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The Short Story

Ideal for

Ideal for Casual
Music Listening

Ideal for Stage
& Live Shows

V-Shaped Sound

10 Balanced Armature


Replaceable 2-pin


Works with
Android & iOS

2 Years of

Designed & Made
in the USA


Hand Assembled & Matched in California

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Noble Audio products is that the engineers take their craft very seriously. Each IEM is hand-assembled and matched perfectly by dedicated audiologists and passionate music enthusiasts to give you, the listener, the ultimate music enjoyment.




Superseding a legend

The Encore retains the musical essence of the K10. Noble Audio loves crafting great sounding earphones. Compared to regular dynamic drivers, balanced armature drivers offer accuracy and sound detailing that can’t be possible with just one driver. The best thing about a balanced armature sound is that music comes alive, becomes more immersive and presents the natural space between mids, lows and highs very well. 

Detachable Cable with 2-Pin Configuration

The Noble Audio Kaiser comes with a detachable cable with an industry-standard two-pin configuration. Each pin is of a diameter of 0.78 mm.

Proprietary Technology

The Kaiser Encore is a special product. Noble Audio has used its proprietary drivers resulting in supremely refined audio. The precision machined creative aluminum housings designed and manufactured locally in California greatly adds to the durability as well as form factor.

Incredibly Easy to Drive

The Kaiser Encore comes with low impedance. This means that they’re sensitive enough to sound great with any portable setup. Perfect for use with smartphones, portable amps/DACs and DAPs, the Noble of Universal IEMs are made for on-the-go playback.


DRIVER TYPE 10 proprietary Balanced Armature Drivers
CABLE TYPE Tangle-Free Flat
BOX CONTENTS Noble Audio - Kaiser Encore
Detachable Cable with Industry Standard 2-Pin Connection
Pelican 1010 Micro Carry Case
Black Velvet Soft Pouch
12 Pairs of Eartips (4 Types in 3 Different Sizes)
2 Noble Audio Bands (Can be Used with Amps)
Carabiner Clip


Don’t sweat it, This Noble Audio product is covered by a 2 Years manufacturer's warranty.
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Media Reviews


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
SHIMON (Mumbai)
Insanely Great!!! .... Holy Grail of Universal IEMs

First of all a big thanks to Headphonezone for making this product conveniently available in India. Also their customer service is very responsive and kept me posted as well as informed my choices towards making the final purchase. I had a minor problem with the 3.5mm jack of this IEM which Varun promptly sorted out.

Build of the IEM: 5/5
Cable and Jack: 3/5 (tangle prone & thin cable. Jack could have been L shape are more solid)
Tips and Accessories: 4.5/5 (should have given more foam tips)
Look and Form Factor: 5/5 (beautiful aluminium finishing with perfectly matched ridges. Awesome eye for detail)
Fit onto the ear/Seal: 5/5 (It just happens to fit right instinctively which is rare for high end IEMs)

This is an example of superbly designed IEM which is far more minitiarized compared to its competitors. The wire though thin, perfectly and comfortably hooks on to the ear for a secure fit since memory part is so thin and pliant. Plethora of ear tips provided, which are well designed to provided a superb seal without being too intrusive into the ear canal.

Sound Quality: 6/5
I am comparing this after a 75 hr burnin to the top of line IEMs (JH Audio, Unique Melody, Sennheiser, Shure, JVC among others) that I own, use regularly and interchangeably. Driven not only by my favourites DAPs, Sony WM1A and AK futura SE100 but also by my samsung S9plus, the Kaiser Encore is highly resolving and very very easy to drive. The sound stage is unparalleled. The spatial imaging cannot be put to words and schools any other top of the line universal IEMs period. The extensions at both the bass and treble are exceptional and surprisingly rich. The vocals are lively, smooth, impactful and tonally accurate.
So in a nutshell, Kaiser Encore is devastatingly phenomenal and the only competition in SQ can be had from the full sized planar magnetics/ the focal utopia cans or a high end custom iem at 2X-5X the encore's asking price, so I believe it is total value for money in...

kevin (Chennai)

Amazng earpones, ill never regret to say that i have sold both of my kidney's. Its defenetly worth it.
Gonna hear justin bieber songs in the remaining few days i've got and die at peace. Thank you kaiser encore for such a wonderfull experience!! :)

