Most Expensive Headphones

When it comes it headphones, how much of that fortune are you ready to splurge? Ever heard of a pair of headphones costing more than a lakh? Well here it is, the most expensive headphones in the world are now in India. Presenting to you the best and most expensive 10 headphones that will blow your mind and take your ears on a melodious trip. Here we go!


The Layla from the house of JH audio is more than stunning, visually and sonically. The Layla, like all JH Audio headphones has been named after one of the most famous songs in rock history. Recoreded by Eric Clapton, Layla was inspired by Clapton's unrequited love for Prattie Boyd, wife of his fried George Harrison. The Layla houses the most sophisticated and powerful crossover that has ever been out into an IEM. This crossover circuit combined with the FreqPhase waveguide and new proprietary quad drivers deliver an audio quality that will truly put you at the mix position in the recording studio. Wheather it is the mixer or the beats of the drum, you will hear it all. In a nutshell, the layla is in a league of its own.


MRP Rs. 219,990/-

2. Audeze - LCD3

"The LCD 3 features new 'Lotus planar magnetic drivers' that are paired with special alloys in the conductive traces for excellent driver control, giving you low distortion audio. You can expect phenomenally precise, liquidy headphone goodness with unsurpassed frequency extension. It takes you on a musical high with unsurpassed frequency extension taken to the furthest reaches of reference audio performance. The LCD-3 has indubitably revolutionalized the headphone industry. These high-end open-ears have been designed and manufactured in USA and carries an astounding 3-year warranty.


MRP Rs. 134,900/-

1. HiFiMAN - HE1000

HiFiman has been in the lead of the league since high-end planar magnetic headphones have come into existence. The current supreme flagship model is the HE1000, it boast of a full-size open-back and chock full of unique advancements. The newly engineered materials make for a robust build. The HiFiman HE1000, effortlessly rises from the top, with more detail retrieval availability, than any other headphone in the world. Its amazing uncomplicated sound and ability to be paired with any device, makes it a true stunner. So seductive, you'll forget your wife.


MRP Rs. 209,990/-

4. Shure - SE846

Shure SE846 celebrates as the flagship product of Shure ever since its launch. Shure has great years of experience and a long range of in-ear headphones to its credit. Featuring Quad High-Definition MicroDrivers with True Subwoofers, the SE846 delivers audio like never before. Its low-pass filter that enables deep low-end performance of a True Subwoofer without sacrificing clarity or detail. Packed with a fantastic customizable frequency response, detachable cable and a wide variety of accessories, you experience a perfectly tailored listening experience.


Rs. 64,999/-

5. AudioQuest - NightHawk

AudioQuest’s Semi-Open NightHawk headphones are a piece of art. There’s a lot to admire about the way these have been made, the way these sound, and the way these look.
NightHawk Combines advanced manufacturing techniques, innovative driver technologies, sophisticated ergonomic elements, and sustainable materials in an elegant and attractive package.The driver contributes significantly to the headphones’ well-controlled bass, rich midrange, and naturally extended highs.
What we love about the NightHawk is their heavily loudspeaker inspired design that beat most other innovative headphone technologies like that of more expensive Mylar driver headphones.


Rs. 42,000/-

6. JH AUDIO - Roxanne

A collaboration between Jerry Harvey Audio and Astell&Kern, the Roxanne II is the first in the acclaimed Universal fit Siren Series of in-ear monitors. The Roxanne IEM is named after the song of the same name by The Police. Penned by lead singer and bassist Sting, this iconic song was written from the point of view of a man who falls in love with a prostitute. The 12 custom-made proprietary balanced armature drivers in each earpiece. You can achieve variable bass output through adjustments from the cable. Equipped with SoundrIVe technology, using Jerry Harvey Audio’s proprietary mini quad drivers. Roxanne Ⅱ provides the widest frequency range you’ll ever hear.


MRP Rs. 149,990/-

7. Sennheiser - HD800 S

The Sennheiser HD800S is the revised HD800 offering an improved low-end response over the original and a cool updated black color scheme. Sure, it’s a welcome enhancement in bass presence but exactly how much better is the HD 800S than the original? Safe to say new buyers should definitely look here, but previous HD800 owners need not fret - the sound is fairly close between the two models. The HD 800 S lives up to its promise with every detail: a completely new type of ring driver, delivering the best ever simulation of spatial hearing by way of a curved sonic wave front. Superlatives in so many parts combine to create an overwhelmingly rich and detailed sound experience.


MRP Rs. 124,990/-

8. RHA - CL1 Ceramic

RHA has come to be known as the “Aston Martin” in the world of headphones. The brand’s much awaited flagship headphone, the CL 1 Ceramic, was unveiled with much fanfare, at the IFA 2016 held in Berlin. RHA aims to change the change the way you listen to audio, and has done just that and more with the all new CL 1 Ceramic. What makes these headphones truly commendable is that it comes with an unique Ceramic Plate Transducer technology with a crossover is configured at 8kHz for incredibly detailed highs. These RHAs are tough and definitely not to be messed with.


MRP Rs. 39,990/-

9. Focal - Utopia

Focal, the well established French audio giant, has taken a huge leap by venturing into the market of high-end headphones with the all new Focal Utopia headphones. These are the world's first open-backs that sport speaker drivers with pure Beryllium ’M’-shaped domes, that will let you experience a soundstage that is astoundingly wide. Fitted with 40mm drivers , the Utopia produces bass that is full, rich and precise. With mids that are exacting as they need to be, the treble produces a sound definition that is best described as crystalline.  Focal claims to have spent four years into developing the Utopia and this is evident through its lovely design and impressive sound. 


MRP Rs. 350,000/-

10. Beyerdynamic - T 5 P

The Beyerdynamic T 5 P over-ear closed-back headphones meets the needs of sophisticated mobile hi-fi fans. The Tesla technology, newly developed by beyerdynamic ensures a detailed sound experience, even with low-power, portable devices. The headphones' have an impressively wide frequency range that  gives you an expressive sound experience from the very first moment. Completely re-engineered transducers (drivers) based on a neodymium ring magnet with optimized magnetic field characteristics, these oner-ears have been engineered to produce sound like never before.. Made in Germany, the T 5 p's elegant looks compliment its technical achievements.


MRP Rs. 65,990/-