iBasso - DX160 (2020)

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All products are covered by the Headphone Zone 7 Day Replacement Guarantee. This product is eligible for a free replacement in case you receive a damaged, defective or different item.

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1 Year of


Use Wirelessly
with Bluetooth

13 Hours of
Battery Life

CS43198 x 2
Dual DAC Chips




The iBasso DX160 (2020) has a 5-inch sharp 1080p display with a 3D curved color veneered glass back cover and a precision-machined curved aluminum body. This houses a 3200mAh battery that offers a 13-hour battery life. It supports QC3.0, PD2.0 / MTK PE+ quick charging options.



The DX160 (2020) has two Cirrus Logic flagship decoder chips i.e. CS43198QFN. It has two DACs running simultaneously regardless of the 3.5mm single-ended or 4.4mm balanced output to retain transparency. Enjoy music the way the artist intended with MQA support.



Stream high-quality music wirelessly with two-way Bluetooth v5.0. LDAC and Qualcomm aptX make sure that you don't lose any quality. The DX160 (2020) runs on Android v8.1. Install any .apk file of your choice (including Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, Saavn and more) and enjoy your favourite songs. It also comes with a MicroSD card slot that supports up to 2TB storage for offline listening.



3.5mm Single Ended Output:
SN 125dB
THD+N 0.0004% (no Load, 2Vrms),0.0007% (32Ω Load, 2Vrms)
4.4mm Balanced Output:
SN 130dB
THD+N 0.00022% (no Load, 3Vrms),0.00022% (32Ω Load, 3Vrms)
SN 125dB
THD+N 0.0004% (no Load, 2Vrms),0.0007% (32Ω Load, 2Vrms)
DX160 (2020) FEATURES
OS Android 8.1
COLORS Black/Silver/Blue/Red
DAC Dual CS43198
OUTPUT PORTS 4.4BAL, 3.5PO, 3.5LO, SPDIF, USB output
SCREEN 5.0 inch 1080P Sharp Full Screen
CPU Octa Core
WI-FI 80 2.11 b/g/n/ac (2.4Ghz/5Ghz)
BLUETOOTH Bluetooth 5.0
BATTERY LIFE 13 hours (The play time varies with different resolutions and heaphone/IEM loads.)
SIZE 113mm*69mm*15mm
BOX CONTENTS 1. iBasso DX160 (2020)
2. Type-C cable




iBasso DX160 vs competitors
iBasso DX160 iBasso DX160 vs competitors
₹ 29,990/-

Hiby R5vs competitors
Hiby R5 Hiby R5 vs competitors
₹ 29,999/- ₹ 32,999

Shanling M6 Shanling M6 vs competitors
₹ 39,999/-

Astell&Kern SR15 Astell&Kern SR15 vs competitors
₹ 39,990/- ₹ 49,990

Screen Size 5.0inch 4.0inch 4.7inch 3.3inch
Weight 178g 228g 154g
DAC Chip Dual CS43198 X 2 Dual CS43198 DAC Dual AK4495SEQ Cirrus Logic CS43198
Sample Rate 32bit/384 kHz 24bit / 192kHz
Battery Life 13 Hours 18 Hours 12 Hours 11 Hours
Balanced Outputs 4.4 mm 4.4 mm 2.5 mm & 4.4 mm 2.5 mm
Digital Outputs SPDIF, Coaxial, USB-C SPDIF, USB-C USB-C USB-C
Balanced Outputs 32 GB 16 GB 32 GB 64 GB
External Storage 1 x microSD 1 x microSD 1 x microSD 1 x microSD
Output level Unbalanced: 3.2Vrms
Balanced: 6.4Vrms
1040 MW @ 16 ohms 564 MW @ 32 ohms Unbalanced: 160 MW @ 32 Ohms Balanced: 350 MW @ 32 Ohms Unbalance: 2.0Vrms
Balance 4.0Vrms
Signal to Noise Ratio Unbalanced: 125dB
Balanced: 130dB
120 dB Balanced: 118dB
Unbalanced: 119dB
Balanced: 122dB
Bluetooth Version v5.0 v4.2 v4.2 v4.1
Bluetooth Codecs LDAC & aptX LDAC LDAC, aptX, aptX HD aptX HD
Tidal Streaming
Downloadable Apps
MQA Support
Expert Verdict "The choices of DAP are great these days, especially at this price point. The DX160 offers 1 of three DAPs I highly recommend, especially if a reference sound is your thing."
"The HiBy R5 is a wonderfully designed player that provides rich features in a complete and very compact package. You have streaming, advanced DSP settings, DTA and Hi-Res Bluetooth codecs."
"The M6 carries all the good traits found onto the previous models – exquisite finish, good battery life, clean and dynamic sound – into a case befitting its ambitions."
"The SR15 is an excellent example of AK’s engineering expertise. The sound quality is top and the size and weight are just spot on for an everyday carrier."