Raghu V (Bengaluru)
Great clarity and transparency on all frequencies

Kaiser encore is the successor of famous k10 iems which were very popular.
Let’s talk about build quality it’s top notch made of aluminium chassis with embossed noble logo on the face plate.
Fit is very good for me as I have medium size ears if u have small sized ears then u might struggle . As compared to jh Roxane these are small and very comfortable.
Design I love the way they sculpted the aluminium in two halves with pale blue and silver colour they look gorgeous.
They are abosulete detail and speed monsters.they have natural timbre with lifelike presentation.
The sound stage is amazing as if you seated in the front row of the concert . The instrument seperation is spot on with exact placement . Bass is very detailed it has good body and texture but I would have liked bit more oomph to it do or get me wrong they r very good but bass heads would be disappointed.
Midrange is excellent vocals are forward and very detailed. The magic comes out here as they r heard as if the singer is singing in front of you they r very crisp and life like .
Superb with good extension from mids very detailed and quantity is spot on . If u like jass,classical music you will enjoy these to the core.
These are one of the best iems if u like music as it was recorded.
It has very low impedance so u can drive them out of your iPhone or lg v30 .But with Samsung phones u may not get much out these iems as their sound card is below par.
Best to get out these iems pair with a good dac and amp or a dap.
Fiio x5 2gen is agood brings out little bit bass from the encores.
On comparison to other iems nothing as detailed as these with its magical mids and amazing treble extension.
Not heard the layals so cannot comment I have heard people saying they had best soundstage and clarity.
Highly recommend these if u want the front row of the seat in a concert feel to your music.
Happy listening thank headphone zone for giving an opportunity to comment of the he...

rajdeep virk (Mumbai)
Kaiser encore

These are the ultimate in sound quality , purchased them after listening to number of headphonrs , the sound quality is superb , deep hidden bass , mid and hiighs are very very clear , clarity is at an unimaginable level , the sound stage is great , truly the ultimate

Technical guruji (Pune)
NPS score:
Must have

I buyed this after selling my 3 phones, now i just pretend hearing music

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“Thank you headphone zone team for timely delivery especially in this situation and bringing this product to India I recommend everyone to check this one before considering other alternatives in the market.”

Sreekesh V

“Good Purchase with Good Delivery Experience !!!Delivery Experience - Extremely satisfied. The packaging was sufficient and delivered 2 days before the committed delivery experience. Delivered in almost 48 hrs.”

Kanchan Vaidya

“Good and quick delivery from Headphone zone and would recommend others to buy from them too. No issues from their end whatsoever.”

Ankit Sharma

“Amazing support from Headphones Zone team, this is my second product purchase. Delivery at critical times (COVID19), is just awesome, received my headphones one day before the committed time. Kudos to the team.”


"It’s one of the best sites to get premium quality headphones. Their service is unparalleled!! Would recommend 10/10. A Grade service!! "

Joshua Sudeep

"Experience was smooth. The Headphone Guru was kind and answered all my queries. The delivery was super fast. The product is genuine This is my go-to destination for everything audio from now on."

Srinidhi Padukone

"Their commitment to customer satisfaction is beyond par. I requested them to deliver my replacement earphones to a newer location and they were ready to deliver. Such requests don't get entertained anywhere else."

Yaseen Samudri

"It's not one of the best; It is the best! The only website I truly trust to get my Ear candies from. The crew has great knowledge of the various products and I bet this tops off Amazon when it comes to audio gears. Kudos "

Reagan Lyngdoh

"Have you done something that you're really passionate about and found out that the results are outstanding? Well, I have just summed up Headphone Zone - a really passionate team."

Mohit Tannu

"Awesome experience. I am so so happy and my bf loved the earphones a lot and it was his pre birthday gift. Thank you for the great service as well."

Jennifer Yonzon

"Probably one of the best experience I have had right from buying till getting a item serviced. I don't think I have had such a smooth experience with an online shopping website. This is where your search ends."

Rima Patel

"Loved the customer support shown by Headphone Zone's team. They are all willing to help and clear your doubts. I can only say that there is no need to worry. Order you dream audio tech RIGHT NOW!"

Rajat Kaushal

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