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Headphone Connect Chennai

Meet the Audiophiles in Chennai

Welcome to the very first Headphone Connect in Chennai. Relish the finest in personal audio in the busy capital of one of India’s most beautiful states. Experience the audio gear from premium brands at the warm & friendly Writer’s Cafe in Gopalapuram.



Our Location Partner

The Writer’s Cafe is a charming place made for book lovers and foodies alike. While modern with a touch of playfulness, you will certainly enjoy a visit here.

What is Headphone Connect?

  Headphone Connect is all about interaction and discovery. With regular events and gatherings across the country, we hope to make exclusive audio gear convenient and accessible to everyone.

The headphone world is filled with the wonder of all kinds of headphones and every audiophile has their own unique listening style and audio preference that they appreciate. Discover sound with headphones that have made (or are on the way to make) their mark in the audio world. Bring your own gear (BYOG) and share with others your love for audio.

Come and debate the nuances of sound signatures and discuss at length with people who truly understand and speak the language of smooth midrange, deep bass & a wide soundstage.