1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this iBasso DX160 (2020) comes with a 1 year warranty from iBasso that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about iBasso's warranty in India.


"Original DX160 has a very wide soundstage to begin with. ’20 version makes it a touch wider, especially noticeable in mids/vocals, giving soundstage a more holographic perception."

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"If you go by Android benchmark scores, perhaps DX160 is not the fastest (or the smallest), but it packs one heck of an audio performance with one heck of a display screen which is hard to ignore!"

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"In terms of specification and user experience, the iBasso looks nigh-on ideal. But its sound – ‘perky’ in the manner of an Ibiza all-nighter – gets wearing sooner rather than later."

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"The DX160 completes what I call the triumvirate of killer mid-fi DAPs that I have heard this year including HiBy’s R5 and FiiO’s M11. Each DAP offers something unique."

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"iBasso have shown again what a device should look like in 2020. Striking design, compact size, convenient controls everything is fulfilled without sacrifice to sound and other player capabilities."

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"A popular phrase by the community when the DX160 first came out, was that it was "too good for the price." And it’s true. I would take the it over many other devices double what iBasso is asking."

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"The DX160 is a beautiful looking player and it’s even better sounding. It worked wonderfully with every earphone and headphone I threw at it. The interface, ergonomics, and sound are all on point."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
A budget DAP with great SQ but not without faults.

If you are looking for an android DAP with streaming features with decent enough SQ, get this. Blue tooth and WI-FI work but the range and connection quality is pretty poor. No this is not just a problem with my device, this DX160 in general has this issue. I cannot use my home WI-FI which is in the living room with my DX160 in my bedroom as the connection is just too weak, now before you jump up and say that get close to your router yes that is exactly what is needed but non of my other devices including my tab, phone and laptop have this problem. So if you are going to use WIFI over longer distances look for something else. I use the hotspot out of my Jio phone placed close to the DX160 to make streaming work. Same issues with BT. I use AAC out of my Real Me XT at short distances for this to work without drop outs. However SQ out of both streaming and BT is excellent when they work.

As far as SQ, this is a very good device for using offline music. My CA Andromeda has great synergy with this DAP and is one of the best sources that really works well with the other wise picky CA Andromeda, perhaps the best budget device if I may add.

Battery life is again dependent on screen usage. Keep that gorgeous screen on and the battery levels drop alarmingly. But keep its use to a minimum and you can extract 6-7 hours out of this with FLAC files. DSDs again are heavier files so expect only about 4-5 hours at max.

I wanted to use the USB DAC feature but connectivity on my Windows 10 Thinkpad laptop is a hit and miss and I can never get it to work every time consistently. The supplied cloth wrapped cable is extremely noisy out of USB so is pretty much unusable. I tried to get the cable changed under warranty but HPZ somehow wants me to send them the entire device which kind of seems illogical to me.

So in short a very good starter Android DAP that has a great screen, above average SQ with streaming features that don't exactly work as you would expect an Android phone or a TAB to work.

