Brands That Inspire Us

We at Headphone Zone strongly identify as an independent and local e-commerce business. But we weren't the first, and have taken inspiration from other independent brands from India. We'd like to give a shout out to some of them who have had a direct impact on our journey. Many of them are friends, while some we admire from afar. We ask that you support local businesses, just the way that you support us.

No Nasties, founded by Apurva Kothari was a huge inspiration to us at Headphone Zone during our formative years.

No Nasties are India’s first 100% organic certified and fair trade cotton clothing brand. Based out of Goa and founded by Apurva Kothari in 2010, the brand is deeply concerned by farmer suicides in India’s cotton belt and has committed to creating a consumer movement in the fashion industry to ultimately help cotton farmers, through building a brand that is ethical above all else.

We’re inspired by No Nasties mission to be a small business with a big impact, and their ability to bring like minded people together to challenge the status quo. Apurva’s philosophy of doing good, making money and being happy is a great guiding light for all independent brands to follow.


Teabox, founded by Kausshal Dugarr, has been a tremendous source of inspiration to the founders of Headphone Zone during our early years.

Teabox, based out of Siliguri, is on a mission to disrupt a 200 year old industry by bringing the freshest tea from the plantations of Darjeeling directly to the cups of tea connoisseurs around the world. With 2 billion cups shipped to 117 countries, Teabox has been heralded as a shining example of Indian entrepreneurship.

Kausshal’s ambition to continuously reinvent the way tea is consumed by changing the game through E-Commerce & Digital Marketing has paved the way for several independent e-commerce brands in India, including Headphone Zone.


Ethos Watches, founded by Pranav Saboo is India’s first online luxury watch boutique. His brand has combined the power of E-Commerce with brick and mortar stores to create a unique destination for the finest timepieces in India. Ethos is widely seen as a destination for the many exclusive and finely crafted luxury watch brands from around the world, that would otherwise be inaccessible to the discerning Indian consumer.

The brand has changed the landscape for the retailing and distribution of watches, by taking a strong stand against rampant malpractices commonly seen in India such as smuggled, fake and refurbished watches.

Pranav’s vision to build a luxury brand on the pillars of trust, service excellence while leveraging the power of digital marketing, is an inspiration to all entrepreneurs looking to build world class businesses in India, including Headphone Zone.


Propshop24, founded by Amtosh Singh and based in Mumbai, is India’s first ‘out-of-the-box’ e-commerce brand with a curated collection of unique design-led products. Known to their fans as the ‘curators of cool’, Propshop24 is determined to be anything but ‘just another’ ecommerce brand.

The merchandising team works tirelessly to ensure products across categories like Home, Stationary and Gifting are unique, relevant and most importantly, loved by their customers. It's incredible to see hundreds of quirky new products launched every week, that fans and followers enthusiastically welcome.

Amtosh is a living embodiment of the idea that entrepreneurship isn’t a career, but a lifestyle. And that’s inspiring!


Quirksmith, founded by sisters Divya and Pragya Batra, is an artisanal jewellery brand from Bangalore. Handcrafted with the finest 92.5 silver, Quirksmiths’ unique jewellery pieces are a product of love, creativity & patience.

Their inspiration? The multiple facets of the modern Indian women - soft, strong, funny, quirky, but always brilliant. Their most distinctive and memorable designs often are inspired by the sisters’ love for Hindi poetry, with each piece a story in itself.

Divya & Pragya have truly built a brand that stands for the highest quality of craftsmanship and design. Their relentless determination is an inspiration to independent e-commerce brands in India, including us at Headphone Zone.


The Messy Corner from Mumbai, is founded by sibling duo - Aayush & Aanchal Poddar are a lifestyle & travel accessories brand.

Their love for travel & bespoke gifts inspired them to create an E-commerce brand with a range of products that reflect their passion for craftsmanship and customization. Every product can be personalised with names & charms! Their collection of passport covers are a popular sight at check-in counters across India.

We’re inspired by the Poddar's passion for creating a truly memorable brand with beautiful, personalised and yet affordable lifestyle products that India’s sophisticated consumers deserve.


The Black Canvas, founded by Khyati Dodhia is an artisanal handcrafted leather brand based in Mumbai. Her journals, notebooks and stationery products are often seen on the Instagram feeds of celebrities who love the brand for its luxurious materials, meticulous craftsmanship and bespoke personalization.

We’re inspired by Khyati’s unwavering commitment to making the products of the highest standards, with her passion for crafting them herself, making her a rare Creator-preneur from India.


Stay-at-home mum-of-two Sangita Garg from Mumbai, delivers her passion for South Indian food through her e-commerce store in the form of exquisitely fresh batter for fluffy idlis and crisp dosas.

With a medical degree in her kitty, Sangita decided to create healthy & tasty staple Indian breakfast options. Her website boasts of 7 batter variations, 3 chutneys and one spectacularly mind-blowing coffee.

Attagirl is a labour of love born from a kitchen no different to the one in our own homes. Headphone Zone is nothing if not a team of foodies and while we’ve never met Sangita, we’re all rooting for the “atta” girl. Attagirl!


The Whole Truth Foods is a seriously motivated brand revolutionizing protein bars bit by bit. Their founder Shashank is on a crusade to preach (and practice) clean eating with fresh, natural foods.

Whether it be their transparent ingredient list, delicious bars or incredibly quirky and relatable packaging inserts and email communication, there are a lot of things this brand is getting right.

We’re impressed by the brand’s tone of voice and spirit to keep the BS out. Massive props to them and we’re sure they’ll continue to raise the “bar” for what’s considered good food here in India.


iTokri is an endearingly Indian brand based in Gwalior, with a huge catalog of products ranging from beautiful handloom fabrics to handmade diaries and gorgeous silver jewelry from across the hinterland of India.

We especially love their use of the Hindi language and how they've embraced their Indian-ness. It’s the littlest of things, from how they address all their customers with a Namaste and use words like Khushkhabari to give good news on order updates.

We admire iTokri for how wonderfully they celebrate creativity through representing minority groups of indigenous craftspeople and artisans across Indian villages.