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Schiit - Jotunheim

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First, the DAC/AMP combination thrilled us, and we couldn’t help but be all into it! But times changed and Technologies too, and with the ever increasing quest for achieving that perfect note into your ears, more your equipment increase. But no more! Our all new Schit Jotunheim has all in solution for you.

Jotunheim makes you equipped not only for today but also for the future and promises on not including to that clutter.You can configure your Jotunheim to your needs so that you don’t have to upgrade to a new technology when the older one runs out.

Schiit was always inferior to the amalgamation of an Amp and a DAC because of the sheer fact that both of them will share a power space and would ultimately increase its internal noise. But, with Jotunheiim, such is not the case as Schitt has gone great lengths in not just making the device modular and upgradable, but also in reducing the noise by adding an RF suppressor.

All this in the price lower than a non-modular and non-upgradable DAC/AMP you wonder? Well there may be a lot of combined AMP/DACs out there using op-amps and digital volume, or converting to single-ended internally, or all of the above, that cost a whole lot more than the Jotunheim, but they ain’t Schiit.

Schiit Jotunheim is a configured balanced amp/preamp with a configurable desktop centre. The headphone amplifier and preamp with a single expansion slot can be optionally added and converted into a USP DAC module or a moving input phono module.

The Jotunheim DAC module is their first hardware balanced budget DAC. For the amp section, you can optimise the Jotunheim without the DAC or a phono module to have it as a headphone amp/preamp alone. It is therefore highly versatile.

Another amazing technology that the Schiit Jotunheim uses is the unique pivot point gain stage. Pivot Point supports an exceptional musical performance with low distortion, high bandwidth and a highly balanced output. The ability to use one-sided topology as a single ended output is a pretty cool add-on. Schiit Audio is calling Pivot Point their highest performing, most flexible game stage they have ever created. Like all of the Schiit products the Jotunheim is made with sleek chassis but has awhole lot of insanely-new-and-cool stuff in a very simple box.

If you've invested in good headphones, then the Jotunheim will get you a long way with just about anything you plug into it. For your widely varied musical needs, the Jotunheim fulfills just about all of them with its flexibility.


    When you take a simple DAC or a DAC/AMP which is non-modular or upgradable, it just becomes useless when the technology runs out. So Schitt came up with a module which can support all the cards be it a DAC, AMP or DAC/AMP or a PHONO/AMP and apparently all the future technologies that will be needed to make your sound much better. Basically, it is neither an amp nor a DAC but can function as a DAC/amp if a DAC card is used. Therefore it is better than just the DAC/amp.

    Compatible With Multiple Headphones

    Want to use it with your high impedance headphones? Well, you can pair it with a slew of devices from IEMs to HE-6, plug them in with any headphones and you are sure to receive great sound with ultimate power and authority.

    Pivot Point Gamestage

    Jotunheim’s is unique in many ways including its unique to itself gain stage. It is inherently balanced, fully discrete current feedback topology that provides both balanced and single-ended output without the need for splitters or summers, thereby reducing your clutter. It provides extremely wide bandwidth and excellent measured performance together with the advantages of constant, low feedback across the entire audio band. Giving an overall excellent performance.

    Made in USA

    When Fulla means "MADE IN USA" they are not kidding! The vast majority of the total production of Jotunheim including the chassis, boards, assembly, etc has been undertaken in the USA. Thus, making the Jotunheims truly'Made in USA'. It comes flying to you along with an astounding 5 years warranty.

    Compatible any power map and powered  PC

    The Jotunheim consists of two pre-amp outputs that are the balanced and single ended, thus making them ready for any powered desktop monitor!

  • Specifications


    Balanced XLR and Single-Ended RCA, selectable via front switch

    Upto 800 ohms


    Dimensions - 130mm  x 100mm x 21mm
    20Hz-20Khz, -0.1db, 2Hz-700KHz, -3dB
  • Warranty

    Don’t sweat it, This Schiit product is covered by a 5 Years manufacturer's warranty.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Solid state balanced powerhouse

Jotunheim like all schiit products is elegantly minimalist block of aluminium (I think); very solid and sturdy. It is extremely powerful especially out of the balanced out and am sure it can drive any headphone. Sound is powerful, detailed and fast. While essentially neutral, being a highly transparent solid state amp, the bass has plenty of slam and treble is extended & delineated. Jotunheim delivers a wide and layered soundstage. The dac unit is well worth the extra money and beyond; it is dual chip and gives balanced signal I think to the amp. The dac and amp on the Jotunheim has superb synergy with Sennheiser HD 650 and drives this 300ohm beast like a champ.

Top class Schiit !

I own a pair of Audeze Lcd X and Beyer T5p headphones driven by a Fiio X7 mk2 DAP. Coming from a Fiio X3 the X7 was a big leap in sound quality and i've been very pleased with it. But since i saw the 1-4W amp recommendation in the Lcd X specs, i've had a nagging doubt that X7 amp didn't have enough power to drive it to it's full potential. So, i've been looking for a nice desktop amp to power the Lcd X. My search quickly narrowed down to a couple of amps. I was seriously considering the Violectric V200, but was discouraged by the warranty and buying process on another Indian site. My experience on headphonezone has been very positive... the site, the buying process as well as the people behind it. The Schiit Mjolnir was in my budget but it was ruled out since it only works best with a balanced headphone connection. Chord Hugo is a sexy little thing but too expensive and i wasn't convinced about it's amp.Then as luck would have it a few days back i got notified via mail about the availability of the Jotenheim and i quickly made the purchase based on good reviews online. I also ordered an Audioquest 3.5mm to RCA cable as the Jotenheim comes only with a power cable. After letting it break in for a few hours i plugged in my Lcd X and sat down for a listen and was pleasantly surprised. The immediate difference i noticed was in the soundstage which is wider and more significantly has depth! Also immediately apparent was the improved separation and detail retrieval. Now, it's no secret that all audio equipment sound different. But the Jotenheim clearly sounds better than the AM3A amp in X7. I love the sound. Build quality is great: simple and functional. It's got enough power for most any headphone, has preamp out and balanced input. You can also order one with a DAC module, though from what i've read it's not at the same level as the amp. For the asking price the Jotenheim is worth every paisa. A stellar product.

Great piece of Schiit

Wow. Quite heavy for its size. Heavy is good. As far as amp is concerned, I believe. Bought the amp with balanced DAC module and loving it through and through. the only gripe I have is the unavailability of 3 mm headphone plug. Would have make life easier and not having to buy additional adapter.
It has opened up the sound stage appreciably. The power can also be felt in the mid range and bass department. Apparently, the music seems to be cleaner and each instruments seems to hold its own ground and not treading on others or being trodden upon