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Headphone Amplification

At Headphone Zone, you can shop for power amplifiers in India to use with your high-end in-ear monitors or reference headphones and earphones.

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How does a Headphone Amplifier work?

A Headphone Amplifier works similar to power amplifier but instead of driving loudspeakers, it drives sound from your headphone's mini speakers.

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How do I use a Headphone Amplifier?

Simply put, a standalone headphone amplifier is a small power amplifier that you connect to your standard 3.5 mm jack of either a music player/iPod/phone and then connect your headphones to the amp.
The headphone amp is usually connected to the audio source via an analogue connection, though digital connections are becoming more common.
Plug in and enjoy a louder and better music experience with sound clarity that makes you feel like you're in the studio right where the music is being created.
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Why my headphones would need an amp?

If you have invested in a good pair of headphones, it is reasonable of you to expect good sound quality out of the speakers.
A headphone amplifier presents to you the opportunity to upgrade your music listening experience. This is because it makes good speakers sound better than they do on their own.

Just as a good speaker needs a good amp, in the same way the small speakers in your headphones deserve an amp to get the best out of it.

And what is a DAC?

A DAC [Digital-to-Analog Converter] is an electronic processor inside digital media players that converts digital audio information (comprised of series of 0s and 1s) into an analog audio signal.
The easiest way to get a digital audio signal to an external DAC is via the USB port on your computer, but you may also get a digital feed from the optical and coaxial outputs (also known as SPDiF connections). Low quality mp3 files surely will be lacking in detail and dynamics so the best thing to improve your headphones is is to convert the files to the highest possible bitrate (i.e. 320) for the best sound quality.
Not getting too much into the science of it, if you listen to your music through your computer your best bet would be to go for a Headphone AMP+DAC.

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Do all headphones need amplification?
Most can do without, some can't
The sound quality of nearly all headphones can definitely be improved with a good headphone amp but there are some headphones that require an amp. So if you have a Rs. 1000 pair of headphones, you might be better off without an amp because there's not much power in a low end pair to drive volume out of, which is main role an amp plays.

Balancing Act
It all boils down to balancing all the equipment and making sure it's all of similar quality. If you have great quality music files, an okay quality music player and a fantastic pair of headphones, you will not be able to get the best music experience.

Size Matters
Another notable point is the size of your headphones. A full sized over headphones have more to benefit from smaller in-ear or earbud earphones. The smaller sized headphones are efficient enough on its own to gain much from the boost of an amp.
The impedance of the headphones to a certain extent determine whether or not you should get a headphone amp.
Impedance is the combined resistance and reactivity the headphones present to the amplifier as an electrical load and for headphones it ranges from 24 - 100 Ohms and for earphones it ranges from around 8-16 Ohms.

Headphones with high impedance:
They require more voltage to get up to a solid listening level, so they will most of the time benefit from an amp, especially with portable players that have limited voltage available from their internal batteries.

Headphones with low impedance:
Low impedance cans might need more current, and will lower the damping factor between the amp and headphones. They may be driven loud enough from a portable player, although the quality of sound could be greatly improved with an amp.



Where can I find one here?

Browse through our Headphone Amps here and call us in case you need help in finding the right Amp or Amp+DAC depending on the kind of headphones you have.

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