iBasso - IT00

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7 Day Replacement Guarantee

All products are covered by the Headphone Zone 7 Day Replacement Guarantee. This product is eligible for a free replacement in case you receive a damaged, defective or different item.

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The iBasso IT00 is an audiophile in-ear monitor that is the combined creation of leading technology and high-quality sound performance. It uses a special magnet that can deliver a high Tesla magnetic flux. This ensures enough power to drive the 5μm multi-layered graphene diaphragm effectively for improved resolution and speed. Enjoy deep, powerful bass and natural sound due to its dual Helmholtz resonators.



Graphene is a form of carbon consisting of planar sheets with the strength a 100 times greater than steel. Unlike other diaphragms, the IT00's graphene diaphragm has not been damped with any artificial material. It is instead, damped with air itself. The ultra-thin graphene offers various benefits like extreme speed and low distortion which works extremely well for audio.



These IEMs are small, lightweight and the concha fit gives you long-term comfort. It lets you enjoy your music without any fatigue and irritation. The MMCX Detachable High Purity OFC cable is lightweight and rarely noticed when draped over-the-ear making it comfortable for long-term use. It terminates in a 3.5mm TRS plug.



PLUG 3.5mm TRS gold-plated.
CABLE MMCX connectors
BOX CONTENTS 1. iBasso - IT00


iBasso - IT00 vs competitors
iBasso - IT00 iBasso - IT00 vs competitors
₹ 5,999 /-

KZ - AS10vs competitors
KZ - AS10 KZ - AS10 vs competitors

MEE Audio - MX2 Provs competitors
MEE Audio - MX2 Pro MEE Audio - MX2 Pro vs competitors

Shure - SE215vs competitors
Shure - SE215 Shure - SE215 vs competitors
₹6,999/- ₹9,600/-

Sound Signature
Driver Type Dynamic Balanced Armature Hybrid Dynamic
Driver Configuration 1x DD 5x BA 1x DD
1x BA
1x DD
Sensitivity 106±2dB 105dB 104±3db 107dB
Impedance 16Ω 14Ω 34Ω 17Ω
Compatibility Android & iOS Android & iOS Android & iOS Android & iOS
Detachable Cable
Connector MMCX 2-Pin MMCX
In The Box iBasso - IT00
3 Pair of Silicone Eartips
KZ - AS10 Earphones
  3 Pairs Of Silicone Ear Tips
MX2 PRO In-Ear Monitors
Stereo Audio Cable
Stereo Headset Cable
Carrying Case With Carabiner
  Comply™ Memory Foam Eartips
Silicone Eartips (4 Pairs)
  Shirt Clips (2 Pairs)
¼” (6.3mm) Adapter
Shure SE215 Earphones
Universal 3.5 Mm Earphone Communication Cable
Standard 3.5mm Detachable Cable (For SE215-Black, SE215 Special Edition)
Soft Flex Sleeves (S, M, L)
Zippered Carrying Case
Experts Verdict
I am quite surprised by what KZ. The KZ AS10 are amazing in their own way: their tuning is balanced and enjoyable, there’s a very good technical level and they’re comfortable.
Soundphile Review
"Professional IEMs created for musicians, that can be used not only on sage. All models, including senior, are rather good for casual listeners that want to get quality sound and other bonuses."
Porta Fi
"The company itself describes the sound of the SE215s as ‘warm and detailed’ – and that’s exactly what you get. Pro build and features, Rich, weighty sound, Good mid/bass detail."
What Hi-Fi


1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this iBasso IT00 comes with a 1 year warranty from iBasso that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about iBasso's warranty in India.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Nothing better than this under 6000 INR.

Don't expect it bass heavy, use the soft white wide bore tips and use a DAC to unleash it's potentials. Burn-in at least 50 hours and experience the fast Bass with transparent Mids and polished treble.

Fun, musical and lively sound

I have had eyes on Ibasso IT01s for a while now however when I saw these at 6k, I couldn't resist.
Comfort is great. They are light and stock tips are perfect, very comfy and don't fall out. They are fairly easy to drive out of my LG G7. Cable is light and thin, exactly how I like it. Thick cables feel cumbersome to me.
Now, to business - They sound fun, fast nimble bass to complement a clear midrange and non sibilant sparkly treble. The best thing is the timbre, which is realistic. I have been listening to Tin T3s, so these are a welcome break from the bright sound of the T3. Soundstage is decently wide with a little height. They are non fatiguing, I listened to them for 4-5 hours without any fatigue. I am happy overall.
Tip rolling is important here, people giving negative reviews need to understand that the source matters a lot. Give these a decent source, choose the right tip and they will shine!

Smooth as silk. Doesn’t mean Muddy or Boomy.

Ill keep it simple. These are the best Dynamic Driver IEMs below Rs 10k. May be ER2XR are better below 13K range, but IT00 are really a surprise package at price well below half of that.
Great Bass which is tight and detailed(Not Boomy or wooly).
Clean mids and Highs.
Non sibilant and yet very lively.
Good fit with stock tips.
They’re not power Hungry.

Some people might not like them because these aren’t neutral or balanced IEMs. These are Fun sounding IEMs without a doubt.

