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2 Pin Replaceable

3 Way 3 Balanced
Armature Drivers



Experience JH Audio's reference, audiophile sound with the Astell&Kern Diana. It uses three customised balanced armature drivers. These drivers are similar to the ones designed for the famed Siren Series. The high-range driver delivers the treble with minimum distortion while the mid-range driver offers a flat sound with a range of 10Hz and 5kHz. The bass is designed for really deep, distortion-free low frequencies.



Multiple-driver IEMs can cause timing issues as each driver has a different response time. The patented Freqphase® Time and Phase Waveguide technology uses precisely cut tube lengths for both the Diana’s drivers. This aligns them to 1/100ms and minimises the phase shift of each frequency resulting in an extremely accurate reproduction of sound.



The Diana's housings have been created entirely from aluminium. It features the very same Acoustic Chamber Sound Bore design used in the Billie Jean. This creates the full amount of air needed to deliver sound, optimising it for the treble and resulting in a more solid sound along with impressive imaging. The Sound bore design keeps sweat away while making extensive cleaning easy.



These in-ears are made with 4N pure silver with silver-plated 7N OCC to deliver a smooth treble that isn't too sharp and only 7N OCC for a punchy bass that does not overpower the other frequencies. This combination of pure silver, silver OCC and OCC Litz provide a perfect balance and unique harmony.



TYPE Universal fit IEM
DRIVER UNIT 3way 3Drivers (High, Mid, Low) [3BA per side]
SOUND TECHNOLOGY Freqphase™ Time | Phase Waveguide / New Sound Bore
BOX CONTENTS 1. Astell&Kern - Diana
2. 2.5mm Balanced Cable
3. 3.5mm connector
4. 3 Sizes of Silicon Ear tips (S,M,L)
5. Carrying Case


Astell&Kern - Diana vs competitors
Astell&Kern - Diana Astell&Kern - Diana vs competitors
₹ 24,990/- ₹49,990

Campfire Audio - IOvs competitors
Campfire Audio - IO Campfire Audio - IO vs competitors
₹ 26,990/- ₹ 29,990/

Etymotic - ER4vs competitors
Etymotic - ER4 Etymotic - ER4 vs competitors
₹ 29,999/-

Shure - SE535-CLvs competitors
Shure - SE535-CL Shure - SE535-CL vs competitors
₹ 39,999/- ₹ 48,900/-

Weight 30g
Driver Type Balanced Armature Balanced Armature Balanced Armature
Driver Config 3 x BA 2 x BA 3 x BA
Sensitivity 109db 122db 119 dB
Impedance 18Ω 26Ω 45Ω 36 ohms
Frequency Response 5Hz–22kHz 20 Hz - 16 KHz 18 Hz–19 KHz
Detachable Cable
Connector 2Pin MMCX MMCX MMCX
Inline Mircophone
Expert Verdict "Created by Jerry Harvey Audio and Astell&Kern the favorite of music enthusiasts around the world, Diana lets you enjoy its beautiful design and amazing sound at the same time."
"The IO reminds me of the Atlas. Not that they have a similar tuning but rather the bold focus by brand on developing a tuning that goes in a very specific direction than generalize to the masses."

"The sound is, of course, the whole point of any pair of headphones, and it’s largely the thing keeping me addicted to the SE535s and Very light and comfortable to wear."
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Warranty & Media Reviews

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Astell&Kern Diana comes with a 1 year warranty from Astell&Kern that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

The Diana are high-end earphones made by Astell & Kern for Jerry Harvey Audio in their manufacturing facility Korea. They’re three-driver in-ear monitors that come with a choice of a hybrid 2.5mm balanced cable for plugging into the balanced outputs of certain Hi-Res Audio players and a 3.5 MM adapter to use it with phones and other devices having 3.5 MM output.

Build -
One of the best IEM's with 3 way 3 BA for the price.
They look stunning. . .

Sound -
I am not an audiophile, so could not tell about technical aspects, but the sound just blew me away literally, I could hear new sounds and details of the songs which I have been hearing since long time, the details and instrument separation is excellent.

There is no distortion at full volume, but bass is overpowered at some times in high volume, by the way I usually hear songs at a volume levels of 30 - 35 ( in 0 -100 range) but for this IEM's I have never crosses 20 - 22, and some songs of Shankar Mahadevan & Others (CARNATIC CLASSICS ) made me cry literally . . .

Coming from V-moda Forza Metallo, which I bought recently, this is an upgrade definetly. . .

I could confidently say that the listing of this in HEADPHONE ZONE is not only the best price in the country, but the best price on EARTH ! ! ! I am telling this after doing an extensive research. . .


AS USUAL , Trademark JH - AUDIO packaging, and 3 pairs of silicon tips, a pair of foam tips could have been added, the pouch given is good, but a Case could have been better, other than that everything is fine and I HAVE TO MENTION, the cable provided is A HYBRID CABLE and thus it has a lot of impact on AUDIO QUALITY, I think that it is the best cable I have ever imagined to get for an IEM for the price listed . . .

A big big thanks for HEADPHONE ZONE for listing the product and not to forget the discount provided . . .

