Shure - AONIC 50

Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

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3 13% ₹ 7,833 ₹ 500
6 13% ₹ 3,980 ₹ 880
9 14% ₹ 2,707 ₹ 1,362
12 14% ₹ 2,065 ₹ 1,781
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Active Noise

Why should you get the Shure AONIC 50? Simply put, it's the best sounding wireless headphones available in the segment. For audiophiles looking for great sound on the move as well as active noise cancellation, the Shure AONIC 50 is a winner.


Headphone Guru Info

About Raghav Somani

Raghav Somani is the Founder & CEO of Headphone Zone. An avid audiophile and musician since 2008, his choice of headphones include STAX Electrostats, Audeze LCD 3, and for music on the go, the JH Audio Roxanne + Astell&Kern SP1000 is never too far away. On his playlist, you'll find A.R. Rahman, Michael Jackson, and the Eagles.



The Shure AONIC 50 has been designed as a premium, wireless, noise cancelling headphone that doesn't compromise on sound despite losing the wires. Studio-quality sound engineered from decades of professional experience. They're designed with the purview of providing supreme studio-grade wireless sound on the go.



THE AONIC 50 offers on-demand noise cancellation. These adjustable noise cancellation headphones allow you to fine-tune the control of the NC levels thereby eliminating distractions for a truly immersive listening experience. Environment mode allows you to hear the outside world with the flip of a switch.


"The Shure Aonic 50 is perhaps the most detailed, analytical, and to-the-point pair of wireless headphones you can buy right now, thanks to focused tuning and wide Bluetooth codec support."

-Ali Pardiwala


Keeping longer listening durations in mind, Shure AONIC 50 noise cancelling headphones offer up to 20 hours battery life provides uninterrupted audio on the move! In case your battery runs out, you can connect to wired sources with 3.5mm analog audio input to stay connected to any device, including airplane entertainment systems, or USB-C digital input for charging and High-Resolution audio.



The Shure AONIC 50 has been designed to deliver a studio-grade sound over Bluetooth v5, despite losing the wires. It supports different codex like Qualcomm® aptX™, aptX™ HD, aptX™ Low Latency audio, Sony LDAC, AAC and SBC ensuring a seamless, lossless wireless CD-quality audio that Shure has come to be known for.



Take complete control of your Shure headphones with the ShurePlus™ PLAY app. It allows you to customize your noise cancellation levels and Environment Mode levels. Available to download for iOS and Android.



Designed and engineered after decades of experience, the Shure AONIC 50 has been designed for long listening sessions, keeping your comfort and durability in mind. A solid, rigid built worthy to withstand the wear and tear on a daily basis. These noise cancelling headphones are equipped with touch controls for quick access to answer calls, adjust volume, or pause your music with the push of a button.



SENSITIVITY @ 1 kHz 97.5 dB/mW
SUPPORTED CODECS aptX, aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, SBC, AAC, LDAC
WEIGHT 334 g (11.8oz.)
BOX CONTENTS 1. Shure - AONIC 50 Headphones
2. 1 - Protective carrying case
3. 1 - 3.5mm audio cable
4. 1 - USB-C charging cable


Shure - AONIC 50 vs competitors
Shure - AONIC 50 Shure - AONIC 50 vs competitors
₹ 27,990/- ₹ 37,800/-

Sony - WH-1000XM4vs competitors
Sony - WH-1000XM4 Sony - WH-1000XM4 vs competitors
₹ 29,990/-

Sennheiser - MOMENTUM 3 Wirelessvs competitors
Sennheiser - MOMENTUM 3 Wireless Sennheiser - MOMENTUM 3 Wireless vs competitors
₹ 34,990/-

Beyerdynamic - Amiron Wirelessvs competitors
Beyerdynamic - Amiron Wireless Beyerdynamic - Amiron Wireless vs competitors
₹ 57,999/- ₹ 65,890/-

