Mixtape HD Vol. 1

The Mixtape HD is our way of introducing you to high definition music in the hopes that you hear the difference and make the switch by upgrading your entire music library.

All Mixtape HD files are in FLAC: a high resolution file format of audio. We as Headphone Zone, insist that to make the most of your listening experience, you listen to the file the way it was recorded - the way that it was meant to be heard.

Downloading your copy gives you access to some great Indian music. We are strong supporters of the Independent music scene and we have music legend KJ Singh help us curate all these great tracks.

We intend to publish a new volume every month to keep your FLAC library growing. What to look for in Vol. I, you wonder? We have compiled tracks from music genres like Pop, Indian Folk/Rock, Parody Hard Rock/Metal, Rock, Electronic and Rap.
Listen to FLAC and step into a world of  crisp and enveloping music  that completes every music session, leaving you wanting more.

If you enjoyed listening to these tracks, or if you know of a great indie band you'd like to see on the Mixtape HD, we would love to hear from you.


Featured Tracks

1. Smells Like Rain
Bhavana Reddy
Duration: 3:48
Format: 44.1kHz/16bit, FLAC
Genre: Pop
2. Gently
Big City Harmonics
Duration: 5:46
Format: 44.1kHz/16bit, FLAC
Genre: Electronic
3. No Credit
Bay Beat Collective
Duration: 4:26
Format: 44.1kHz/16bit, FLAC
Genre: Electronic
4. Road Bloody Roads
Live Banned
Duration: 6:03
Format: 48.0kHz/24bit, FLAC
Genre: Parody Hard Rock/Metal

5. Konervaregu
Peepal Tree
Duration: 4:02
Format: 48.0kHz/16bit, FLAC
Genre: Rock
6. I Ran
Twist To Break Seal
Duration: 3:00
Format: 44.0kHz/16bit, FLAC
Genre: Rock
7. Jag Changa
The Raghu Dixit Project
Duration: 4:50
Format: 44.0kHz/16bit, FLAC
Genre: Indian Folk/Rock
8. When I'm Gone
Smokey The Ghost
Duration: 3:55
Format: 44.0kHz/16bit, FLAC
Genre: Rap

Featured Artists