At Headphone Zone, we are constantly working to give you the best listening experience and this includes the opportunity to get the best headphones at never before seen prices. Presenting Dropzone, a community-driven sale platform that gives you a chance to pick the best audio gear without breaking the bank.

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How does it work?

  • Find the Best Group Buys: Each drop runs usually for a period of 7 days and features mind blowing products at never before seen prices. The more people who join a drop, the more the chances of it reaching its target goal for number of backers. Only Drops that reach their target goal are successful, and will see the products being shipped out. 

  • Order the Product: Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button and order the product you want. (It’s similar to how you would order any Headphone on our website). 

  • When the Drop Ends: When the drop ends & if it reaches its target goal for the number of backers, Headphone Zone will procure the product from the brand & ship it to you. If the product hasn’t been able to garner the required number of backers, we will refund you the entire amount paid.


Let's give you an example.

A product is currently available on the Dropzone, with a target goal of 10 units at a crazy unbelievable discount.

The drop will run for 7 days. For the drop to be successful, it needs to reach its target backers before the end of the drop. In this case, there should be at least 10 units that have found backers.

Once the drop is over, Headphone Zone will procure the product from the brand. This could take anywhere between 15 to 60 days. After that, we'll ship you the product. If the drop does not reach its target number of backers, we will refund the entire amount paid by you.

That's all!


5 Reasons Why You Should Shop at Dropzone

  1. Irresistible deals & discounts

    Get products from the top brands at awesome prices. Each product is brand-new and is in perfect working condition, unless specified.

  2. Manufacturer’s warranty

    The same Manufacturer’s warranty is applicable for Dropzone products as well.

  3. Unbiased customer service & support

    You will have same Headphone Zone customer support experience for Dropzone Products like on other products listed on our website.

  4. Free express shipping

    Once your product has been dispatched from our warehouse, you get it within 2-4 business days via our trusted courier partners.

  5. Keeps the community spirit alive

    Dropzone needs a certain number of people to come together to get audio gear at a particular price point. This also helps bring the audiophile community together.


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