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RHA - T20

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Go for an easy EMI scheme which allows you to pay for your orders over a convenient period. A minimum purchase value of Rs. 500 is required to avail the EMI facility and the facility can be availed for tenures of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

This payment method is currently only available for customers using credit cards issued by Kotak, Axis, ICICI, IndusInd, HDFC, HSBC, SBI, AMEX, RBL & STANC Banks.

After checking out, Select the "Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking / EMI" option, which will then direct you to the PayU Payment gateway. Select your card and check the installment value and the overall interest charged on the transaction. 

The interest rate charged varies from bank to bank. Here is a summary of the interest rates:

Bank Min Amount (INR) 3 Months 6 Months 9 Months 12 Months 18 Months 24 Months
KOTAK 500 12% 12% 14% 14% 15% 15%
AXIS 2500 12% 12% 13% 13% 15% 15%
ICICI 1500 13% 13% 13% 13% 15% 15%
INDUSIND 2000 13% 13% 13% 13% 15% 15%
HDFC 3000 13% 13% 14% 14% 15% 15%
HSBC 2000 12.50% 12.50% 13.50% 13.50% 13.50% -
SBI  2500
- -
- -

These are annualized interest rates charged on a monthly reducing balance, which means that the principal amount is reduced with every EMI and the interest is calculated on the outstanding balance.

No processing or convenience fees are charged on any EMI transactions.


  1. Minimum Order value for EMI eligibility varies from Bank to bank. 
  2. EMI purchases need to be made on a single credit card and cannot be split across multiple cards.
  3. EMI monthly schedules begin from the next card billing statement post the transaction date as determined by your bank.


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RHA - T20 (Pre-Owned)

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  • The Short Story

    Ideal for

    Ideal for Stage
    & Live Shows

    Balanced Sound


    Dual Coil
    Dynamic Drivers

    3 Years of

    Designed in

  • The Long Story

    The DualCoil Stainless Steel IEM

    The highly anticipated RHA - T20 are Premium In-Ears from the Scottish Headphone Manufacturers - RHA. The British audio company has come to be known as the ' Aston Martin of Headphones', and the T20 is amazingly well-engineered with tremendous attention to detail.



    Patent Pending Moudable Over-Ear Hooks

    The T20 features a one of a kind, patent pending over-ear hooks. They have been designed to hold the headphones in place with the cable that goes over and behind the ear for a comfortable fit. In order to ensure the headphones offer a secure fit, the over-ear hooks have been made in a fully mouldable fashion.

    Sturdy Oxygen-free Cables 

    Oxygen-free copper is a high-purity metal that is also resistant to corrosion. Combined with durable, shielded wrapping materials, like premium thermoplastic elastomers and fabric braid, it is ideal for use in headphone cables.

    The Oxygen-free cables are therefore sturdy and durable that are made with a lot of scientific research and attention to detail.




    DualCoil™ Dynamic Driver

    Pioneering laser spectography To develop RHA's DualCoil dynamic driver, RHA engineers used precise techniques to optimise accuracy and ensure efficient crossover separation. Their engineers needed to develop a membrane that could tolerate the stresses of both rapidly vibrating coils. Prototype drivers were tested using a laser vibrometer to precisely measure the displacement of the diaphragm's surface at various frequencies.



    Customisable Sound Signature

    The T20 features a choice three tuning filters to fit your taste in music. Bass filter, treble filter and a reference filter for a neutral and balanced sound stage. The sound signature reproduction can be customised according to the music genres and preferences. You can have the best of all kinds of music genres with these filters.


    As part of RHA's ongoing commitment to true-to-life sound, they conduct advanced acoustic research into the nature of sound reproduction and the capabilities of their products to accurately recreate original audio.The T20 in-ear headphone conforms to Hi-Res Audio standards as defined by Japan Audio Society.


    Comply Foam Eartips

    To increase the noise isolation further, the RHA - T20 also comes with two pairs of comply eartips. The Comply can further increase the noise isolation by 30%. Making these perfect for outdoors too!


    Sound and Frequency Response

    The T20's frequency response goes as low as 16Hz and as high as 40Khz (which is even more than the human listening abilities). Thereby capturing every possible frequency to give a rich and detailed sound.


  • Specifications

    DRIVERS 770.1 Dynamic Drivers/td>
    DRIVER TYPE Dynamic
    IMPEDANCE 16 Ohms
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE 16Hz - 40,000Hz
    CABLE LENGTH 1.35 m
    WEIGHT 41g
    BOX CONTENTS RHA T20 in-ear
    5 pair of silicon eartips
    Stainless Ear holder
    2 pairs of dual flange
    2 pairs of comply foam eartips
    Tuning filters: bass, reference and treble
    Premium carry case and clothing clip
  • Warranty

    Don’t sweat it, This RHA product is covered by a 3 Years manufacturer's warranty.
    Learn more

  • Frequently Asked Questions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
These are awesome pair of IEM(especially for the amount u are paying)

So lets start with
Headphonezone: thank you for having these available at an amazing price ( which i never expected, seeing its original price)
Delivery: amazing fast and smooth as expected
Coming to headphones
build quality: i must say these are extremely well built( still a bit worried about the cable though it is thick but materials used is similar to rubber so one needs to look after it) a bit heavy at times but one can get used to them

