An Idea is Born

"After graduating from university, I chose to work with my family business based in Chennai which at the time was involved with the distribution and marketing of audio video accessories.

My first job was to market Headphones through large format electronic retailers across India - everyone from Croma, Reliance Digital, Big Bazaar and others, who were all convinced that Headphones had a lot of potential. But that's when I realised that most big retailers had little or no understanding of Headphones. They were usually just hung on a peg hook like a pendrive, and the customer got a terrible experience in stores and limited options outside it. 

I was convinced that with some real focus, genuine passion and great customer service thrown in, Headphones can be a serious retail category in India. I just wanted to prove a point to everyone that a concept like Headphone Zone could work."

Headphone Zone History

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