Wearing Style Over-Ear Over-Ear Over-Ear Over-Ear
Sound Signature
Warm & Smooth
Bluetooth Version v5.0 v5.0 v5.0 v4.2
Bluetooth Codecs LDAC, aptX HD, aptX LL, AAC & SBC LDAC, AAC & SBC aptX, aptX HD & AAC aptX, aptX HD & AAC
Battery Life 20 Hours 38 Hours 17 Hours 30 Hours
Range 10m 10m 10m 10m
Driver Size 50mm 40mm 42mm
Active Noise Cancellation
Interface Button Touch Button Touch
Ambient Sound Transparency
Wired Mode
App Control
Voice Assistant Siri/Google Assistant Siri/Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa Siri/Google Assistant Siri/Google Assistant
Carry Case
Experts Verdict "The Shure Aonic 50 noise cancelling headset is a premium solution to your work from home and commuting woes. Large removable earpads lengthen the lifespan of the headphones and are easy to clean."
Sound Guys
"They’re as comfortable as ever; they introduce useful features that elevate the user experience; and, more importantly, you’re getting a serious hike in sound quality for the money."
What Hi-Fi
"The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3 are a decent pair of headphones which stand out due to their retro design, comfortable fit and intuitive features such as auto on/off and auto pause/play."
I am actually more impressed with the Amiron Wireless than the Home. Not because it has Bluetooth which are very good, but because of the easier to drive 32Ω rating and equally good build quality.


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Best Noise Cancelling Headphones of 2020

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones of 2020

by Bernadette Braganza May 09, 2020

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2 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Shure AONIC 50 comes with a 2 year warranty from Shure that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Shure's warranty in India.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
b1 (Bengaluru)
You can rest as shure d this is an awesome headphone

Amazing sound stage,
rests like a pillow on your head to a point where you don’t feel the weight.

Noise cancellation very good - i stay in at an area where there is a lot of construction and heavy drilling, once I switch on the Noise cancellation and play I don’t hear anything in the background(95 percent).

Environment mode: In this mode the surroundings sounds are amplified I can hear mom speaking, tv doing playing and still enjoy shure signature sound.

Overall a very good noise cancellation headphone you can be SHURE about

USB c cable- very good quality, charges under 2 hours. The charge lasts for 18-20 hours with Noise cancellation. It can be used to listen high res audio on pc too.

The headphone wires 2.5 to quality is very good too.

I have played audio using iPhone. Then used hidisz ap60 dac as well.

Rohit Bansal (New Delhi)
Dont BUY! Big, uncomfortable and heavy!

Shure should definitely fire the industrial designer who designed this crap. I have 1 have a big Shure fan since 2005 and own SE215, SE535 and SE846 from Shure. I was looking for an upgrade from Bose QC35 and ended up buying this. This is literally the most uncomfortable headphones ever. The packing which the headphone came in was extremely premium and the carrying case is just so big that you dont want to travel with. Sound quality is alright for mids and high but missing the bass. Go for Bose anyday over this.

Hey Rohit, we are sorry to hear that the headphones didn't meet up to your expectations of comfort. We appreciate you being a loyal Shure fan and we understand your expectations from the brand but however this is the first time they have ventured in the headphones space, here Shure has tried to come up with premium headphones that concentrate on the sound quality more, they surely have their own cons when it comes to portability. We genuinely appreciate you sharing your honest feedback with us and we shall also share your review with Shure. Honest feedbacks from users like you help the company improvise on the product.

Shiva Ravi (Chennai)
Headphone shure Aeonic 50 wireless

The shure Aeonic 50 wireless headphone is absolutely amazing in terms of sound quality. The clarity of the music is too good. It is perfect to listen to classical music you will hear all the instruments coming from left an Right. And the sound staging is very wide. The noice cancellation also works pretty well

Krishnan (Hyderabad)
It a very different headphones !

Its a lovely looking well made product. I have purchased the brown headphones and it looks amazing.
The sound profile:
Its not a simple explanation on this, its like every day the headphones are evolving( Like Burn in time). Its not like those headphones which got a set EQ based on which you define it as a bass oriented or Flat sounding or V sounding . It depends on the track you play a well mastered track sound amazing so does tracks with High bit rate like FLAC files if you master it from a good source. Its not a sweet sounding headphones nor is does it sound sharp. I believe every review calls this Flat sounding headphones but not exactly its flat, it behaved in a variable profile as per the tracks you play. If this is called audiophile quality then be it!

I personally loved these as I appreciate the clarity these offers; its second to none that I have heard of. The voices sounds so beautiful and the low end is not bad. A person who has the patience for exploring these headphones should only buy these. If you want a easy, warm sounding product these may not the right buy for you, but if you explore these headphones there is so much to understand on the sound profiles of different songs and "like people say you hear more in the same song you have heard for years".

Satish Singh (Ludhiana)
Great Sound. Awesome build quality. Average plus noise cancellation.