Sound: i must say i am impressed. To be very honest initially i wasnt ready to spend so much on earphones i mean like my budget was around 5k so i spent like double and i thought instead of spending 10k on earphones i should get headphones but due to some reasons(portability) i dropped the idea and i went for them. And i must say i dont regret . They sound so alive to me which i have never experienced before may be because i had headphones like sennheiser cx275s, sony mdrxb950bt which were bass heavy. The stereo spread on these is just amazing. Balancing of frequencies is there but some times even with reference filter i found high mids a bit harsh on my ears. Minor details in the songs are audible. Clarity of vocals instruments is present. Sound isolation is there (far better than any other earphones). Moreover it made me like bollywood songs again because I seriously could listen different instruments and sounds clearly which were sometimes mushy or hidden under strong bass frequencies.

Recommendations: I’ll recommend these to one’s who really wanna listen to details and appreciate the songs, bassheads u can give it a try i’ll say bass is there but in adequate amount (will appear whenever it is needed rather than spilling over other frequencies) . Bollywood lovers get it.It was worth an upgrade for me and for people who are specially coming from budget lower than 5k.

Suggestion: initially i was totally abusing them cause this sound signature was new to me but after some time they grew on me and now i love the...

Not worth the big price

Built quality is very nice and the sound quality is not bad at all but the price you pay is very high. Before this I was using Creative EP-630 (costs around Rs. 1,000) and there is no noticeable difference in sound quality between these two. I tested both with Hi-Res music files and there no difference. Totally not worth the big price you pay thinking that it will sound better.


First I would like to thank Headphonezone to keep the prices very competitive while other online sites keeping their price tag so expensive.

Delivery: As expected it was delivered the very next day.

Quality of RHAT20: I’m an ardent fan of RHA in recent years. I own RHA MA390, 650 and T20. What say, these are the best headphones with decent balance of Bass and excellent vocal clarity. I’m not a big fan of EDM music or high bass songs yet these headphones deliver striking bass and treble. This is because it has the range to deliver this. 16-40000Hz


These tiny earphones are really awesome. They pack a huge punch for their size (or in any size class for that matter). The audio is crystal clear even at high volumes (not recommended that one goes to maximum volume) with zero distortion. At low volumes the clarity is amazing too. The three filters really work. They come with Reference class filters fitted. There is perceptible difference when filters are changed (quite easy, unlike Shure 846, but those are the Mercedes of IEMs). I tried it out with Bass on the left one and treble on the right one and nearly went crazy with the differences in the two sides. That was just for trial. Comply foam tips really isolate the sound. If one has the earphones on with these tips on, you can actually yourself swallowing saliva :)

At this price point it beats many 'Higher-end' earphones hands down. Go right ahead and buy them!

This is art

When all will be said and done and we as humanity will breathe our last , we can truly look back on some things and marvel at how close we were to perfection , these have to be the most beautiful earphones to look at , the attention to detail is mind boggling and fascinating. The metal shinning back at you , no plastic to look at , but 250 years of industrial revolution and thousands of years of art. I could have just bought them to look at them, the clarity and quality of sound is top notch. The warranty is long and the only minor hiccup is you can't use them for a long time, they are just too heavy. Not exactly for watching a movie in bed. They would also not be my first choice for listening edm or house.

So all in all if you believe that life is not a matter of tasks, it's a matter of tastes and that
medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for then please go ahead and buy!

Oh my, what a review :) It was a delight reading this. Glad you love them!
Really disappointed not worth its price at all

I had few good headphones and IEMs but I was in search of some IEM better than earlier ones. I had m50x, xb90ex, xb950, mi pro hd and some more.
Sorry for late review. That's because I wanted to give this IEM sufficient time for burn in. I used 1more assistant for burning. Which was I found really good at its job. It took 4-5 days.
Now come to headphone quality it's really good and well built. And out of the box it's cable felt like sticky rubbery finish but later it's stckyness gone.
What's really disappointed me is its sound quality for which everyone buy his headphones. And even after burn-in the sound quality remained same. May be slight improvement.
I have choosen this headphone because I have read really good reviews of it and none of them had bad review.
Bass sounds somewhat over you will always listen hmmmmm sound which will irritate after some time. And perticularly lower bass sound really bad and loose. It's sounds distorted and fluttering. Like loose bass string in any music instrument.
Coming to overall sound it's clarity lacking much from my m50x or even mi HD pro. Sometimes sound muddy.
Don't take me wrong for testing I used lossless FLAC files and some of my purchase from Saregama. Which is uncompressed wave files. Samsung Note 8 as player. And FIIO Q1 as USB DAC.
Please forgive for comparing this headphone with mi HD pro which has ten times less MRP than this one.
My first impression with MI was too bad but after burn-in it was a difference of day and night. Earlier bass was nearly absent. Now it's flat and really spacious clear and well balanced enjoyable sound.
But same is not true for t20s.
In short I have found distorted and heavy bass. Less clarity, some what muddy sound. Nothing more to say.
if this is audiophiles choice than it's better that I am not an audiophile.