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The Best Headphones to Listen to Queen

Whether you are fond of Freddie Mercury's rich vocals or Brian May's riffs. From the pumpin' 'We Will Rock You' to the legendary 'Bohemian Rapsody', enjoy the band of the century at its best.

At Headphone Zone, we know how great headphones can add life to music. So, we asked our very own inhouse Queen fan club to put together a list of headphones that they love to put on whenever they feel like relaxing with their favourite songs.

Upgrade from Stock Headphones

Your first good pair of earphones or headphones can help you appreciate songs you've heard thousands of times before. A guitar in Under Pressure, you never noticed before? 'The Show Must Go On's drum roll? Hear it clearly!

Budget Wireless Music

Queen makes for great music to motivate you at the gym or to keep your spirits up during a long commute! Budget wireless gear is a great way to experience either.

Premium Wireless Audio

Get into the nuance behind Queen's sophisticated production, that will leave you appreciating the band even more! These top-quality earphones give you convenience & quality!

Go Audiophile

Feel the true power of Queen with the flourish of every detail. Close your eyes and listen to those anthems come to life, and truly feel the music.

"I totally enjoy turning up the volume on my headphones to the beats of We Will Rock You or the guitar solo of Bohemian Raphsody."
- A member of our Queen fan club

Dying to rock out to Queen? Fear not, we've got a complete playlist of their hits for you.