short Story

Ideal for

Ideal for Casual
Music Listening

Ideal for Stage
& Live Shows

Balanced Sound

10 Balanced Armature



1 Year of

Designed & Made
in the USA




Jerry Harvey

Jerry Harvey started his career as a sound engineer and shortly he picked up the legendary band Van Halen. Jerry Harvey thus came about the world's first Custom In-Ear Monitor. This became extremely popular with the band members and then he started making them for other brands as well. Jerry finally founded JH audio in 2007 as a manufacturer of custom aviation headsets and then started producing the JH Audio Pro series for professionals and audiophiles alike.



For a custom-like experience, Jerry Harvey Audio has introduced the Performance series Universal Fit IEMs. These Universal series allows you to hear the music how the recording artist and mix engineer intended. The models achieve what no others have before: a smaller shell size to ensure proper fit, retention and an acoustic seal for a perfect IEM experience.


Endorsed & Used by the World’s biggest Rockstars

JH Audio's Universal Fit Performance Series IEMs are currently endorsed and used by the world’s biggest touring artists like U2, Lady Gaga, Drake, Guns & Roses, Alicia Keys, and so many more. The Performance series is very popular and highly rated.



Handcrafted, Never Mass-Produced

The Performance Series is truly exquisite in its design. After the unique shells go through the 3D printing process, the Universal IEMs are then, one pair at a time, finished and assembled in the JHA facility. Unlike other manufacturers that only match their IEMs within 3db +/- of their reference curves, JH Audio tests and matches their Universal IEMs to within an astounding 1db +/- of their reference curve. This level of attention to detail is simply unheard in this industry. 





SoundrIVe Technology (Quad Driver Technology)

JH16V2 is equipped with SoundrIVe Technology, using Jerry Harvey Audio’s proprietary mini quad drivers. The JH16V2 has a 10 driver configuration: quad drivers for the lows, dual drivers for the mids, and quad drivers for the highs. The FreqPhase corrects time and phase of multiple drivers. The waveguide ensures each driver signal arrives within 0.01 milliseconds, leading to a Phase coherent IEM.

Variable Bass Output that is Adjustable from the Cable

You can control the low frequency drivers with the adjustable bass (0 - +10dB) from the cable itself. Frequency ranges from flat bass response up to +10dB (10Hz to 100Hz). The 4-pin cable connection from Moon Audio, that’s known for their incredible cables, provide a more secure and strong connection with the earpiece. It also helps to protect it from sweat and dust.



Yearlong Research for the Most Optimum Fit

JH Audio is renowned worldwide for their custom IEMs that provide deep bass response and excellent sonic performance. With this kind of expertise, it was only natural that the engineers fine tune their Universal IEMs fit-wise, to be as close to Custom IEMs as possible. JH Audio’s guys analyzed over 30,000 sets of ear molds in their Orlando Lab to find similarities in order to create the Performance Series IEMs. What they found was that most of the sound bores on Custom IEMs bore a similarity of having a 10% angle. Having identified this, JH Audio made the necessary sound bore adjustments and refined the shape of the ear bowl and helix area. The result? A Universal IEM that fits and seals almost as well as a Custom IEM. 




State of the Art 3D Modeling & Printing Technology

JH Audio just invested in their very own 3D printing system that cost them a quarter of a million dollars. Whew! This investment has surely paid off as we’ve not seen more gorgeous looking IEMs anywhere. Every single angle on the new Performance Series 3D shell has been carefully redesigned to be smaller and fit all kinds of ear sizes more naturally. The Performance Series IEMs and their fancy new shells give a perfect seal for a comfy fit every time.









Stunning Custom Black Pearl Faceplates

Everything about the JH Audio Performance Series of Universal IEMs is stunning. Its new custom black pearl faceplates are adorned with oversized JH logos which you'd think look too over-the-top, but actually look pretty darn good-looking! The JH16V2 has an impressive and sophisticated crossover network. This crossover circuit combined with the Freqphase waveguide and new proprietary quad drivers deliver an audio quality that is perfect for the recording studio, or for listening to exactly what the mixer/producer and band wanted you to hear, mixing your own tracks or performing live.









DRIVERS 10 Drivers
CABLE TYPE Tangle-free cable
BOX CONTENTS JH Audio - JH16V2 Pro Universal IEMs
A Black DiamonDyzed Aluminum Round IEM Case
Wax Tool
3 sizes of Comply™ Foam Ear Tips and 3 sizes of Silicone Ear Tips
Screw Driver, used to adjust the variable bass


Don’t sweat it, This JH Audio product is covered by a 1 Year manufacturer's warranty.
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JH Audio - JH16V2 Pro Universal IEMs vs competitors
JH Audio - JH16V2 Pro Universal IEMs JH Audio - JH16V2 Pro Universal IEMs vs competitors
₹79,990/- ₹1,04,990/-

JH Audio - JH13V2 Pro Universal IEMsvs competitors
JH Audio - JH13V2 Pro Universal IEMs JH Audio - JH13V2 Pro Universal IEMs vs competitors
₹74,990/- ₹79,990/-

JH Audio - Lola Universal IEMsvs competitors
JH Audio - Lola Universal IEMs JH Audio - Lola Universal IEMs vs competitors
₹119,990/- ₹1,29,990/-

JH Audio - Roxanne Universal IEMsvs competitors
JH Audio - Roxanne Universal IEMs JH Audio - Roxanne Universal IEMs vs competitors
₹99,990/- ₹1,29,990/-

Sound Signature
Warm & Smooth
Driver Type Balanced Armature Balanced Armature Hybrid Balanced Armature
Driver Config 10 x BA 8 x BA 2x DD 6 x BA 12 x BA
Sensitivity 118dB 116dB 105dB 119dB
Impedance 18 ohms 28 ohms 16 ohms 15 ohms
Detachable Cable
Connector 4-pin 4-pin 4-pin 4-pin
In The Box JH Audio - JH16V2 Pro Universal IEMs Round IEM Case Wax Tool 3 Sizes Of Comply™ Foam Ear Tips & Silicone Ear Tips Screw Drivers JH Audio - JH13V2 Pro Universal IEMs Round IEM Case Wax Tool 3 Sizes Of Comply™ Foam Ear Tips & Silicone Ear Tips Screw Driver JH Audio - Lola Universal IEMs Billet Top Loading Case Wax Tool 3 Sizes Of Comply™ Foam Ear Tips & Silicone Ear Tips Screw Driver JH Audio - Roxanne Universal IEMs Round IEM Case Wax Tool 3 Sizes Of Comply™ Foam Ear Tips & Silicone Ear Tips Screw Driver
Expert Verdict "If you’re not particularly a mid range lover, or even balance isn’t important to you, then 16V2 will be perfect. Everything else about these headphones are flawless."
Major Hi-Fi
"It is impressively good. The overall signature is smooth and coherent. The bass is tight and punchy with no perceivable bleed into the mids. The mids themselves are lush and convincingly natural."
"Lola has made quite an impact Lola can make your records sound great, even poor quality ones with its forgiving and warmer signature. Lola is something to purely enjoy the music."
"JH Audio - Roxanne Universal IEMs is one of the best-sounding IEMs out there. It may well be the smoothest, most midrange-resolving earphone on the planet right now."


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