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Meet Urbanista
Urbanista is a brand that comes from the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. With a drive to do things differently, each headphone and earphone has been designed with a touch of uniqueness. A lot of inspiration comes from trendy and fashionable passersby who are the pulse and life of the city.

A Passion in Everything
Behind every Urbanista product is a lot of passion for colour, form and a mobile lifestyle. But, while designed for a life in motion, every headphone & earphone stays true to its Scandinavian roots.

A Celebration to the Urban Lifestyle
Every headphone and in-ear from Urbanista’s range has been inspired by the urban lifestyle. Whether it is takeaway coffee, running for the bus or colourful storefronts, it’s a tribute to a life in motion. And, to showcase the effect of the world’s greatest cities on the world as a whole, all products are named after a popular city.