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Schiit - SYS Preamp

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  • The Short Story

    Ideal for

    Ideal for
    Indoor Use


    2 Years of

    Designed & Made
    in the USA

  • The Long Story

    Born in the USA

    The SYS has been designed as well as built in the USA. Be it the chassis, boards or even the assembly of all parts, Schiit ensures that it works only with US companies to give you a high-quality product that’s truly American.

    Connects to All

    The SYS does not just work with Schitt products, you can connect just about any device with it. Yes! even PCs, iPods, Macs, DVD Players, tuners, etc. All your device needs is a line-level output.

    Nothing in Between

    The SYS is what it says it is. A 2-way switch and potentiometer. It does not have any of the electronics and power that other cool Schiit products have. This also means that you don’t experience any distortion in your music.

    A 2-Way Switch + Volume Control

    Pair your DAC with a powered monitor or phono preamp and crank up the volume with the SYS. Need to use two sources with a Schiit amplifier? No worries. This preamp can switch between devices with ease.
  • Specifications

    NUMBER OF INPUTS 2 (stereo RCA)
    NUMBER OF OUTPUTS 1 (stereo RCA)
    INPUT IMPEDANCE 10k ohms
    OUTPUT IMPEDANCE 5k ohms maximum
    WEIGHT 453g (1 lb)
    Schiit - SYS PreampStick-on feet
    Stick-on feet
  • Warranty

    Don’t sweat it, This Schiit product is covered by a 2 Years manufacturer's warranty.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

great service by headphone zone . very much usability for what i have purchased. Thankyou H P Z

Smart little gadget

Bought this device to help me compare 2 Dacs ( this is pretty straight without any discernible loss in audio fidelity) . Also Used this in reverse mode where I connected same dac to headphone amplifier and an integrated amplifier. In this case there is a perceptible difference in sound .. the highs are slightly tamed.. which maybe a good/bad result based on your chain ) . Only problem is ensuring you have enough short length RCAs to do all this circus..which is probably one of the reasons I am into this hobby and have way too many headphones )

Works as expected

This is a minimalistic product. It does what it is expected to do with just one switch and one Potentiometer (nothing else inside).
It allows me to connect the 4th source to my bigger preamp that has 3 inputs. Does a good job of that.
It does take away some life from the music when you reduce the volume. I use it specifically to tame the harsh & HOT (too loud) digital recordings. It works.