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Headphone Zone has *sound* policies to make buying headphones as smooth and simple a process for you, the customer. We've divided our policies based on the most common reasons for returns/cancellations: "the headphone doesn't work!", "I don't like these headphones", and "I don't want these headphones anymore."

We won't lie, it breaks our heart every time a customer comes and tells us they don't like their new headphones as well as every time we've unknowingly sent them a defective product. But life goes on, and we hope that having these policies makes life easier and you're left with a happy high good music through good headphones are known to induce. :)



We created the 7 Day Test Drive policy in order to be able to accept buyer returns for reasons like product dissatisfaction. Since listening to music is such a personal experience, there are chances that one may not like the sound of even the highest rated and reviewed products. As long as your expectation of a product aligns with its price and perceived quality, you should be happy with the product. In the unlikely scenario where the product you ordered does not meet your expectations and requirements, you can choose to exchange the product for anything else from our website.


How it Works




Lots of customers ask us why we charge a 15% restocking & handling fee on products returned during the 7 Day Test Drive. We understand that comparisons are made with more unconditional policies as operated by giant marketplace models. Let's try to break it down...

We're a dedicated headphone company with customer service at our core. Every customer that visits our website is encouraged to schedule time to consult with one of our headphone experts so as to find a headphone most suitable to his specific needs. That being said, you can't confidently decide to buy an expensive headphone based on suggestions alone. Especially without having spent some time trying them out with all the different kinds of music you may listen to, and with the various source devices you may own.

Also, as a small company, it is impossible for us to open headphone experience zones everywhere. We try to make headphones, especially the high-end premium ones, accessible as demos during regular Headphone Connect audiophile meetup events in big cities like Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai. But we have to confess that's its completely unreasonable for us to arrange for a demo for every single headphone on view. That's something like 1000 headphones!

The 7 Day Test Drive is an opportunity for a customer to see if they like a headphone enough to own it. Brand new, sealed products are sent to every customer. If, for whatever reason, the product doesn't step up to a customer's requirements, he's free to return it. The fact is, with electronic items, everybody expects an unsealed product. It's the very least standard to expect. This 15% basically allows us to restock and handle an opened and unsaleable product with some respite.


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7 Day Test Drive FAQs

Why can't I return a bundle?
When products are put together in a bundle deal at a special price, ascertaining the value of store credit for a single returned unit from a bundle becomes impossibly difficult. We are working on making it possible.
What if I only started using the product post 7 days from delivery?
Our 7 Day Test Drive policy is only applicable for products whose return is requested within 7 days from date of delivery and not date of first use. We will not be in a position to accept returns after the 7 days has elapsed.
Why can't I return an order more than once?
We have tried very hard to build the capability for confused buyers to consult with a headphone expert before buying a product. If a product is purchased, a customer doesn't like it, so he returns it, gets store credit, buys another product, and doesn't like the second one either, it will be impossible for us to allow a return the second time.
Why should I pay for shipping?
Our 7 Day Test Drive policy allows for customers to buy a product and try it for up to 7 days from the date of delivery. If he likes it enough, he keeps it. In these cases, it becomes infeasible for us to pay for the product to be shipped to our warehouse.
If I choose a product of a higher value, can I pay the balance via cash on delivery?
No, if you choose a product of a higher value than your store credit, you will have to pay the balance online or through Bank Deposit.
Post returning, what if I choose a product of a lower value than my store credit?
If you choose a product of a lower value, then your store credit will be split into two different coupon codes and you can apply the second code at some later point in the future.
Can I drop off my product at your nearest store/office?
Yes, you can avoid shipping the product to us and drop off (or have someone drop off) your RMA identifiable package of your returned product if you are close to our Chennai warehouse.
Why can't I keep the freebies?
For products that were bundled as free, you will also have to return them with the original products. Any free ear tips, if used, do not need to be returned.
What if I decide to keep the product after requesting for a return?
That's okay! You can keep the product after requesting for a return.
How long is my return request valid for?
Validity of your return request will expire 7 days after it has been accepted. In case we haven't heard back from you about your product being shipped to our warehouse within those 7 days, we will close your return request.
How shall I let Headphone Zone know that I have shipped the product?
Once your RA numbered package has been sent to us, we will wait for you to send us the tracking details of the package so that we know when to expect it to arrive in our Chennai warehouse.
Will Headphone Zone help me choose what to buy with my store credit?
Of course! You can give us a call or schedule time for us to consult with you for the best options based on your specific requirements.
What if I want a refund instead of store credit?
Unfortunately, for products returned under the 7 Day Test Drive, we cannot offer a refund. You will only get store credit for the amount you paid minus 15% Restocking & Handling Fee.
Can someone else use my store credit?
Yes, you can authorize someone else to use your store credit coupon code.
If I choose a product of a lower value, can I get a refund for the remaining amount?
If you choose a product of a lower value, you cannot get a refund. Instead, your store credit will be split into two different coupon codes and you can apply the second code at some later point in the future.
How long before my store credit expires?
Store credit do not have any expiry date. You can take your time choosing what other headphones to buy.


