Sennheiser came into existence just a few weeks after the end of World War II. Guess where? Germany. That's right. There's something to be said about how Germans seem to always hit the nail right on the head when it comes to audio. Sennheiser was the first to introduce open back headphones in the late sixties. The greatest headphones known to mankind - the Sennheiser Orpheus headphones were released in 1991, and came with a tube amplifier for added volume and sound quality.


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Designed and Engineered in Germany

Sennheiser; as the name suggests translates to "man for permanent settlement", one can never stop being stunned by their commitment. This German originated company began their journey right after World War II. The passion, pursuit and interest the Germans have for audio is reflected in the products made by Sennheiser.

2 years of warranty

Every product by Sennheiser comes with a 2 year warranty period. Their warranty guidelines aim towards customer aid which can be claimed from all authorized Sennheiser service centers. An efficient, helpful and handy team is what Sennheiser provides.