Not that great

I received my earphones today but my initial impressions are that I don't think they are that great , I had high expectations for them , iam particularly a bass head but also like to have good music clarity and sound stage , so I discussed with a headphone guru and went for these , I have to say iam a little disappointed ,but then again I have used them for only a few hours I will update the review if I find any improvement after burning for now I can't say if they are any better than my 1000rs earphones , and removing the mmcx cable for the earphone was really really difficult , I had to resort pulling them using a nose plier

Sounds Fine But Disappointed With The Service

The earphones have a very neutral inoffensive sound signature. Although the bass could've been slight better, but I think it's good enough for most. The best part is the treble response. The treble has the sparkles for most genres but it's very smooth and not sharp or fatiguing. I think overall this a good set for most genres. About the problem I faced with my unit is that the earphones are working fine but there is a huge amount of crackling sound when I try to insert them to my ears. The more I push the louder the sound becomes. Even sometimes if I move my jaw while wearing the earphones, it still happens. I contacted headphonezone for a replacement/refund for the product and they asked me to send the item to them. After receiving my item they confirmed there is no such issue with my unit. Now I have bought few stuff from headphonezone and never faced with any kind of issue before. This my first time that I have faced an issue and the service is like this. Fair enough it's not a big deal. Now I surely think twice before purchasing any item here. Never faced any issue with returns or replacements on amazon/flipkart. So yeah this is a disappointment.

A Delightful Experience!

Reviewed with: Custom Cable, Stock Ear-Tip (wide bore) & around 50hrs burn-in.

Before even beginning to write anything let me straight-off tell you that iBasso IT00 is NOT an audiophile IEM. Still you might wonder why I've given it 5-stars. Read on:

Where it is not Audiophilic:
-- Bass is a bit much for my taste. You can notice some bass bleed into the upper-mids. Thankfully the treble remains clean of the bass.

Where it is Audiophilic:
-- Treble is soft and smooth. This makes it non-fatiguing, but personally I feel it reduces the energy in metal and rock music.
-- Soundstage is wide but lacks depth.
-- Micro detailing and treble extension is awesome. IT00 brings out the smallest, hard to notice details in a track, despite all that bass.
-- Timbre is excellent. If you've ever heard cymbals / kickdrums in real life you will notice how close to real IT00 produces these sounds!

-- I literally slept for about 2hrs wearing these.

Why do I like it? (Meat of the review):
-- In spite of IT00 not following an audiophilic tuning, it tunes the sound in such a way that listening to music becomes a delightful experience!
-- Somehow listening to music feels almost pleasurable on these IEMs! This is the kind of IEM that will bring a smile on your face each time you listen to your favorite tracks.
-- If you are a hardcore purist who demands vanilla / neutral tuning, stay away from these!
-- But if you want to immerse yourself in your music collection while loosing track of the time, buy these!

Fun sounding iems

These are warm fun sounding iems, but not for pure bassheads. In my opinion, requires 50+ hrs of burn-in to experience it's true sound signature.

Apart from sound signature, the built quality is good, could have been better. Mmcx Connectors are very difficult to attach or dittach to the transducers. 3 set of spare tips, a set of additional filter are provided with a hard soundmagic type carry case. Cable has L-shaped 3.5mm connector which is ok but can be bit tangly.

Overall a nice purchase for me as it adds a nice unique flavour to my collection of iems. Thanks to HPZ for nicely packaged parcel and quick delivery as always.

Awesome deal at 6k

Fun & engaging to listening
I also own moondrop starfied & singot mt3. They also good but this product truly value for money at 6k.

It's a whole package. The best package money can buy

Burnin is essential to get the best out of these.
The difference was stark. Well I didn't put them for 2 days on but somewhere near 20 hours.

The Built -
It is super light weight but strongly built.
The cable is extremely good and doesn't have a rubbery or sticky feel.
It feels really good to touch and wear.
Also it's pretty and plenty long for comfortable outdoors.
It gets entangled, but not much.

Looks -
It looks absolutely elegant, minimal and premium built.
It isn't as shiny as a Blon 03 or flashy as a KZ iem or metallic industrial design like the Tins.
But it has it's own unique personality. Definitely a head turner.

Comfort -
Ohhh Boyyy! These are freakin comfortable and feels like nothing on the ears.
The cable doesn't come in the way. It is light enough to not pull the iem down or move the iem.
Isolation is on point. Once the music is on you can't hear anything from outside.

Sound -
These are very sensitive iems. They don't need much power to run.
Infact they were at full potential at just 25% volume on Macbook Pro and 60% on LG V30+.
It was equally good for all frequencies. These have a warm signature but with great clarity in the mids.
Nothing is sacrificed as such. It's a pleasure listening to them, I don't feel like taking them off my ears.

Treble -
The high ends are so amazing, pleasant and non-piercing.
I was surprised how some of the high-pitched songs sounded so good on these without a fatigue.
I had them on for atleast 2 hours straight up without a discomfort. They are easy on ears even at high volume.
I don't know how it does that, but truely amazing.

Mids -
The mids are so clear and forward. Vocals are aggressive and doesn't get muffled by the bass or the highs.
Instrument seperation is amazing. Aretha Franklin and Ariana Grande sounded just so great.

Bass -
I don't know why people are saying these are bass heavy.
These don't have an over-powering bass at all, but a very clean low end.
The bass is pleasingly boomy and punchy. It's not muddy at all. Enough power at low end to enjoy EDM and Hip hop.
But it's definitely not for bass heads. It doesn't sound like Sony or JBL's.
Soundstage - Ohh Boyyyy! It's so good. Thriller by Mj was an utter pleasure listening to.
Also John Wick Parabellum trailer sounded amazing, with the bullets hitting ground and car crashes.

What I didn't like -
I wish it had at least a mic.
The cable connector is very tight.
Yes it's secure and sturdy but it's also a pain to take the cable off. Require strength.