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About the Artist

Jai "Nanok" Vaswani started DJing in Mumbai at the age of 15 and hasn’t stopped since! He’s collaborated with artists like Dualist Inquiry, Reisa Nongrum and Anushka Manchanda.

After graduating in music production from Point Blank University, London, he put out his first home produced EP ‘Bitter’. His most recent EP “Death by Shoelace” came out in 2014 with some really catch, up-beat music. He’s played at Sunburn festival (Goa), Nh7 weekender (Pune), Humming Tree (Bangalore) among many others.


"Lay You Down" - Nanok
"It literally just happened. We met once in my studio for less than 2 hours when Ray Dee was in Bombay and came up with skeletons for 2 tracks! Lay you down was one of them. The other one is called Escape which I am still working on."
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I read somewhere that your music is all about collaborations. I'm really curious to know why!

My first album was called "Bitter." The goal of that album was work with a different vocalist for each track so that I could explore various styles and it would also help to promote it (having so many people on board). But that didn't go as planned and nobody really heard it. I just love working with vocalists because they bring so much life to a piece of music.

How did your journey with electronic music begin? Is this something you always wanted to do?

I always wanted to learn how to put my ideas down. Learning a software on a computer is the easiest way to do that. Most music today is entirely electronic or has at least one electronic element in it.

How easy is it for electronic music to get redundant? Is this something you have to constantly deal with?

Again, electronic music is a very broad term. Coldplay also has "electronic songs or instruments in them". Electronic isn't a genre, it kind of is an instrument!

There's so much music out there today that it's easy for all kinds of music to get redundant. Nothing lasts long unless it becomes a hit! And any genre can become a hit. :)

When you're not making music, you are...

I own a brand called "the J". It's a fries and milkshake brand. I currently have 2 branches in Mumbai and am actively working on expanding further!

Three of your current, most favorite indie acts that you'd recommend to anybody

I actually don't consider myself as an Indie artist. Not even an artist.
When I DJ, I'm a party DJ who loves to play pop and hip-hop music. When I produce, I'm either producing for ads or making pop music, like "Lay you down" for fun!

I would recommend ox7gen, MojoJojo and Nicholson.

When can we watch you live next?

Friday the 17th of June at Libai in the Palladium hotel. Get ready to do the Macarena :)

Interview by Anisha Peter from Headphone Zone


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