Audio-Technica Warranty for all M-Series and E-Series (Pro Products)


Audio-Technica's Warranty Period is 3 Years from the Date of Invoice for all M-Series and E-Series (Pro Products).

*Please note: Products purchased on or after 1st December, 2019 will be needed to be registered in order to be eligible to claim warranty. Register here

  • Audio-Technica - ATH-M20x
  • Audio-Technica - ATH-M30x
  • Audio-Technica - ATH-M40x
  • Audio-Technica - ATH-M50x
  • Audio-Technica - ATH-M60x
  • Audio-Technica - ATH-R70x
  • Audio-Technica - ATH-E50
  • Audio-Technica - ATH-E40

The Alphatec Audio Video Pvt. Ltd. (now onwards referred to as “Company”) on behalf of Audio Technica is committed to providing the highest quality products, service and user experience for our customers and our extended Limited Warranty that we are pleased to present here.

This Limited Warranty and the extended warranty is valid only if you purchased the product from a Company’s authorized Reseller / Dealer within India.

The Company warrants the mechanical and electronic components of this product to be free of defects in material and workmanship if the same is used under normal operating conditions.

If the product displays any defects within the specified warranty period and that defect is not excluded per terms and conditions as stated below, Company on behalf of Audio-Technica will either repair or replace the product using new or reconditioned product or parts.

This Limited Warranty covers only the product hardware. It does not cover technical assistance for hardware or software usage. In addition, it does not cover any software products whether or not contained in the purchased product package.

Any software is provided only in the condition and format contained with the product, unless expressly provided for in any enclosed software limited warranty. Free inspections and maintenance / repair work are expressly excluded from this Limited Warranty.

If an inspection of the product by Audio-Technica or its representative shows that the defect in question is not covered by the Limited Warranty, the inspection costs are payable by the customer.

Warranty service conditions are subject to change without notice. Please refer regularly to the latest warranty terms and conditions on our website

Grievance Redressal Mechanism: -
The complaint resolution mechanism shall be as follows: -

  1. All complaint /concern related to product for service are taken care by our ASC’s (Authorised Service Centre) and they will provide the resolution to the customer at the earliest.
  2. In the event of any concern that is not addressed by our authorised service center then customers can write to
  3. Escalation of complaints to ALPHATEC will happen for balance unresolved cases if any, and an amicable solution will be offered to the customer.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. ALPHATEC is extending the warranty services on behalf of the manufacturer against faulty workmanship or faulty material for period as mentioned in the warranty card, provided the same is used in accordance to instructions accompanying the product.
  2. Every Audio-Technica product is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship to the original owner, provided purchased from an authorised dealer, for a limited period of 1 year from its original date of purchase.
  3. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase of brand new, unused products by the first end user only and is not transferable. You are requested to retain your sales receipt which must state the sellers legal name, the date of purchase and name of product as proof of purchase. Unless you submit proof of purchase, which will be verified by your local Audio-Technica service partner, you will be obliged to pay for any repairs that are carried out.
  4. Products must be shipped in their original packaging or otherwise suitably protected to avoid damage during shipping. Audio-Technica will not be responsible for any damage incurred during shipment.
  5. Warranty Services shall be rendered on production of warranty card and purchase Invoice by customer.
  6. For a product found faulty which may prove defective under normal use and service during the offered warranty time period, Audio-Technica or their authorized service partners will either repair the product using new parts or parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability or exchange the product with a product with equivalent functionality formed from new and/or previously used parts that are equivalent to new in performance and reliability or, a product that is at least functionally equivalent to the product it replaces.
  7. Repairs under warranty period shall be carried out by the company’s authorised personnel only.
  8. The services can be availed from the company’s Authorised Service Centre/s only.
  9. Details of service center support is available at company’s website
  10. The warranty doesn’t extend to accessories if any supplied with the product.
  11. This Limited Warranty does not cover consumable parts. These include, casings/housings/pouches, headband parts, ear cups, ear buds, extension cables, air plane adaptors, battery, ear pads, head pads and windscreens etc.
  12. It is the responsibility of the customer to bring/collect the unit to/from Authorised Service Centre at own cost and risk.
  13. In the event of repairs of any part/s of the unit, the warranty will continue to remain in force till the unexpired period.
  14. The replaced parts/assemblies after repairs will become the property of the company.
  15. In case of warranty void conditions as stipulated below, it will be at the sole discretion of the Authorised Service Centre’s to conduct/ refuse repairs with-in or without warranty.
  16. In the event of discontinuance of spares for a particular model, company’s policy of providing a commercial solution shall be a binding on the customer.
  17. Company & its service partner’s or its appointed ASCs liability shall be limited to cost of repair of defects in workmanship.
  18. The warranty is issued subject to jurisdiction of civil courts at Kolkata.

This warranty will stand void in the following cases: -

  1. Any item not purchased from an authorised Audio-Technica dealer, online or offline
  2. Tamper by unauthorised persons or repair shops
  3. Minor faults or deviations in the quality of a product which do not affect the product’s value or fitness for its intended purpose
  4. Rechargeable and disposable batteries
  5. Any modifications or non-factory-installed electrical/electronic components
  6. Accidental or intentional damage
  7. Damage in shipping
  8. External damage on cables (exposed wirings, cuts, tears, etc.)
  9. The repair/replacement of expendable maintenance items including, but not limited to, ear pads, head pads and windscreens
  10. Cracking or other damage to the finish after seven (7) days of purchase
  11. Any damage from accessories (casings/housings/pouches, head band parts, ear cups, ear buds, extension cables, air plane adaptors, battery etc.)
  12. A unit whose serial number has been defaced.
  13. Any item/s included free on a purchase
  14. Sound characteristics (sound is a subjective matter and is not warranted)
  15. Any kind of CID observed in the product like (Physical damage, Broken, Liquid spillage and Burnt)

Kindly Note –

  1. The limited Warranty on Audio-Technica (Professional Products & Studio, Recording, DJ and Broadcast Headphones) Products will be 1-Years from the date of purchase.
  2. The extended warranty on Audio-Technica (Professional Products & Studio, Recording, DJ and Broadcast Headphones) products will be 2- years for all purchases made on or after 1st December 2019. And same will be applicable by completing the below process.

Process to be followed to avail Extended warranty –

  1. Customer who purchase the products on or after 1st December 2019 can avail this offer of 2 years extended warranty.
  2. After purchase customer need to registered his product with us by sending an Email to with the copy of invoice, product picture, packaging box picture and the filled registration form which is available in –
  3. After receiving the details mentioned in line 2 we will verify the same and upon competition of verification successfully we will issue an extended warranty certificate (system generated) to customer via email.
  4. Customers need to keep the certificate with them and will produce at the service center along with invoice copy to claim the extended warranty .
  5. Extended warranty registration should be complete within 2 month (60 Days) from the original date of purchasing to avail this offer. If fails your product will not be consider for this offer.
  6. The Extended warranty period for the first end user only and is not transferable.