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Comply is Driven by their Passion for Hearing

Passion for hearing is the driving force of Hearing Components, Inc. which is the parent company of Comply Foam. This passion empowers them to develop products that not only deliver an extraordinary music listening experience but also take care of your hearing and communication abilities.


The Comply Story

It all began in the year 1990 with a serial inventor and biochemist Robert Oliveira, PhD (aka Dr. Bob) designing Comply. Dr. Bob worked at 3M and dedicated 18 years of his life developing products such as biochemical diagnostics and surgical instruments. Being an ear canal expert allowed him to guide a team at 3M which is credited for designing the world's first FDA-approved cochlear implant.

Dr. Bob's research brought a crucial aspect to light that the shape of the ear canal opening changes depending on multiple factors including the movements of the jaw, person's age, weight and hydration level. This discovery of the dynamic nature of ear canals was instrumental in the development of a varied range of patented memory foam ear tips which were designed for safe and better hearing experiences. Comply is credited to develop the world's first memory foam eartips.


Experience the Difference with Comply’s Eartips: Behind the Tech

When you use Comply eartips for the first time you will realise the difference. Comply eartips fit better, feel comfortable and improve the sound of your earphones. These eartips fit so comfortably in your ear canal that once you use them, there is no going back to your regular eartips. Since the viscoelastic memory foam technology is in use, Comply eartips adapt themselves to the body temperature and the ear canal providing a custom fit. This seal fit ensures that the sound doesn't leak and the materials are engineered to resist the friction so that the eartips stay in your ears.

Comply eartips come with optional filters that offer protection against ear wax and sweat. It has acoustic transparency with less than 2dB of transmission loss. These eartips are available in multiple sizes ensuring that the eartips fit most of the earphones.


Comply Delivers Fine Comfort and Isolation for More than 75 Earphone Brands

Comply foam eartips are used by top brands around the globe as they provide advanced noise isolation, in-ear retention and fine comfort. The use of Comply eartips began with audiology products and was later extended to consumer electronics, military, law enforcement, industrial communications and hunting. As of today, more than 75 earphone brands use Comply eartips to offer the best listening experience. Due to the expertise of Hearing Components, they have been given multiple research grants from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD). The Hearing Components is an R&D centred company with its expertise in foam formulation.

How Comply Eartips Make a Difference & Why You Should Choose Comply Eartips

Every eartip is not designed with precision which might take a toll on noise isolation, sound, comfort and fit of your earphones. Even though most earphones offer multiple sizes of regular silicone/rubber eartips, these eartips fail to provide a good and comfy fit which is crucial to music listening. If the eartips fail to provide a sealed fit, there are chances that you might miss on bass and comfort. Wearing such eartips for too long may also lead to irritation and fatigue.

Comply's proprietary memory foam eartips addresses all the issues that you had with your ordinary eartips. These eartips provide a sealed fit, advanced grip, more comfort, enhanced sound and safe listening. This is exactly why around 75 top brands around the world provide Comply eartips with their earphones. Comply eartips are 30 times more comfortable than ordinary silicone eartips and help customers listen to their favourite music the way it was designed to be heard.


SmartCore, Comply’s Most Compatible Earphone Tip

These eartips are viscoelastic heat-activated memory foam eartips that are designed particularly to elevate your music listening experience. This eartip moulds itself to take the shape of the contours of your ears leading to a sealed and comfortable fit. The exclusive SmartCore Technology makes these replacement eartips compatible with almost all the major earphone models available in the world.


SoftCONNECT for AirPods by Comply

SoftConnect by Comply is specially designed for Apple AirPods. They are designed to offer secure in-ear fit so that you don't become one of the 17% of the consumers who happen to lose one or both the AirPods. These eartips are made of SoftCONNECT foam which is different from memory foams making them super soft for a comfortable music listening experience.


Experience the Best Isolation with Comply Isolation Series

As the name suggests, Comply eartips from the isolation series are designed to offer advanced noise isolation. It helps you to cut on the unwanted background noise and disturbances so that you focus your time and energy in listening to your favourite music and nothing else. This series has a range of eartips for you to choose from.


Created for True Wireless Earbuds: Comply’s TrueGrip Series

While listening to music you should not be bothered about your true wireless earphones falling off. This is precisely why Comply has the TrueGrip series of eartips. Be it true wireless earbuds or just regular pair of in-ear earphones, this series of eartips provide a solid grip that keeps the earphones in your ears even if you are running, walking or at the gym.

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