Headphone Zone Certified Refurbished Products

Refurbished products are reinstated and restored products in an as-good-as-new condition.

All products that can be refurbished have to undergo a mandatory refurbished process.

These products also include the same manufacturer's warranty, as the original product. The warranty period, however will vary based on how old the product is. Our return policy is unconditionally available to all our products, including refurbished products.

The Headphone Zone 5 Step Quality Assurance Process for Refurbished Products

  1. Assembly & Inspection
    Prospective products are assembled together and it is then determined from the visible lot what's beyond restoration and what can be selected for the refurbished process. Products that are damaged or completely defective are scrapped and then the good pile is moved to Sound Check. 

  2. Sound Check
    Here a Headphone Zone Inspector will check the sound for its working condition. If it is found that there is sound only from a single side, or if there is no sound at all, it joins the elimination pile. The products that pass the sound check are taken for Physical Cleaning.

  3. Physical Cleaning
    Earphones: The ear tips are replaced, the earpieces are disinfected and the cables are cleaned with rubbing alcohol.
    Headphones: The ear pads go through sterilization or replacement based on availability of spares. The headband itself is sanitized and the cables are cleaned with rubbing alcohol.
    Players/Amps/DACs: The screen, body, switches and scroll wheels sanitized and cleaned with rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth.

  4. Repackaging
    The product is then neatly packed in a new box specially designed for Refurbished products. Apart from the main headphones, the available supplementary accessories are also packed within the new box. 

  5. Sign off for Stocking
    Finally, the Inspector will personally sign off on the Inspection Certificate with the Headphone Zone Certified stamp. The product is finally added to sellable refurbished stock.


Where does Headphone Zone get refurbished products from?

  • Products that are Sparsely Used
    We receive products from technology reviewers from the press which have been very sparingly used for about a week's time.

  • Products with Minor Defects
    Sometimes there are products with minor manufacturing defects that are easily fixable. For example, if the cables are faulty, they're simply replaced to make the unit perfectly usable.

  • Products opened for Demonstration
    For events we conduct like Headphone Connect and exhibitions and expos that we participate in, we open up sealed pieces for the purpose of providing demos. 

How to determine the condition of refurbished headphones?

  • Checklist Card
    Within the box, you will find a card attesting that each of the components have been checked and have been verified to be in a fully functional working condition.

  • Headphone Zone Certified Stamp
    The box will include a stamped certificate about the condition of the refurbished product being perfectly ready to use.

  • Repackaged & Cleaned
    The refurbished product is professionally cleaned, then repackaged with care to give you a product as near to new as possible.


Why buy an refurbished over a new headphone?

  • Value for Money
    Available at a considerable discount, refurbished products offer an impressive price to performance ratio.
  • Professionally Inspected
    They are professionally inspected for any defectives with the same warranty as new products.
  • Original Manufacturer's Warranty
    Each product comes with an original manufacturer warranty, so rest assured that your product will receive the same coverage as a sealed product.
  • As Good As New
    Although the product may have been used, we make sure that the refurbished product is as per your exacting standards of cleanliness as found in a new product.
  • Unbiased Customer Service & Support
    One will have same Headphone Zone customer support experience for refurbished products like on new products.
  • Unchanged Return Policy
    The return policy is the same, regardless of whether it is a new product or an refurbished product.



Difference between Refurbished products & Pre-Owned products?

The main difference between "refurbished" and "pre-owned" products is that refurbished products have been tested and verified to function properly, and are thus free of defects, while "pre-owned" products may not be verified.

Refurbished products may be defective products that were returned under warranty, and resold by the manufacturer after repairing the defects and ensuring proper function. Refurbished products carry a certification along with them, giving the guarantee that the product being sold is cleaned and is in working condition, whereas a pre-owned product will not come with any such guarantees.

Moreover, a pre-owned product may not necessary come with a warranty and there is a good chance of the product being fake. With a refurbished product, as sold on Headphone Zone, there is no doubt about the authenticity of the product. And, of course, all refurbished products carry a manufacturer's warranty.

Difference between Refurbished products & Unboxed products?

The primary difference between a refurbished product and an unboxed product as sold by Headphone Zone is that a refurbished product is likely to have been used. An unboxed product is essentially a brand new product but sold without its outer packaging.

Additionally, an unboxed product would contain all the accessories as bundled by the manufacturer in the original packaging. A refurbished product is likely to have one or more missing component. This information will be available on the product detail page for the specific refurbished product.

Finally, there is a price difference between an unboxed product and refurbished product. The discounts offered on a refurbished product tend to be higher than that offered on the unboxed product.


FAQs about Refurbished Products

What are refurbished products?
Refurbished products are reinstated and restored products in an as-good-as-new condition. These products also include the same manufacturer's warranty, as the original product, with a universal return policy.
Where do they come from?
Refurbished products come to us from various sources - product returns with minor reparable defects, products that have been used very sparingly by technology reviewers or products that have been opened to showcase as a demo at a single event like Headphone Connect or exhibitions and other expos that we particiapte in.
How do I determine the condition of a refurbished product?
Every refurbished product sold at Headphone Zone is professionally cleaned and repackaged with care by an Inspection Specialist. Within the package, you will find a Checklist Card and a stamped Headphone Zone certificate.
Why should I buy a refurbished product instead of a new product?
Not only do you save some money, but the product is professionally inspected, come with the original manufacturer's warranty as well as all accessories.
Can I return the refurbished product?
Yes, you can. Our return policy applies to all products including our range of refurbished headphones.
Will I receive the Refurbished Product without a seal?
Yes, All Refurbished Products will come without a seal.
How do I avail warranty for these products?
Warranty can be availed by maintaining a copy of your invoice and getting in touch with us. Thereafter we will help you with the authorized service center for respective brands.
What cost benefit do I get?
Typically, Refurbished Products carry a discount versus the new items. Hence, these products offer value for money. This discount might depend on various factors including brand and/or seller pricing policy and brand warranty conditions.
Are refurbished products genuine?
Yes, at Headphone Zone we only sell products that are genuine and backed by the original manufacturer's warranty.
Will I get all the accessories with the refurbished product?
Not necessarily all accessories would be intact. If there is something missing, that will be found on the product description page.
What if the refurbished product is not working?
If the product is not working, you can return the product. Our return policy covers all products including refurbished products.
Will there be service and support for the refurbished product?
Yes, we provide an unbiased customer support experience for all products purchased on Headphone Zone, including refurbished products.
What's the difference between unboxed and refurbished products?
Refurbished products may have been used and some non-essential accessories may be missing. With unboxed products, the product has never been used and contains all the accessories.
And what's the difference between refurbished and pre-owned products?
The main difference is that refurbished products have been tested and verified to function properly, and are thus free of defects, while Headphone Zone doesn't personally inspect "pre-owned" products.
What will be the delivery timelines?
Delivery for Refurbished Products will be the same as delivery for other products; subject to delivery location or pin code.