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Welcome to The Indian Audiophile - Headphone Zone's community forum for audiophiles to discuss their love and passion for headphones, earphones, amps and audio players. Here are some typical posts you'll find on our rapidly growing Facebook group.




This Forum has rules. Know what they are. Read them now.

The Indian Audiophile Forum Rules

No Trading Posts.
If you do want to sell your product to a fellow Indian Audiophile, head on over to our Trade-up Program. If you're looking to buy a headphone, that's what our website is for.

No Profanity or Name Calling.
The audiophile community doesn't tolerate disrespectful behaviour. While it is okay to lovingly reproach a brother, please be polite!

No Self Promotion of Brands/Products.
This forum does not exist for any promotions. Do treat it as a community building website. Don't treat it as advertising space.

No Need to Air our Dirty Laundry.
If you have a problem with an order placed on Headphone Zone, please don't post about it here. Just Manage your Orders like a boss!

Any violation of these rules will result in immediate ban of your user account on The Indian Audiophile.