What's a Silent Disco?

Silent Disco simply means people dancing at an event listening to music which is pumped up through wireless headphones rather than it being played out loud on amplifiers or large speaker systems.

Silent gigs, quiet clubs or rave parties are a relatively emerging trend that started around '05. The earliest mention in history about silent disco parties is in a fictional Finnish story of the 1960s. Silent discos originated and have been popularised by the EU.

There are usually around 2-4 channels on each set of silent disco headphones in the same venue available to the same audience. Think of this like a live radio where you can choose to hear whatever favourite channel you like along with volume control.

Silent Disco Solves a Big Problem

Because we live in a civilised society, parties can't go on till the wee hours of dawn because inevitably a cop will gatecrash and ruin the night for you. Lawmakers have enforced a whole bunch of regulations to ensure that even the hottest clubs meet curfews seriously.

Lots of party hosts have to organise their parties in the most sensitive of locations. Hosting a loud party around hospitals and temples is an absolute no-no. One has to consider a bunch of things before zeroing on the best place to party.

Usually, houseparties are a hit only because of the sheer comfort of being home. The party tends to run longer in these cases. Even so, the volume has to be turned down through the night.

Have you ever visited a club where the noise was so deafeningly loud that you couldn't even hear a single word, however yelled, clearly? Such noise is not only harmful to your ear drums but it totally kills the vibe of the night.

Realistically, no club can host more than DJ per night which makes the scope of club space monetization incredibly limited. Besides, wannabe DJs seem to be cropping up like weed everywhere you look.

Practically speaking, every individual's music tastes seem to be evolving rapidly. Now more than ever, people want new songs to appeal to their eclectic love for music. Regardless of how happening the club may be, having just the one DJ can ruin the club experience for demanding listeners.


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