Hey Mayur, thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Ibasso DX160

DX160 is not heavy, big screen size with well placed buttons and ports and with a very good form-factor.
The 1080p display is stunning and provides a good premium experience. The display can be set to 720p, it saves battery and faster UI performance.
The UI is snappy, no lags usually. It runs on Android 8 and Play Store can be installed to download all the apps. It has APK pure and Cool APK from where all the apps can be downloaded.
I have downloaded and used Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, PowerAmp, USB Audio Player Pro and Spotify.
For offline music, I prefer using the stock Mango Player. Its sleek, well designed, easy to use, sound wise didn’t find any difference between UAPP and Mango Player.
The battery backup is really good, gives more than 8-9 hours with online streaming of HiRes files. For offline playing of FLACs the backup should be even more.
The Ibasso DX160 features a dual DAC setup using 2 Cirrus Logic CS43198 which I feel is a brilliant DAC and most it does MQA decoding. There is a noticeable difference on MQA tracks over usual FLACs. The actual bit rate can be seen on the notification bar.
The sound out of the DX160 sounded very neutral with a slight warmth but very clean sounding. It has a lot of details as well as smooth timbre. Loved the tonality of the device.
Soundstage is very good, has great imaging and instrument separation.
Bass is in appropriate amount and textured and has a good punch. I felt the sound to be slightly mid focused and does the mids brilliantly. The treble has a lot of details and yet not bright with good extension.
Sound out of the 4.4 mm balanced is cleaner with improved dynamic range, better depth in bass and better soundstage and separation.
I tried the likes of Hifiman Sundara, Sennheiser HD650 and they sounded loud enough at 50-60/100 and with the 4.4 mm balanced at 30-40 level.
Read more at:

Thank you for sharing this elaborate review with us. Sorry about the character limit but we have certainly worked around it and have increased it.

Best DAP in the segment and My First Audiophile DAP

Dynamic, clean clear, great soundstage.
Awesome sound quality
Build quality and ergonomics
Android 8

Battery quality not so great
In built Mango player app is not good
More support/improvement on OS would be excellent

DX160 looks really good and has nice form factor. The 5" screen is excellent, almost comparable to some of the best smartphones out in the market. The body is made of aluminium, it feels really nice to hold and its not that heavy to carry in the pocket.

The best part is the sound quality that DX160 produce. Its vibrant, musical, wide soundstage and instrument imaging is very good and precise. It's more like a reference but not neutral sounding. It slightly focused on midbass and midrange with excellent vocals, which I love it. When paired with FIIO IEM FH3, I notice that the midrange becomes slightly brighter then other headphones. The sound is clean, bass goes deep and low. It also extends really good on the high range frequency as well. It does a good job of producing each frequencies as the audio was intended without overpowering or overshadowing or distortion on any frequencies and does not feel fatiguing after long listening. The noise floor is excellent with IEM. DX160 also support DSD 256 1 Bit processing which is great.

It also supports Tidal MQA though TIDAL service is not available in India. I tried installing Amazon Prime Music and surprisingly it works and the audio output is upscaled to 24bit 192kh rather then 16bit 44.1khz. So, yes we can finally enjoy some Hifi audio online from Amazon Prime music without Tidal in India.

I also compared the sound of DX160 with Sony NWA45 mp3 player and XDuoo xd-05 plus which is a Desktop DAC AMP and I have to say DX160 performs exceptionally much better then the Sony NWA45 player at every level and outclassed the Sony NWA45. On the other hand, DX160 is slightly behind Xduoo XD 05 Plus in terms of sound quality. The Xduoo have all the musicality, wide soundstage, all the best parts of DX160 and still produce a better velvet balanced sound quality, but as I said it not far behind. However, DX160 has much better/deep dark noise floor then Xduoo xd 05 plus when paired with sensitive IEMs. I can hear the hiss and other electronic distortion on my Xduoo DAC with my IEM, which is annoying and painful after long listening.

DX160 has both 3.5mm unbalance and 4.4mm balance out put. I was able to power all the headphones and earphones that I owned with ease. It does not change or distort the sound quality based on the headphones I connect. The power output is excellent. It can power and run my FIIO FH3 IEM, B&O earphone, Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (80ohm) with ease at low gain with 3.5mm unbalance connection. It can even power my Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250ohm at full capacity on high gain with 3.5mm connection, amazing.

