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About the Artist

Grey Shack's music can be best described as raw, energetic rock and roll. Of course we draw influences from various sources, but we make sure that the songs you hear from them, are definitively Grey Shack. With their music, what you see is what you get. No computers playing extra tracks, no gimmicks. Just four musicians having a blast on stage, doing their thing. Grey Shack released its debut album titled Step Outside in August 2012. The album was received with excellent reviews from around the country and outside as well.


"She Bites" - Grey Shack
"We'd like to give a little insight into the recording process of the song. It was recorded live, with vocals and overdubs added later. As a rock band that is best experienced live, we decided to record like that, with guitars, bass and drums being performed and recorded together. This was done to retain the essence of a live rock band, and we believe that that has been captured on record."
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