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Audeze's Journey of Achieving Audio Excellence

Audeze was founded by Sankar Thiagasamudram & Alexander Rosson in 2008. Enjoy the most engaging audio experience with Audeze's highly advanced transducer design. Audeze is known for making the world's best planar magnetic headphones. Audeze planar technology offers superior audio accuracy, clear soundstage with absolutely no distortion. These USA made headphones help you to experience music in its purest form. Audeze's planar driver consists of a diaphragm which is thinner than a human hair and it was developed by NASA’s space application projects. The journey of Audeze began with its LCD lineup which became highly popular for its exceptional performance. It was followed by some notable products like the Audeze Sine, Audeze iSine 10, even the pro gaming model Audeze Mobius. These products have helped Audeze to create a unique status in the audio market.

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Precision Crafted for Perfection

Quality is the highest priority for all Audeze headphones. Each headphone is designed to achieve a high standard of quality using the most powerful magnetic field. This field consists of custom-cut, specially treated and cured magnets which are placed on both sides of the diaphragm. The Double Fluxor Array helps Audeze headphones to achieve the most powerful magnetic flux ever. This helps in the management of the diaphragm with the least amount of noise distortion. During the final assembly process, headphones are matched with wood rings and textured leather earpads. Each headphone goes through a 24-hour burn-in followed by a thorough testing process.


Experience the Most Realistic and Pure Sound

Audeze headphones employ high-end planar magnetic technology which allows the headphones to deliver more natural, detailed and high-grade audiophile sound. This life-like audio of Audeze headphones makes you experience your music as if you are listening to them in a live concert. Giving you a sound which is close to how artists intended their music to sound.

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Partnership with BMW DesignWorks

Audeze has partnered with Designworks which is BMW's subsidiary group. They gave the industrial design to Audeze's EL-8 series, the SINE On-Ear headphone, and the Deckard DAC/AMP/PREAMP. The blend of this cutting-edge design and Audeze's advanced planar magnetic technology helps in the creation of high-quality headphones that have a worldwide appeal


Handcrafted In USA

All the audio products designed and developed by Audeze are handcrafted in California. Audeze is a well-known premium audio manufacturer delivering the most accurate sound reproduction available in the world. All their products are engineered with precision while incorporating the latest innovative technology, high-end materials and highly skilled craftsmanship in Costa Mesa.

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