Most audiophiles love sharing their own gear amongst their peers (Headphone Connect is testament to that). Also, it takes time, patience and lots of spouse-convincing before investing in expensive headphones. Keeping this in mind, we're launching a new collection of pre-owned or used headphones powered by the Indian audiophile community, where customers can buy second-hand headphones instead of paying full price to buy new ones.

Most of our customers tell us that they have way too many headphones at home that they don't use anymore. Because of this, they have to delay buying new headphones which pose as serious upgrades to their old gear. Keeping in mind this problem, our Trade-Up Program helps you, the customer to clear up their old inventory and recover money in order to upgrade to new & often expensive gear: be it headphones, earphones, audio players, DAC/Amps for a marginal value.

If you'd like to buy pre-owned headphones, we encourage you to read this page thoroughly as well as go through all the FAQs. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you still have some unanswered questions.



Why Buy Pre-Owned Over New Products?

Save Some Rupees
Not endlessly finicky about your personal belongings? you should have no problem buying pre-owned audio gear especially if you also get to save some money too.
Pre-owned Is Pre-burned
Pre-owned headphones save you the time of burning in new headphones. Typically, brand new headphones take up to weeks to fully break in and sound as good as they should.
Consider It Vintage
Vintage products have a certain charm that cannot be put into words. think of old, pre-owned headphones as vintage. they have a story; they have, how-to-say, character.
Help A Bro Out
The audiophile community in this country is small and the more bros that have each others backs, the better. after all, is there a bigger strength than that of unity?



What To Consider When Buying Pre-Owned Gear

  • Period of Use: If the Pre-Owned product has been used for a really long time, they're likely to show visible signs of wear snd tear. Some may call it roughly used. We think of it as Well-Loved.
  • Validity of Warranty: The perceived value of a used product under Warranty is far higher compared to a product that has no Warranty and could randomly go bust without any Free Servicing.
  • Availibility of Accessories: If all the original Accessories that come In-The-Box along with the Packaging as at the time of Purchase are all available, you know you're looking at a really Good Deal.
  • Current Selling Price: The price of Pre-Owned products cannot be higher or even slightly lower than that of the current selling price. Be sure to wonder how the price would have been arrived at.

  • How We Protect You, The Buyer

  • You Decide if it Fits: You get 2 days from the time you received your order of a Pre-Owned product to check if it matched the description accurately as provided as provided by the seller. If it doesn't you can return it.
  • Transparency: We do everything we can to make sure every single detail is fully disclosed by the seller to you, the prospective buyer. The transaction is completely transparent with no hidden costs.
  • Ask, Ask, Ask: We welcome your questions and we immediately pose them to the seller so that you get as much information as you could possibly want while considering buying a Pre-Owned product.
  • You Get What You See: Since the seller needs to fill out a pretty comprehensive from detailing everything about the product from the condition to the pictures, you will get what you see. No Surprises!

    Still have questions? Check out our FAQs here!