Master & Dynamic

From New York City, Master & Dynamic is a premium audio brand passionate about crafting beautiful & technically sophisticated headphones for creative minds. Using only the finest materials that are made to last, Master & Dynamic products continually strike a harmonic balance between style, strength, ergonomics and audio quality.

The company was founded in May, 2014 by Jonathan Levine based in New York City when he saw his teens using all the new technology products. He then came up with an idea where he thought of making products that are durable and last long. The brand believes that music has a capability helping to focus, inspire, and transport your mind. All the products are known to be the modern thinking caps. 








Designed for creative minds, the brand stands for bespoke performance, versatility and portability

Beryllium Drivers for Wireless Headphones

Master & Dynamic's keen attention to detail is apparent in their wireless headphones that have swapped out regular dynamic drivers for premium quality Beryllium Drivers. Why, you wonder? Hear it from their senior mechanical engineer directly!

“When designing the tiny speaker that goes in the headphones, you want to have a very light diaphragm, but you also want it to be very stiff. Headphones with a light but stiff diaphragm allow you to reproduce sound more accurately.

Basically, you want it to act like a piston. If it’s not stiff enough, it’s going to flex and distort—and that translates to distortions in sound. And if it’s not light enough, it’s going to have a hard time moving back and forth fast enough to produce the frequencies that we want our headphones to produce."

So if you're wondering why all big headphone brand don't use this, it's because it's very expensive. But at Master & Dynamic, only the best materials are selected. And beryllium is pretty much the best, second only to diamonds.


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