We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to leave us this note. We look forward to serving you again.

Too costly for value. Hollow pipe sounding.

Excellent build quality. Very elegant design. However, they sound a bit as if sound is coming from a hollow pipe. Similar issue I observed with VModa Crossfade HPs. It could be my ears only and am no audiophile either. However having heard IE800s, WF1000XM3 IE, WH1000XM HP and many more popular IEMs/HPs, these are my observations. Could also be that these are only initial impressions and they need time to break in. But for me they get packed and stored as collector's treasure like other IEM/HPs.


I am a guitarist, singer songwriter and I regularly record and mix music. My usual listening hence is largely the critical kind on my 8" studio monitors aided with some Over the ear studio headphones that I own. I use the Audient ID44 as my audio interface. However I decided to upgrade my portable listening gear and to achieve that I have recently acquired the Astell&kern SE100 and the Astell&kern (JH) Diana.

Build Quality- Impeccable! Housed in CNC carved aluminium. Feels sturdy and expensive. The provided cable is of high quality as well. The Van Nuys pouch is a good addition, I've used better iem cases, but it serves the purpose and helps greatly with portability.

Comfort - It comes with three options for the tip, ie, S, M and L. I'm using the small sized tips and it is surprisingly comfortable when worn correctly. Now wearing it properly is important, if in doubt just look up images of JH audio iems on Google, you'll get the gist of it.

Sound - In one word incredibly smooth. Paired with the Astell&kern SE100, the smoothness is palpable.
Imaging is possibly the best I've experienced in an iem and the soundstage is intimate but fairly wide and extremely enjoyable. The timbre of drums are phenomenal, pay close attention to the snare and the toms. They sound juicy. The saxophones sound lifelike on jazz tracks. Minimalistic fingerpicked acoustic blues guitar tracks are a joy to listen to, you can hear the fingernails scrape the strings like you would if you were playing the guitar yourself.
Overall the sound is extremely enjoyable with details that you would usually associate with high end over ear headphones.
I haven't seen any frequency curve for these iems but it appears to very even, crisp bass, mids and detailed yet smooth highs.

Conclusion- A big thumbs up.

Warm, thunderous, musical - great IEMs.

Great IEM at an unbelievable price. It is sold, sturdy, built to last with thunderous bass, impeccable imaging and wide soundstage. Rock, pop, hip hop absolutely shine and shimmer. Sound is warm and smooth. Comes with balanced wire with single ended plugin. Can't think of any other IEM which gives this kind of value at this price. It would be highly recommended even at twice its price. One caveat though, give it a burn in of around 2 days, before listening. I listened it out of the box, and immediately thought of returning it. The sound was tinny and hollow. Then, thought of giving it a burn in. After two days, it started sounding terrific and has continued sounding so. Highly recommended.

Diana rocks

These pair or IEMs gives you attention to details provided you feed them high quality source you'll hear your music like you've never experienced before but you have to give it some time to burn in I was using it with my lg v40 before my impedance adaptor stopped functioning but now using it with my hidizs sonata 2 dac still awesome I'm giving it 4 stars because of no accessories not even comply eartips plus I've never figured out how to use the van nuys pouch but soundwise awesome.

Once in a lifetime deal for Indians

Diana, one of the best OEM money can buy, it is a rare offer for Indians to buy this product at 3rd of its original cost. It is available on Amazon at 60000 and in all other countries it’s price is very high, it is a premium product. No brainer for audiophiles to grab it at this price, regular audio lovers have an opportunity to get into the high end audio product without paying a premium.
It is work of art, it is in league of IEM,s that costs more than 1 lakh, combine it with best support and fast shipping of headphonezone you would be a fool if you don’t buy it.

The Best IEM ( At This Price )

This iem is amazing ...I’m just a beginner Audiophille but it’s a better experience than any other iem I have used.
The sound is detailed , balanced and wide ....the layer separation and vocals are amazing.
The Bass ( Wow ) is detailed punchy and fast. It’s a great all round iem for all genres with a beautiful sound.
Thank you HeadPhone Zone for an amazing deal and delivery. You guys are the best.


I am not an audiophile; but will try to give some insights-
1) Unboxing experience/accessories -Just average unbox exp. and the lack of accessories left me wanting for more. Surely a dpt where A&K could improve.
2) Build/Comfort - These are really well build earphones and look stunning(check image :P ). Comfort wise they are 6-7/10 for me as I have small ears.
3) Sound- Without using any fancy or technical term; they sound amazing. The mids are just mind blowing and highs are detailed and clear, but the lows have been a bit better. Overall an enjoyable sound experience.
P.s. - The bass is almost non-existent; so bass-heads should not even look towards them.
Would I recommend them for the price of 50K ? I dunno; its for you to decide that :)
Would I recommend them for the price i paid aka 25K? HELL YEA !!!
Big Thanks to HeadphoneZone for providing such amazing deals !


At first thanks to headphonezone for faster delivery, and the item is superb but it is not a value of 70k but best under 25k

So glad to know that you love them:) We look forward to serving you again. Happy listening!