In conclusion, DX160 really signs with the sound quality it produce in it's segment and may outperformed some of the more expensive DAP.

Sonically perfect, Battery drains quickly

iBasso DX160 is a soncially perfect device with a rich crisp display. The only con with dx160 is its battery life, it drains quickly. On a full charge you can get around 9-10 hours of music playback.

The player to beat !

In the MidFi category this iBasso DX160 DAP stands out with price to performance that is hard to match. A small yet powerful player with a sharp full HD screen and an extremely capable dual Cirrus DAC. This low output impedance (<0.5ohm even at unbalanced) player does a great job of pairing with not only my Campfire IEMs (12-15 ohm impedance) but also with my JH13V2 (28 ohm impedance). This little DAP plays almost all high res formats and has a clean and natural sound reproduction. A completely black background helps in an even more immersive listening experience. DX160 excels in its main area ie music reproduction but where it falls bit short is in Android OS and its low powered SoC. The interface often stutters and lags, the player gets warm during extended listening sessions. Battery life is ok. Should last 7-8hrs on 3.5mm single ended output. Leaving WiFi on resulted in pretty heavy drain on standby. So switch it on only when needed.
Over all this clean sounding player (that punches above its weight), paired with a well built hardware DX160 is a difficult high res DAP to beat at this price point.
A big shout out to HPZ for bringing such enthusiasts brands to India. Keep it coming guys!

Good one but very bad battery life

iBasso SX 160 is a good device but with very bad battery life. iBasso hasn't optimised the software for good battery life. Wifi drains the battery like mad. Wifi range is pathetic, don't try to stream music, battery drains like hell. I think most DAPs that uses Android has the same issue. I may be wrong. At the most you will get 10 hours of music listening, and charging takes almost 2 hours but they claim it as quick charge. My realme x2 pro charges from 0 to 100% in flat 25mins. Apart from the above, iBasso DX 160 ticks all other things. Wish iBasso could address the battery issue.

Good one

Ibasso DX 160 having warm and smooth sound signature. If we have good heasphone it sounds well. Only minus is battery backup not that much good.

dual DACs and 4.4 mm balanced out is the reason to buy.

very well built.. must say Robust , physically and Sonically as well.
It encountered outright with my two Warriors..
Sony ( Exclusively WIRED) Z7-M2 thru 4.4 mm out
and with my sennheiser IE 80 S BT wireless.
Channel separation is excellent thru 4.4 mm out.. a " never before " for me.
Be it the Soundstage not so wide
but the sonic stuff DX 160 pours has a sweet " density " to enjoy.
oh God..Bluetooth is the poorest on this planet... not a dealbreaker though.
in its Mango music player " all songs i.e. full library " is not available in one click... very disappointing for me if my mood at some point of time is to listen diffrent type of songs in shuffle mode..from full library.
playlists can be prepared however.. and folders too .. a welcome gesture.
but the sweet suspense of "shuffle" is gone then.. anyway.

whenever I want a Great Soundstage and more Transparent stuff then
my Xperia XZ premium with 3.5 mm out and Sony Z7-M2 together are Ultimate.
i never Like to compare anything... every Gadget has its own Quality and Nicity.

but Honestly speaking , Sony walkman NW- ZX 507 WILL always be my first Choice whenever it w'd be launched in India.
Till then I wil Enjoy DX 160 at its Best.. Thanks to Headphone Zone...
U r GREAT.. keep it up for us. ( VERY NICELY PACKED n DELIVERED )
C. S. DAFTARY Mob (91) 8319 8325 12 .. and whtsapp 91- 98264 88470

Reward points

Excellent player.....superb eyecandy display and gr8 sound.....value for money product. A must buy

I haven't got the reward point for this purchase and it's not showing in my purchase history also...kindly look into that and add those info to my profile ..details are given below

Invoice Code:HPZPL2021/31285
Order No: 246401
Invoice Date : 23-Oct-2020