This is JAYS

JAYS started their journey in 2006 with a simple idea and a great vision of offering enjoyable music listening experiences for every music lover around the world. With their humble beginnings in Sweden by creating amazing music experiences for everyday life to providing advanced portable music experience, JAYS has constantly enhanced and improved their game. They have a rich heritage that is inherent in everything that they do at JAYS and it is evident in the products that they offer. JAYS’s quest to achieve originality and perfection through the combination of design and engineering brilliance has been their driving force.

Minimalist Design Philosophy Born out of Sweden

One of the philosophy that is deep-rooted in JAYS’s existence is their Swedish Minimalistic Design and they take great pride in it. At JAYS, there is a perfect blend of functionality and style and that's what reflects in the design of all JAYS products. They use minimalistic excellence to offer clean, uncluttered and elegant design - nothing more, nothing less. JAYS is keen on designing products that add style to the lifestyle of all their customers. At the core of it all, we believe in the fundamental human values of simplicity, beauty, and quality. The perfect balance. Or as they say in Swedish, "Lagom."

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Commitment to Product Deisgn with Upto 2-Year Warranty on JAYS

With every JAYS product, you get assurance and commitment from JAYS. JAYS assures you of flawless materials, design and workmanship in all their products. Therefore all the wired JAYS products are covered under 24 months of warranty while the wireless products are covered for 12 months. The warranty begins right from the date of purchase of a new product by the customer.