The 7 Day Replacement Guarantee seeks to assist those customers who have had the misfortune of having received a defective product (For eg: one side isn’t working or dead on arrival). We try our best to make sure that all products in our warehouse are new with pristine original packaging but there's really no way for us to ensure that the product is in 100% working condition without actually opening it up. On the off-chance that a manufacturing defect is found in a product you've just bought from Headphone Zone, you can raise a request for replacement. Rest assured that you'll get a brand new sealed product to replace the product returned.


How it Works


What's Eligible?











7 Day Replacement Guarantee FAQs

What if I find a defect after the 7 days post-delivery has elapsed?
In that case, your product will be eligible for servicing under its warranty claim. Please refer to the product page to find out the period of warranty which can be between 6 months to 5 years.
What if the product I receive is in an unsealed condition?
In the unlikely event that you receive a product that is not stated as unboxed or pre-owned but is still in an unsealed condition that indicates that it has been opened or used, you can raise a replacement request.
What if the product doesn't have any serial number or barcode?
While most products that we sell on Headphone Zone come with a serial number or barcode that's used to authenticate or register the product on the original brand website, there are some cheaper products that do not have any such identification codes. Rest assured, that we are authorized retailers of all our products and sell only genuine products.
What if the product I receive is without some or all of the original accessories?
In the unlikely event you receive a product without some or any of its original accessories, you can raise a replacement request.
What is the meaning of "manufacturing defects" and "dead on arrival"?
A manufacturing defect is any technical flaw for example, one side of the headphone gives no output. Dead on arrival products are products that don't function at all or aren't fully functional i.e. no sound output, from the time it's first unboxed and used.
My pickup hasn't happened yet, what should I do?
Based on your pincode, it usually takes up to 72 hours for a pickup to be arranged. Our returns team will co-ordinate with you in case of any delays.
What if my product hasn't been picked up within 7 days from date of delivery?
It is enough if your return request was raised within 7 days from the date of delivery. If your pickup is pending past the 7 days, it doesn't affect your chances of replacement in the least.
Instead of a replacement, can I get store credit instead?
As a rule, we cannot offer store credit under the 7 Day Replacement Guarantee. But in the case that the replacement product or its close variant is not available in stock, we would offer you store credit instead.
What if the product to be replaced is not available in stock?
In the case the replacement product or its close variant is not available in stock, we would offer you store credit instead.
What if I don't like the product but it's working just fine?
If you do not like the product even though it has no defects, you may request for a return within 7 days from date of delivery under our 7 Day Test Drive Policy.
Will I get a refund in case I don't want a replacement?
Yes. In case you would like a refund instead of a replacement, we will be happy to do that for you.
What does "defective products or defective parts of a product" mean and when does partial replacement happen?
If our inspection officers find no fault with the product excepting one part, for example, a detachable cable, your product will be partially replaced with a brand new cable. In the case of partial replacements, no store credit or refunds will be possible.
Will I get a new or unsealed unit as replacement?
Under our 7 Day Replacement Guarantee, only brand new, sealed products are sent as replacements.
Who takes responsibility for replacement?
While Headphone Zone is the authorised retail partners of over 50 brands, we aren't the authorized service partners for all of them. In cases where we are not authorized service partners, we will put you in touch with the brand directly who will then take full responsibility of inspection and replacement. Regardless of that, we are part of the communication between you and the brand and will try our best to make sure that you get a replacement at the earliest.
What if I trashed the original box or packaging?
Ideally, in all cases it's essential that you still have the original packaging intact. If you have done away with the packaging, we will try and see what best to make of the situation.
What if I am going out of town, what will happen about my replacement?
We handle exceptions as best as we can as every case can be unique. You can authorise another person to act on your behalf or give us an alternate address in order for you to accept a replacement in case you're unavailable.