I have been a Shure fan. I already own 2 pairs of SE846 IEM’s and quite a few microphones of theirs. I love them all. So, as soon as these became available on Headphone zone website, I went for it. And I am not disappointed at all.
These sound really good, rather awesome. Very balanced and composed sound. Build quality is really high. Though, carrying case is really nice to feel , but on a bigger side to carry around. Noise cancellation is not at the level of Bose 700’s or Sony XM3’s but they get the job done. But you buy these for sound I think, if you buy a shure product.

Ninaada Bellippady (Bengaluru)
Design and Comfort:
Sound Quality:
Value for Money:
Great wireless sound

Amazing sound quality! Bassheads can look elsewhere. All the sounds are crystal clear. Bass is adequate. You can also use this with your system with a USB cable and a 2.5-3.5mm cable given with the box. If you have a USB-C to USB-C cable, then you can use this on the phones that have USB-C ports for wired listening also. (Tested this with Samsung S21 Ultra, Asus 5Z).

LDAC support means you can listen to one of the best sounds over wireless. And at 23K, and 2 year warranty, this simply the best value for money in the segment.

We thank you for this lovely review & we are glad you are enjoying it! Keep the music playing.

Rajagopal Kunnatur (Bengaluru)
Awesome sound signature, sub par noise cancellation, poor app

I needed a wireless headphones for using while walking, to hear audio books and to listen to indian instrumentals. Noise cancellation was also important as i stay near a busy road and lots of traffic noise [even during lockdown :( ]. I was using a Bose Quiet comfort 25 till now and needed a replacement.

1. Comfortable to use.
2. Feels premium.
3. Very balanced sound signature at default settings.
4. Can pair to two devices at once (I connected to my computer when on zoom and it was also connected to my phone. when i got a call it immediately routed my call and when i cut the call immediately started streaming my meeting)
5. Decent Battery life.
6. Good integration to Google assistant when paired to your phone.

1. BIG - Doesnt fold as well as the Bose and will be difficult to pack in backpack while travelling.
2. Noise cancelling - I felt my Bose did a better job of cancelling my AC noise.
3. App - The presets seems to work only while you play music throught the Shure Play app only. When i was streaming through YouTube / Spotify i didnt feel that changing the preset in SHure app did anything to the sound signature (maybe i have to learn how to do it)

Other points
The environment mode - It amplifies the surrounding sounds. Personally i didnt find it to be a useful feature as if I needed to interact, i would stop listeing to music and remove the headpones anyways.

While listening to music on Spotify, listening to high quality music with a Premium account makes a huge difference, esp with these set of phones.

It would have been better if fast charging would have been incorporated.

I didnt find any perceptible difference listening to music from my phone through bluetooth vs using it with a cord.

Hey Rajagopal, thanks for sparing time and sharing this detailed and honest feedback with us, we really appreciate it.

Jackson Jose (New Delhi)
Great sound

The sound is probably the best out of its competition. The noise cancellation is meh. It can't remove speech at all, and struggles with anything other than constant buzz. Multipoint works great, environment mode works fine.

Not for you if all you care about is noise cancellation.

Thanks a ton for sharing your review with us.

Keerthan HM (Bengaluru)

go for it

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Sreekesh V

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Kanchan Vaidya

“Good and quick delivery from Headphone zone and would recommend others to buy from them too. No issues from their end whatsoever.”

Ankit Sharma

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Joshua Sudeep

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Srinidhi Padukone

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Yaseen Samudri

"It's not one of the best; It is the best! The only website I truly trust to get my Ear candies from. The crew has great knowledge of the various products and I bet this tops off Amazon when it comes to audio gears. Kudos "

Reagan Lyngdoh

"Have you done something that you're really passionate about and found out that the results are outstanding? Well, I have just summed up Headphone Zone - a really passionate team."

Mohit Tannu

"Awesome experience. I am so so happy and my bf loved the earphones a lot and it was his pre birthday gift. Thank you for the great service as well."

Jennifer Yonzon

"Probably one of the best experience I have had right from buying till getting a item serviced. I don't think I have had such a smooth experience with an online shopping website. This is where your search ends."

Rima Patel

"Loved the customer support shown by Headphone Zone's team. They are all willing to help and clear your doubts. I can only say that there is no need to worry. Order you dream audio tech RIGHT NOW!"

Rajat Kaushal

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