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About the Artist

NICHOLSON is a live electronica project based out of Mumbai, India and is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Sohrab Nicholson and producer/drummer and multi-instrumentalist Rohan Ramanna. Soon after meeting, they began to co-write their first EP together at Cotton Press Studio. ‘For What’ was released at their first live show in May, 2014 at the National Centre for Performing Arts in Mumbai to a sold out theatre. Since, they have put out a second EP and have continued to play to audiences across the country and internationally, at venues and festivals such as the South Bank Centre in London, Glasgow’s Concert Halls, Nh7 Weekender, Stage 42 Festival, Magnetic Fields Festival, Ziro Festival of Music and the Great Escape Festival in Brighton to name a few.


"For What" - Nicholson
"The element that people would enjoy the most is probably the groove of the song. It's got almost a hip-hop sort of a groove that we've noticed people seem to sway and bounce to."
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How it all started and what inspired them to make music like this?

The story of how the songwriting/producer duo came together makes the phrase ‘chance encounters’ believable. The two first met at Rohan’s studio, which he had especially built for indie bands so they can have access to a good recording studio. As Sohrab was looking for something on the same lines, their aesthetics matched and they soon collaborated to come out with their first EP.

What goes behind writing and composing every track?

Our sources of inspiration - just the prettiness and ugliness in everything.

Nicholson's dream collaboration would be with...

The Creator’s Project. Because they have been an integral entity in producing some of our favorite videos lately.

When you're not making music, you are…

Sleeping or eating.

Three of their current,most favorite indie acts that they would recommend to anybody.

Sid Vashi, Sandunes, Nischay Parekh + Jiver

Their advice to musicians aspiring to make electronic music. A couple of do’s and dont’s.

Do’s : Always be sincere about anything that you do and be diligent when it comes to curating the music you put out.
Dont’s: Don’t write to adhere to a formula

When can we watch them live next?

Sohrab Nicholson is playing a solo performance in Hyderabad on the 17th of June and also at High Spirits, Pune on the 24th of July.

Interview by Anisha Peter from Headphone Zone


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