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  • Audiophile Level IEMs

    The V-MODA Zn are the first in-Ear headphones released by V-MODA in the past four years. It has been exclusively developed to be the mobile and active weapon of choice for the modern audiophile. Zn delivers unrivaled sound quality staying true to V-MODA’s tradition of luxurious materials and Italian design. As the name suggests, the limited edition Zn (zinc element symbol) has been tuned to exceed V-MODA’s relentless standards that have won over 24 editors’ choice awards on its previous two wired headphones.


  • Specifications

    Drivers 8 mm
    Driver Type Dynamic
    Impedence 16 Ohms
    Sensitivity 105 dB @ 1 kHz
    Frequency Response 
2Hz - 25,000Hz
    Wired Connectivity 3.5mm Gold Plated
    Microphone Android (1-Button) / iOS (3-Button)
    Wearing Style in-ear
    Weight 20.8g
    Cable Lenght 13 inch
    1. V-MODA - ZN Earphones
    2. 8 pairs of BLISS 3.0 fittings in XS, S, pre-installed M and L sizes
    3. Milano Design black carrying pouch
    4. 1 pair of ActiveFlex™ sport ear hooks
  • Warranty

    Don’t sweat it, This V-MODA product is covered by a 2 Years manufacturer's warranty.
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

What the Press Say

" The Zn is, to my ears, the most balanced of V-MODA's headphones, the one most likely to appeal to audiophile tastes."
"The Zn have been designed to be a go-to choice for every kind of listening, from your daily commute, to your workout routine, and even your late-night musical revery."
"I cannot praise the low-end reproduction of these earphones enough. The bass detail and depth is simply amazing. It actually bests many full headphones I've heard."

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Warranty 2 years 3 Years 1 year
Sound Extra Bass Balanced Balanced
Housing Zinc Metal Housing Stainless Steel Liquid Alloy Metal
Cable Audiophile-Grade Tangle Free Oxygen-free copper Beryllium Copper MMCX
Mic Yes Yes Yes
Remote 1-Button 3-Button 3-Button
Volume Controls No Yes Yes
Carry pouch Black carrying pouch Premium carry case Dark Leather Earphone Case
Eartips 8 pairs of BLISS 3.0 fittings in XS, S/ Preinstalled M and L sizes 5 pair of silicon/2 pairs of dual flange/2 pairs of comply foam 3 Pair Final Audio Tips 3 Pair Campfire Audio Earphone Tips 3 Pair Silicon Earphone Tips"
Clip No Clothing Clip Lapel Pin
Should You Buy?
Our Verdict

Get the best of your music with good quality bass and smooth zinc housing that looks as sleek as it gets.

Premium in-ear monitors giving true to life sound, made with alumium housing and strong cable along 3 years warranty

Now get the best of your audio gear with a sound as sweet and balanaced as it gets. The audio is nothing short of perfect.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews

Strating with a thanks to Headphones Zone for such a fast delivery of my VModa Zn (Ps: Didn't expected this fast )
Just one word for the earphones - It's Nirvana
The first song I wanted to hear on them was My Immortals (Band Version) by Evanescence , man the first 3/4 song (vocals + piano) is so soothing to hear and near to the end there's a drumming part with vocals. As soon as the drumming part started I literally cried out, couldn't believe that it would hit me this hard
Thank you so much for the recommendation.

Wow Mrunal, that seriously was a very touching review. We are so happy to read that, Thank you so much for this amazing review Mrunal! :)
They r great if u don't mind a little weight

At mid volume, they are wonderful but at high volumes, they don't distort but the bass is less thumping

A good buy below 15k

Firstly, thanks to the Headphone Zone team for helping me choose this headphone. They really do help you out in all aspects of purchase, including helping me understand what I would need and what would be an overkill for my requirement. Now for someone new into experiencing a premium headphones am completely satisfied with this purchase. Soundstage was way better than any previous headphones I had used and bass is crisp and tight(never muddy), so are treble. At times bass overpowers the mids, but again only for certain tracks. Would definitely recommend this headphones to anyone who would need bass not at the expense of clarity.

Hey Akshay, thanks for your review man. We are glad we could be of some help and we are much overjoyed that you loved the V-MODA ZN. Since you trust us, we would like to invite you to our audiophile community on facebook called The Indian Audiophile Forum. Its booming with engagement related to topics you shall surely love. Here, check it out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/The.Indian.Audiophile.Forum/
Its good but not great comparative to other IEM's in the market.

Hello All,
My experience say its good and well-balanced earphones, I'm confused what to say about Vmoda zn, They were my first high-end audiophile grade earphones, unfortunately, lost them recently, And sorry HeadphoneZone for the late review. First of all, let me Thanks headphoneZone for this unbelievable site its and dream come true site for audio lovers, anyway let me get back to my review, lets see for a moment they looked regular earphones or under budget earphones i was wrong the housing is made of zinc metal and the cord is protected with Kevlar and piece look durable too for first few days the earphones sounds jus like under budget earphones, on which I was disappointed.I'm and multi-genre listener and do listen in 320 Kbps Bitrate and above, so I thought to give a try for Dubstep and it was my favorite artist Skrillex track played "Skrillex - Try it out " as the song starts I was surprised with the noise isolation it was like everything around me was dead mute and then the sound hit me with the crisp clear bass (I strongly agree the bass is good ) Vmoda zn really stunned me with the quality sound and its soundstage the earpads or ear cushions are BLISS cushions only meant for Vmoda zn as they blocked outer noise they work as charm, Rock, classic, acoustic listener should try this product I'm sure you'll feel as if ur listing it live or the song is only played for you !!! Worth to buy earphones it's pricey but worth every penny...
I can't say anymore I'm impressed with the sound quality and the built quality as well.

Blissful and loud experience in nano-sized earphones

Typical Vmoda signature sound.... Pronounced bass, great mids, nice highs and treble.... Right out of the box, without any burn-in, they sounded awesome.

Included eartips are nice but you'd be better off ordering a pair of Comply 500 to get that comfort fit.

Build quality is brilliant. Diamond back cable is superb as claimed. Unless you're using an iphone, order with one button mic which has smaller cable tips.

I'm still left wondering how have they managed to create such beautiful crisp and clear sound in such small sized earphones.

fantastic build, great soundstage,good styling, hyped base

Have been trampled 6 times but still work as on first day, and are pretty much sweat resistant
Sound is very immersive and clear, not harsh or unbearable at highest volume. good and controlled base(too tame for me)
overall good experience.